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Came Back from KL Last Night

My partner and I came back from KL last night. We stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel where the Saudi King also stayed, probably at the penthouse for VIPs. His staff stayed at nearby Eastin Hotel where he came with an entourage of 1,500 people! I received my half month salary today and promptly banked it into Public Bank at Macalister Road. Then we walked to a nearby hawker centre to have my plate of dried ‘wan ton mee’ and a glass of barley without sugar. Was very tired after dinner, so took a short nap and tomorrow will have to draft out the outline of my 1,000 word travel articles on Switzerland which I have been before in 2013.

Going to KL Tomorrow

I shall be going to KL tomorrow by car early in the morning and then my partner will meet up with his old client. On Wednesday, we will stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel beside KLCC using our 50% discount voucher which will come up to about RM 640 per night with taxes. My partner wants to meet up with his Belfast University room mate, whose name is Megat. He was trained as a Chartered Accountant together with his wife there. They stay in a bungalow in Tun Dr Ismail enclave; but he will come alone since the wife has Parkinson’s disease a few years back. I will also stay in my room and read a book or two. Let the 2 old buddies enjoy and reminiscence their university days. I should be back on Thursday evening after checking out at noon.

Rule of 72

Using the Rule of 72, if the inflation rate is 6%, then it takes 72 / 6 = 12 years for your money to become half its value. Likewise, if the interests rate is 4%, then it takes 72 / 4 = 18 years for your money to double its value. Therefore it is advisable for us to invest in money instruments that beat the inflation rate so that our finances won’t deplete in its value. And always spend less than you earn; so that you will have more than enough to last for your retirement. There is no need to show off by wearing yourself out to get rich and spending on expensive clothes, jewellery, etc; for it may ransom your life – as stated in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible.

Part Time Virtual Assistance

I shall be having a Skype meeting with someone who needs virtual assistance this week and I hope I don’t have to buy any programs like Forex or trading platforms to learn and used as a customer. In fact, what I want is strictly virtual assistance work that I can do from home and in the comfort of my computer room. There are many con artists, but some are genuine ones. Just hope for discernment and wisdom when dealing with people for the first time. There is no free lunch and you have to work hard for it. Should you require virtual assistance, email me at diana.tan(AT)

Swam 7 Rounds

I deliberately skipped church today and stayed in Quayside to read some material. My youngest sister was there too to swim and exercise in the morning. I waited for my partner to come back from church and the 3 of us went to Precinct 10 to have lunch at James Foo. Thereafter, we went back to sleep. I was checking my EPF account and this year it was 5.7%, down from 6.4% last year. Made a tidy profit, albeit less percentage. Then I went downstairs to swim and enjoy the jacuzzi. I am on the journey to lose some weight by eating half full and also doing more exercise.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and I am in KL staying at my condo. We secured several projects and this means more commissions for me. Later on, we shall go out to celebrate with dinner and a bouquet of flowers. I have also changed the company website theme to Valentine’s day with falling hearts. Took a nap just now before typing out quotations and emailing a few of them. Working at home also requires hard work and much travelling. But thus far, I thank God for our protection especially along the North-South Highway. Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples, parents, lovers, etc. For the single cohorts, happy Balentines’ day of whiskey! – Print on Demand, POD

There is a local print on demand or simply abbreviated as POD for Malaysian designers – – which was published in The Straits Times yesterday. I have browsed through the designs and must say that professional illustrators and batik designers alike are registered to showcase their works of art. Some really appeal to me as a female while others are catered for the funky ones. Whenever your design on ordered on a pillow, tote bags, sling bags, posters, etc, you will get around RM 9.00 in royalties. It is a win-win basis for both designers and which has a whole list of designers showing their wide repertoire of art works.

Herbalife Distributor Supervisor Price – 42% to 50%

herbalife business pack with F1 nutritional shake

I joined Herbalife, a multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct selling program just 3 days ago. It was so convenient. I paid by internet banking to my upline’s Maybank account and the next morning, it was delivered right to my door step by Skynet from Kuala Lumpur. Above are the items I have received from Herbalife. And I was introduced this by my upline who is also my Yahoo Messenger online chat friend based in KL. He has been doing this business for 3 years now since they started in Malaysia and have even gotten RM10,000 check in commissions from his 30 downlines.

I am happy I have made the right choice to reduce weight. As you can see, I love food too much and it is about time I need to reduce my weight for an optimum BMI (Body Mass Index). From the BMI chart, I am considered overweight but thank goodness not obese. So I bought Formula 1 nutritional shake of french vanilla flavor to replace my daily meals from Herbalife and paid at Herbalife Supervisor Price. Just 2 scoops with 250ml of water to replace my lunch and dinner. As of today, I have already lost 0.5kg after 2 days of drinking the vanilla shake. It is delicious and not sweet at all. I have previously joined other MLM companies, all to no avail like Perfect Youth and Lampe Berger which cost a whopping RM30,000 just to be a ‘Count’. I only paid RM98 for the business pack with distributor license and form from Herbalife. And another RM79.23, after 50% discount at cost price from my upline at Herbalife Supervisor level, for the Formula 1 nutritional shake.

For more details, check out here and see the pictures of consumers with slim sexy bodies from an otherwise obese body. By the way, F1 nutritional shake mix is the bestseller product of the company to help people reduce weight.

Herbalife was founded in 1980, a company that sells weight-loss, nutrition and skin-care products by multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing. In February 1980, Mark Hughes began selling the original Herbalife weight loss product from the trunk of his car. Mark started Herbalife with the help of physicians including a Nobel peace price winner for medicine after much research for the supplements. Herbalife started when Mark Hughes saw his own mother died at the young age of 36 due to efforts trying to lose weight from unworkable and sub-quality weight loss programs. The company now has grown by leaps and bounds, spread in 60 countries with multi-billion dollar profit. If you like to lose weight while earning money at the same time, drop me an email at diana [dot] tan [at] gmail [dot] com.

Flew Back to Penang

I flew to KL yesterday by Firefly from Penang Airport early in the morning, departing at 9:00am and booked Hertz car rental for 2 days and promptly returned this evening also by Firefly from Subang Airport. Attended an interview and site visit 2 places this afternoon before returning the car and had dinner at Secret Recipe without any promotion at the airport. But in Taman Connaught, if you purchase ala carte meals above $50, you will get a free cake and a cuppa of coffee for UOB credit cards and above $45 for Maybank credit cards. I had spinach lasagne while my business partner had pan-fried dory fish with lobster sauce.

Came Back from KL on Saturday

I went to KL for business on Friday morning, visited 3 places on that day and another place on Saturday before my partner drove back to Penang. We collected a cheque for work done, banked in and continued with our usual business in KL. Just got a Whatsapp chat message that Block B in my apartment/condo has water cut, most probably due to unpaid bills. Mine is Block C and so far there is no problem after we have been paying our dues promptly. It has a tennis court, 2 squash courts, a swimming pool – so it is more of a condominium than an apartment. The location at USJ 19 is also good as it is near to an MRT with 3 minutes walk to the station.

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