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How to Choose a Site Category that Hits Jackpot

This was taken from Magenet email notice to me:

Choosing a site category or niche is one of the first things you would want to consider if you have monetization in your future plans. The first idea could be to create a website or blog with a range of topics to attract a bigger audience. Well, the practice shows, this is not a good choice.

According to ShoutMeLoud, blogs that try to cover multiple topics perform worse than those concentrating on one single niche and digging deep in it. Of course, there are different definitions to “perform good/bad”, we’ll take monetization as a main determining factor.

Why do you need a site category?

What affects monetization of a website in the first place? Correct, it’s traffic! The more traffic comes to your site, the more money you’ll be able to earn. Now come two reasons that prove that a specialized site is going to be more profitable than a generalized one. A too general subject of a site makes it difficult for you to get a loyal audience. As the readers don’t know what to expect from following your site, they may hesitate while subscribing to your news. In the modern world, we don’t have time to read all the information that’s coming to us, and prefer to get the most relevant and interesting features on the most needed topics.

Acquiring organic traffic by search-engine optimization gets extremely hard if you target a huge variety of keywords. Moreover, if you follow SEO-changes that are happening in the online world at the moment, you know that search engines, namely Google, value authority, and competence. It’s hard to demonstrate a high level of proficiency on different topics and be a valuable source of information in the eyes of Google. On the contrary, extremely specific blogs tend to demonstrate impressive results in search engines even with basic SEO.

Below is a graphic image of those categories that bring in the most moolah, thanks to Magenet.

The image above is self-explanatory – with Legal and Employment Services bringing in the most money respectively. Well this is according to Average Cost Per Click in Google’s Adwords – the ubiquitous advertisment platform, other than Facebook Ads catching up fast.

Here is another graphic image from Magenet Research that shows Business topics ranking the highest in popularity rate and Ad cost.

Just click on the image above to zoom in and see the details.

And should you be interested to earn from Magenet, just click on the LINK HERE

As of today, I have already earned USD 46.40 after 3 years and wait for the benchmark of USD 50 to withdraw. Check out the video below.

20 Wonderful Ways to Make Money from Your Own Computer

20 Wonderful Ways to Make Money from Your Own Computer Book

20 Wonderful Ways to Make Money from Your Own Computer highlights the methods the author has successfully implemented to earn a comfortable income working from a home office since early 2004.

It is easy to read and informative with pictures included for illustration. With gloomy worldwide economy, this book provides fresh ideas and insights for the retrenched or unemployed to work and earn money in their pajamas, right in the comfort of their homes.

It is never too late to learn new skills and techniques even for the novice to start making money and milking the internet which provides a stable income for many people. With the internet as a cash cow, many stay-at-home parents are able to work while minding the family affairs at home at the same time.

It is a dream for many to be able to work from home, saving precious time commuting to work and money from buying office clothes and shoes. Moreover, you can fire your boss and call the shots with just your computer and internet connectivity.

It is hoped that this book will help chart your path to becoming your own boss in this age of modern technology and smartphones. Buy a Copy Now

Convertible Car Seats

I just came back from KL and traveled about 5 hours in the car on the road along North-South Highway, which evoked a sad moment where the late Karpal Singh met with an accident near Guo Tempurong in Perak. I pray that perpetual light will shine upon his soul which can now rest in peace, having done so much for the nation, fighting injustices and the marginalized.

In the meantime, why not check out convertible car seats by clicking on the link given here to open up another page and read more information.

The Importance of Blogging

To create more visibility, it is important to have a blog – either on your own personal domain with WordPress script installed on your paid server or free blogs like Blogger which is developed by Google.

You can monitize your blog contents with Google Adsense, Advertlets, Nuffnang, Bidvertiser, and other contextual advertisment programs. Many bloggers have successfully earn a constant income each month by putting advertisements such as Google’s Adsense on their blog/blogs. By revenue income, Adsense is the most lucrative of all the other programs.

People are known to quit their stressful full-time jobs in the multi-national corporations or offices just to concentrate on monitizing their blogs and to maintain them.

The other key point of the importance of a blog is that it can create buzz on your products and services if you have a loyal, constant stream of visitors who come to read your updated blog. They can also add stickiness to the blog by commenting and reading comments.

Popular blogs have high stickiness and will have thousands of readers every day. Who knows, some of these visitors might become clients of the products and services added by hyperlinks in the blog posts.

You can also participate in sponsored posts or paid posts like Payperpost, Loudlaunch, Blogsvertise, etc. From a payment of US $3 per post, it can be more if the page rank of the blog is higher. For instance, Loudlaunch is paying US $5 a post for blogs with page rank of 2 or PR2. Page ranks measure the importance of a blog or site with number of inbound links versus outbound links and such.

Hence, from contextual advertisements to paid posts, these are the ways to earn a lucrative income from your blogs.

Note of Caution:

Never ever click on your own contextual advertisements for higher revenue. You may get banned permanently. Hence, it is not worth the extra click of a few cents to be banned from participating again!

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