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Eating Less to Lose Weight

I lost 6 kg already from 83kg and will keep eating half or less to lose more weight for a healthier BMI (Body Mass Index). Just Google that up. For dinner, today, I shall have ‘pink jambu’ bought from Tapah Rest and Relax area along North-South Highway as I was coming back to Penang from KL. I gave a packet to my parents and they enjoy it. I have a digital weighing scale that can measure up to 1 decimal point like 76.9kg. At the moment, the car is sent for repair because of too much leaking of the engine oil and it was bought second-hand. And we took a Grab car back for only RM 5 per short trip. I gave the driver a maximum 5 star review so that he can continue to pick up passengers.

The Mercedes Benz centre is located along Weld Quay and the boss specialises in repairing old and new Mercedes. Just directly opposite is CF cafe where most of the hawker stalls are and it also belongs to the same boss, Chin Fook, hence, the initials CF cafe. He has a datukship and drives a brand new Merc. He proposed to sell a white rather new second hand Merc for RM 50k, but my boss is hesitating because he needs the cash to run his business and pay suppliers, although he may have the money to purchase it.

Blessed to Work at Home

Working at Home

I never take my job for granted and am appreciative for the blessings to work in a home office – a dream job for many with average income from a few sources such as my fixed deposits, rental income and commissions from projects secured via my company website I also write articles now and then for some allowance, sell stamps and used printer ink cartridges. My boss is my spouse at the moment and 19 years my senior. We may be partners in business, but he is still the commander-in-chief.

As long as I complete the company work like preparing invoices, Purchase Receive for GST input tax, etc, he is ok. But if I pay too much attention on my own work, he can go ballistic. This is also probably because he had set up 7 different companies in the past including a hardware shop in Johor which never really took off. As a result, he had to downgrade from a double storey semi-detached house to a small single storey terrace house due to financial difficulties. Now we make enough money to pay back his various debts, including income tax which he was not supposed to pay but due to wrong move, he is now liable for payments every 2 months. It has reduced to about RM 10k now from RM 35k in the past. He is also paying back his second sister. I find it strange that all the while she never asked for her money back for more than 10 years and it appears to have been given to him. But since he is making some cash and more prosperous than before coming to Penang, it is payback time to the debtors.

Through God’s grace, we met online, he became my website customer and now business partner staying together in a condo in Penang Times Square. We get a few enquiries almost every day from our company website that I built and based on search, clients find us through Google. I am thankful for the knowledge and skill to build a fully functional website that pulls in customers and brings in projects for our Bangladeshi workers so that all of us can put food on the table for our respective families. At the moment dad asked for RM 1,050 or 233.33 USD a month as contribution to the household expenses from me, with RM 250 going to the Catholic church construction and the rest for his expenditure.

I am happy to be able to contribute this much and it is pay back time to him who taught us this: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; Teach a man How to fish and you feed him a lifetime!

Going to KL Tomorrow Morning

I shall be travelling to KL tomorrow morning for business and site visit where my partner does the driving and meeting with clients. Sometimes, I just wait in the car and check emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. He is qualified as a Civil Engineer, so site visit is not so suitable for ladies. The construction work is ongoing and they may be nails, pieces of steel jutting out from the ground, etc. And all the workers are men and it would be very rare to see a lady engineer or supervisor giving instructions to the male workers. By right, men should handle men only and not involve women.

Generally, women earn less than men in most of the countries as they are seen to be the weaker sex. To be honest, I could not earn so much now if I am on my own doing website designing and such. But thank goodness I met my boss from the website and he was the one who propelled the company to greater heights from his past experiences as a director in various sectors. He is very determined, working hard every day, giving instructions to workers, pay them their wages every few days via internet banking, handles logistics and replacement of the materials. He also attends interviews to secure the job at hand. I am a silent partner doing all the computer work which works very well for me since I have a long term sore throat since a few years back. There is very little contact with fellow human beings unlike in the MNCs or factories in Bayan Lepas in Penang – supposedly the Silicon Valley of the East.

By the way, today is International Women’s day and The Star red banner on the papers are coloured purple just for today to celebrate this special day for women. I shall be departing for KL tomorrow around 8:00am and be back before Sunday for my youngest sister’s birthday celebration at Fong Wei Chinese Restaurant in Penang.

Issues about Adsense

Google Adsense

When it comes to click frauds, Adsense will definitely banned your website/s permanently. There are 2 types of publishers: 1) those who click or ask friends to click on their ads. 2) those who pay for traffic to artificially inflate the impressions of their site, thinking that this will bring in more traffic. But it is a definite no no for ubiquitous Google. Of all the Adsense Alternatives, none can compare with the real thing. These are all competitors who don’t measure up and give you pittance 1 cent or so. And you can withdraw by hitting USD 10 which takes very very long to hit the target without clicking yourself. I just applied for Adsense and hope that Google Mountain View will approve my application as I have read the terms and conditions carefully, albeit very long.

This site does not support pornography and any comments that lead to sex movies or soliciting for hookers will be deleted. It also does not support article spinning which is garbage and unreadable. Everything is hand typed by the blogger who updates this only WordPress site regularly. With that said, I hope luck is on my side. Hope this will be a win-win basis for both Google and myself and I have my other work to keep my very occupied instead of taking shorts cuts to do click frauds which will get you banned for life.

