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20 Positive Money Affirmations to Attract Financial Peace

20 Positive Money Affirmations to Attract Financial Peace

20 Positive Money Affirmations to Attract Financial Peace

1. You attract it easily.
2. Money is not a worry!
3. Money comes quickly and easily to you.
4. Money finds its way to you.
5. Believe.
6. Let it fill it up!
7. Money is there.
8. I set the limits.
9. Money is there for you.
10. You await it.
11. It just arrives when needed!
12. Keep working.
13. You can do it.
14. You make gold.
15. You are capable.
16. You shall eat good from the fruit of your mouth.
17. You live in the land of milk and money.
18. Money surrounds you.
19. Money is no longer a problem to earn by working so hard.
20. More money comes in than it goes out.

Searching for That JOB

After graduating in 1994, I remember looking fervently for a job and I applied to dozens of companies, where a few called me up for an interview, before finally landing myself a job in a computer school. I became an IT trainer, teaching Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. I also taught BASIC programming at a junior level. I recalled working 9 hours in a row, with each lesson lasting 3 hours. If we have 3 lessons in a day, we called it ‘caterpillar’ and if there is a break of 3 hours in between, we called it ‘butterfly’. I don’t know why it was named as such, but those where the days we colleagues destress by cracking jokes, usually related to the private parts. 🙂 And we laughed over it during recess time.

I have had my share of filling up to 4 -6 forms of details on the spot and wait for the interview afterwards. In Singapore, there will always be x-rays done and medical checkups before you are cleared for employment. I recalled going for at least 5 x-rays for every new job that intended to hire me. Some lasted long while others were short stints. After 12 long years of ‘hardship’ of studying and working, I finally called it quits and returned to Penang, Malaysia for a slower pace of life.

For most people a JOB is ‘Just Over Broke’, which I fully agree. You are paid just enough so that you won’t leave and Not more! I was living from paycheque to paycheque and was always broke at the end of the month, leaving my bank account to 2 digits and even 1 digit one time! There was no savings in any form and it was all into expenditure to pay for bills, shopping, etc.

Well, now I am happy to say, I landed myself a Dream job to work in a home office doing administrative work and also maintaing the company website that I designed. By God’s grace and some luck, I got myself a moderately understanding boss who was initially my website client and now we work together on many projects. He helms the company while I do all the computer work or any work related to computers. And the workstation is just a walk to the next room, working in my pajamas.

Blue Ocean Strategy

In blue ocean, there are plenty of fishes and there is no competition, unlike red ocean where competition is very fierce. So, when we do business, we have to pick a niche where there is plenty for everyone and hardly any competition around as in the blue ocean. However, in any prospering business, competition may come from your own workers who have learnt the tricks of the trade, come out and compete directly with you, sometimes even taking along your former clients and contacts. It happens everywhere.

However, this can be prevented with discerning boss who knows how to take precaution and keep secrets away from workers. You cannot trust them completely! Sooner or later, they will still come out and join venture with other workers to compete with your business. To maintain the blue ocean strategy, it would be wise to hire a separate worker to handle all the imports and contacts from suppliers and keep this a top secret from your installers who are the biggest threat.

If you are in the supplier material business, it would be advisable to remove the source contacts and emails of the labels on the products. At times, competitors may pose as a potential client to check out your products and ask for samples. This is where a wise boss will try to remove all information of the source of material from the samples so that your competitor or whoever contacted you will not be able to contact your source directly and compete fiercely with you. It happens every where, and you cannot presume that the email origin is from a genuine client, but could potentially be from your competitor, out to check and try to benchmark you.

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