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Philippians 4:13

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From the book of Proverbs

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Went for Fit For Life by Great Eastern and The Star Media

Last Sunday, I went for Fit for Life to collect a free goodie bag for the first 500 visitors at SPICE, formerly known as PISA in Penang. Inside the bag was a packet of wet towels and hand sanitation gel in a small bottle that you can keep inside your handbag. I also bought myself an RM 10 bag of soya powder packet, The Star newspapers plus other goodies like cream crackers, etc. Also went for a free bone density test that states that I have osteopenia, the beginning of osteoporosis, but I think the test is inaccurate and not valid as I take calcium supplements and drink Nestle Omega 3 milk almost every day.

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Sold stamps yesterday

I sold more than 150 stamps still stuck to envelopes yesterday for RM 25 which is considered very cheap as I get them free of charge, having tear out from letters of tax invoices, etc from various companies. It was banked to my Public bank account and on the same day, I couriered it out to Sabah via City-Link. People are not rich, but with the little that they have, they are willing to spend on their kids or for their hobbies to keep going and having interests of hobbies. I gave her extra stamps since I have collected more from the time it was listed on mudah website for her sincerity. There are many con artists lurking around mudah looking for easy cash by cheating people like you and me.

Going for SuperStar Libra Cruise

I just came back yesterday after a visit to Nilai via Firefly, boarding at 7:40am and reaching Penang at 11:00pm the same day. Rested for a while at our KL condo and collected the access cards with photo for $10 for 2 cards. Did a delivery order and invoice this morning and played a game using Nestle vending machine which gives out either a can of Nescafe or a packet of 3 sachets of coconut flavoured coffee powder mix. Tomorrow, will head to Penang Port to board a SuperStar Libra cruise ship for Cruise to the High Seas for 1 night while enjoying free dinner, magic shows or just relax at the deck enjoying the sea breeze as it cruises along.

Going to KL in a while’s time

Today is Thursday and it is morning at 9:25am. I will be going to KL with my colleague and return on Sunday, also to hear free public talk on Investment at Mid Valley CityMall Halls 2 and 3. There are several speakers talking for 40 minutes each for each day and divided into several sessions per day. There is a goodie bag, free ice-cream and other freebies dished out for the participants. There is also a talk by Bank Negara, PRS, EPF, etc. I hope to have a good time there and learn something to grow my savings. Wish me luck!

Went for Star Walk 2016

2 Sundays ago, on 11th September 2016, I went for Star Walk with my spouse. It was a 7-km non-competitive walk with prizes and lucky draws at the end of the walk, should you finish within the 2-hour limit. After that, for the tired ones who could not complete the walk, a sweeper bus will pick up the stranded walkers and take them to the finishing point. There’s African dance performance, Line dancing for those who still have an iota of energy left, plenty of jazzy music, etc. There were some credit card promotions and Julie’s biscuits sale going on too. Participants will get free rounds of 100 plus drinks and chocolate malt with strawberry-flavoured or corn-flavoured buns and free The Star newspapers. You will also get a certificate of participation as you queue for it at the finishing line. The slight rain did not dampen our spirits as we came armed with an umbrella.

Why You Must Visit Legoland, Johor

Legoland Hotel

Above is the entrance to Legoland Hotel, located in Gelang Patah in Johor Bahru. The building is painted in blocks of various colours depicting the ubiquitous small toy blocks that you construct and build into a structure. The hotel is beautiful, well furnished and maintained for repeat customers.


This decoration is inside the lift or elevator which was about to open. You will notice Lego characters fill up the entire doors and there is also a ‘disco’ light ball at the top of the elevator rotating while reflecting pieces of blue light surrounding the insides. You will have a feeling of entering into a discoteche with moving lights jiving to the music.


After parking your car, and exiting from the car park inside the hotel, you will see this colourful collage of paintings that are hand drawn in a multitude of vibrant colours that stretches for a long distance as you walk toward the entrance to Legoland Park. There are various packages for families or tourists with different prices and for a senior citizen above 60, you get to pay only RM 122 or so while for the disabled, it is only RM 90.