This site was disabled due to insufficient content since I normally type about 100 words per post. But Google Adsense sites have more content than this and therefore, I am typing more information so that the search engine can detect my site based on the content and keywords typed in. This is certainly hard work on my part, but I can type fast and think on my feet on the spot. After having experience with blogging since 2006, I have become accustomed to typing and working hard for my saving and more allowance.

This time round, I have to be more cautious, not to buy traffic that artifically jets up the impressions that caused the ban in the first place, years ago. Otherwise, I was getting some income on the side from Adsense for many years.

My Own Animated Banner for Affiliates

After going through the earlier posts and a video, I finally managed to create my own animated dithered banner as a promotional tool for my affiliates on Clickbank. But one is not enough. I have to create more banners of various sizes to suite their sites. Below is an example of the animated banner that I just created this morning. First of all, there are 3 versions of different colours of the small banner where I combined them in a bridge window and save the file and animated image.

Just click on the animated banner and it will bring you to my Clickbank website. How’s that for a start? Once you know it, it becomes easy peasy. But the hardest part is the learning curve. Now you can learn a lot of things from the internet that is flushed with any information that you need. Which is why I never pay thousands of dollars or more than RM 10k to learn internet marketing, because all the information that these so called gurus learns are actually from the free internet such as Warrior Forum.

If you have time, just go browse this forum for free and all the main highly paid internet marketers are there as members, either to give advise to earn points or to sell their products. These so-called marketing ‘gurus’ are bold enough to charge tens of thousands of dollars just for a piecemeal of information and they rip you off of your hard-earned money. If you are diligent enough, you will eventually find what you need but you also must search around and be patient.

I am currently using Photoshop CS5 and if you need me to create an animated banner for you, let me know. 🙂 I could also promote my new service selling animated banners on other than blog posting on my site.

YouGov – What the World Thinks

YouGov sign up

YouGov is a survey program that I have already earned some cash after reaching the targeted points. Below is their email message to me with my own referral link as given. I have earned Paypal cash in the past and they pay well to the range of USD 25 upon getting the targetted points which is easy to achieve and takes a shorter time. Surveyon is more stingy – you only get USD 2 for 20,000 points that takes months to hit the target.

But to me, something is still better than nothing at all. And we should all make hay while the sun shines. Just like the little ant storing up food for winter as opposed to the grasshopper singing all day long and go hungry when winter comes. This is just an analogy but it certainly rings a bell when it comes to 2 different personalities and different work attitudes – one group prefers to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy without a thought for saving up for their retirement in time to come. The second group is more conscientious; they toil night and day to save up for their retirement so that it will be golden instead of woeful and not having to beg in the streets like a homeless vagrant.

Don’t miss out on our special offer this month: earn an additional 200 bonus points* (so a total of 400 instead of 200) every time you introduce friends, family and colleagues to YouGov.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is send or share your personalised referral link below – when they click on it to join on or before 03-04-2016, and answer 6 surveys, you get 400 points as a “thank you”!

Simply click below to join under my affiliate link and I will get points as a thank you to you as my readers and visitors. >> Join YouGov

Digital Artwork Skills Every Graphic Designer Needs to be Capable of


Using Photoshop

Every graphic designer needs to be capable of some digital artwork skills using the software known as Photoshop. It is a very powerful software with many features that have to be explored especially by graphics designer. It can resize photos, convert to PDFs, add levels for better colour saturation and even create a realistic 3D text in Photoshop. This is pretty awesome and it is a good investment to buy Photoshop to manipulate your superb graphics.

Create 3D Text Realistically

The ability to create a realistic 3D text will surely bring your artwork to the next level. Instead of using Illustrator or even Autocad that are very expensive, you can do this 3D text in Photoshop for a realistic experience and view on your blogs, websites, forums, and such.

After being enlightened on this feature, I will surely check out the links given here to learn for myself how to create and perform a masterpiece to make my websites more stunning. At the moment, I only use Photoshop to create company brochures, resize pictures, create gif pictures, add text, change font colour and other simple basic mandatory stuffs.

Make Animated GIF in Photoshop

All this while, I never realised that as a website designer in the past and present, I never knew that the ubiquitous software is able to make animated GIF in Photoshop.

The ability to create animated GIF is very powerful especially when you want to showcase your products and make them scroll to the right to show the next new banner or pictures and products that you sell online on your e-commerce website, for instance.

Create Stunning and Awesome Digital Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words! Hence a well developed website or blog with stunning graphics using Photoshop will sure elevate your site to the next level and differentiate it from other common sites with no graphics or little common pictures that you can find everywhere.

Make Your Own Unique Digital Graphics

Now that you know some tips, you can now create your own and experiment with the new knowledge acquired. After all, knowledge is power! Hence, you can now make your own unique digital graphics at the tips of your fingers and the world is now your oyster to appreciate your artwork.

Came Back from KL Last Night

My partner and I came back from KL last night. We stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel where the Saudi King also stayed, probably at the penthouse for VIPs. His staff stayed at nearby Eastin Hotel where he came with an entourage of 1,500 people! I received my half month salary today and promptly banked it into Public Bank at Macalister Road. Then we walked to a nearby hawker centre to have my plate of dried ‘wan ton mee’ and a glass of barley without sugar. Was very tired after dinner, so took a short nap and tomorrow will have to draft out the outline of my 1,000 word travel articles on Switzerland which I have been before in 2013.

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