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Sold stamps yesterday

I sold more than 150 stamps still stuck to envelopes yesterday for RM 25 which is considered very cheap as I get them free of charge, having tear out from letters of tax invoices, etc from various companies. It was banked to my Public bank account and on the same day, I couriered it out to Sabah via City-Link. People are not rich, but with the little that they have, they are willing to spend on their kids or for their hobbies to keep going and having interests of hobbies. I gave her extra stamps since I have collected more from the time it was listed on mudah website for her sincerity. There are many con artists lurking around mudah looking for easy cash by cheating people like you and me.

Car Broken Into

Our second hand Merc was broken into at Rhythm Avenue basement carpark. We were informed that this is an inside job and it had happened many times, as told by the new staff who just worked there for 2 months already. They know that the CCTV is not working and is not functioning. On that day, the cleaning staff for the first time, cleaned the floor outside our apartment. I suspect it could be the foreign workers who worked in Rhythm Avenue are involved in this burglary. Even the previous management were sued for about $800k for default on the electric bill all these years for the 4 blocks and malls. When we moved in our fridge, immediately the security guard intercom us about the bulky item inside the lift. They were watching us closely. But when it comes to security in the car park, the security guard was sleeping or in cahoots with the burglars.

Going Down South

Tomorrow, I shall depart for KL as early as 8:00am in order to make it for the meeting at 2:30 – 3:00pm with a potential client. Recently, in the papers, it was advertised that Great Eastern has a coverage up to a million for medical treatment and I was quite interested. However, from previous bad experiences with insurance agents, I was advised against it and it is better to save the money myself and pay for it later on should the need arise. I still keep my Prudential policy which I used to pay $150 per month which was subsequently increased to $155.41 per month just before I claimed for my treatment at Adventist Hospital with a maximum claim of only $3,000.00 after paying $150 per month since 2004. I have put in so much money each year, around $1,800 per year for the last 10 years and all I could claim was a mere $3,000 for my medical treatment at Adventist Hospital. This is really bad and it is the only policy that I still keep till today. I cannot cancel anymore unlike previous policies as it is my only existing one. For new policies, I may have to cough up more premiums due to my age.

Blogging Requires Labour

Maintaining a blog or blogs requires hard work. You have to have fresh ideas to write and type to the admin system of the blog and if possible, include pictures for eye candy. It is more of a passion or hobby than anything else. Sometimes the small remuneration is not enough a reason to continue blogging for so long. And you need to engage with your readers so that there is repeat visitors. It all starts from a desire to make the world your oyster with the tap of the keyboard. Being online, you have to be cautious not to share too much private information, your financial standing and such for your personal safety. You never know who is reading your blog/s or stalking them.

Bought an iPhone 6

I lost my old iPhone 5 to a pick pocket at the escalator of First World Hotel, Genting Highlands. Not wanting to be left out in the family chat, I decided to buy a new iPhone 6 for $2,400 or so. The normal selling price in Malaysia is $2,702. Since mine is a Digi plan of $148 per month, I managed to get it cheaper than the normal price. But the caveat is that I have to subscribe for at least 2 years. Now, I have to be very cautious when going out especially when travelling on an escalator. My partner already noticed a foreigner with a head scarf with fair skin standing just one step below me and being very short, it is easy for her to lift up the handphone from my opened bag. Her boyfriend was behind my partner and he’s very tall. My partner immediately went up one step forward so as to prevent his wallet from being pick pocketed. They certainly choose easy targets and now I need to look behind my back very often every time.

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