These are blocks of Legoland chips built into characters of a short stomach-bulging tourist carrying luggage bags and a little girl showing her creations. To make it more real, fake cameras are hung around his neck for eye candy. They are certainly pleasing to the eyes. In Legoland Park, you will see many of such characters placed at strategic places as attractions.


There are restaurants inside as well and the tickets come with free RM 10 meal voucher for you to rest and relax while having a cuppa or cake inside. Near the entrance, there is also a souvenir shop with a wide repertoire of selections to buy like colourful themed towels, t-shirts for posterity, toys for children and the like. This picture of a Malay mother with ‘tudung’ or head scarf and a child reflects the culture and people of Malaysia.


This is project X where there is a thrill-seeking roller coaster for the free rides. You can go for as many rounds as you like since there were hardly any queue during the off peak season. At the end of the ride and as you exit, you can see and buy your photos taken during the scariest park of the ride with your mouths go gaga. The photos cost RM 60 for 2 and they promote it as buy 1, get free 1 of the same photos with covers.


This is a big floor to ceiling 1-storey height of Albert Einstein, the famous inventor and late scientist whose famous name has been inked in history and for future generations to learn from. The artist who built Mr Einstein must have painstakingly connected the Lego small blocks into a huge structure resembling the well-known scientist.


Inside Legoland Hotel is a nice pot of flowers constructed from Lego blocks resembling the real thing.


This is inside the Legoland hotel where you can see a mini castle of sorts in the lobby and surrounded by children with seats for adults to view and watch their kids playing.


There are thousands of mini blocks for toddlers and kids to play with and exercise their hand-eye coordination for dexterity as they construct the mini blocks into something bigger. This wraps up our visit to Legoland in Johor and we will surely come back to stay in the hotel when time permits, even for 2 adults who are young at heart.

Buying Head Phones?

I just came back from a night’s stay at Genting Highlands Tower 3 and chanced upon a web site while surfing the internet. You can check out Headphone, by clicking on the link to find out more information. There is a safe and secure payment gateway to take in credit card payments or even via Paypal using their shopping cart. You don’t have to login in first to shop online. You can just browse around for something you like and then enter your email plus other details to register with your address and then check out to make payment at the comfort of home.

This is now the age of the internet and e-commerce and there is another link to see like Headset. The website is neat and easy to navigate. All the products on sale are nicely photo-processed for clarity and a picture is worth a thousand words. Need I say more?

Flying to KL tomorrow

Early tomorrow morning, I shall depart Penang at 6:50am via Firefly to Subang and then rent a car to drive down to Kuantan using the Karak Highway. After meeting up with potential client, we shall head to Genting First World Hotel to stay for 1 night at $529 with WiFi and TV Channels before checking out at around noon and head to our apartment to rest for the flight back to Penang with boarding time at 10:00pm. The return Firefly flight was RM886 for 2 from Penang to Subang Airport. It is going to be a packed schedule tomorrow, having to wake up at around 4:30am and leave by 5:00pm to reach the airport in time and not to miss any flights.

Flying to JB Tomorrow

Early tomorrow morning, I shall be flying to Johor Bahru via Air Asia from Penang, boarding time at 6:30am and taking off at 7:15am. In the evening, after dinner, I shall board at 8:00pm and take off at 8:25pm after meeting up with a potential client. The cost for 2 adults travelling with my business colleague is RM 1,735 including airport tax, gst, etc. It is not cheap for a one day trip but it saves us lots of time, energy and gasoline driving down from Penang. I have already web checkin and printed out the boarding passes for both of us. Just wish me luck that we can secure the project and win the heart of the client.

New Network to Join

There is a new publishing company like Google Adsense and is a good alternative with many adverts on its banners placed at your sites. To join this network, click on where you can join immediately but never click on your own ads. It is good to leverage on your various blogs via this network should you be banned permanently from Adsense. I don’t know how good the conversion rates are but you can withdraw via Paypal when you hit USD 10, unlike USD 100 for Adsense. Though it is lower income, but nevertheless, something is better than nothing at all, don’t you agree? Don’t be greedy and don’t cheat. Honesty is the best policy!

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