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Merry Christmas 2017

Christmas Tree at Penang Times Square

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a very Merry Christmas! Now is the season of greetings and cheer. Many malls have put up decorative Christmas trees with tinsels, baubles, wrapped gifts and the Star of Bethlehem. I shall be going overseas for holidays from 14th onwards and back after Christmas or rather boxing day on the 26th of December. Boxing day is called as such and refers to opening of presents and wrapped gifts. In the meantime, there will be no updates during this period from 14th – 26th December 2017.

Can you find me in the picture above? It is near my dwelling place at Times Square and on the left side is The Wave still under construction. This awesome mesmerising Christmas tree was set up near Penang Times Square and is one of the better decorated ones in Penang, besides Queensbay Mall where the magic of Christmas comes alive!

Happy Deepavali 2017

Empire Subang Gallery Kolam

First of all, I would like to wish my Indian readers a Happy Deepavali today, which is a public holiday for everyone. I love taking Kolams, or designs of coloured rice beads spread on the floor to create works of art. Above is a snapshot of the Kolam taken in Empire Subang Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. I was there for lunch and some business matters. This post may be a little late since I wanted to blog about it yesterday; but alas, the internet was down due to faulty splitter. It was resolved this morning, on a holiday like Deepavali.

Straits Quay Kolam

The kolam above was snapped in Straits Quay when I was there for the Matta Fair on the 6th Floor of the Convention Hall. Browsed around for a tour and went downstairs to meet up with my spouse at Uncle Albert’s Restaurant for some seafood chowder and fruit juice for dinner. The kolam here has elephant trunk design, typical of mystical India with elephants.

M-Mall Kolam

Here is the kolam below my condo at M Mall and you can see the logo of the one and only M Mall in Penang. It is a happening place and still is despite the controversies. Well, everything is settled now and I am happy things have returned to its status quo. The kolam here is certainly attractive, awesome and pretty! Happy Deepavali again!

Belated Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s day and we had a treat at Richard Rivalee, a nonya establishment that’s owned by MBI with an old collonial style bungalow ambience. So many bouquets of flowers on stands were placed by business friends as congratulatory note on its opening about 4 days ago. Richard Rivalee is a designer and chef. He has placed photos taken with the world famous shoe maker, Jimmy Choo plus a few other Taiwanese actresses. The decorations were superb and of high quality.

Mr Rivalee also makes nonya kebayas and beaded shoes. Apart from cooking, he is also a talented designer. There were also buses of China tourists who came here for 3 days to redeem their MBI points via MFace. Rukun tetanga volunteers in uniform were also present to direct traffic as the place was congested with big busses. Most of them were well dressed, wearing high heels despite having to walk long distances and it was jammed packed. Tomei was doing roaring business as many diamond pieces were snapped up in no time.

Happy New Year 2017


2016 had come and gone. Now is the dawn of a new year of the rooster in 2017. Hopefully it brings more blessings, prosperity and projects to keep us busy all year round. We know the economy is not doing so well from last year and there are lots of uncertainties this year with President-elect being Donald Trump, thanks to Russia’s hacking of the electorate. As business man and woman, we just continue as usual with our work and don’t dwell too much into politics. As long as we can find projects for our many legalised foreign workers and put food on the table for our loved ones, we are happy.

I wish my readers a Happy New Year in 2017 and may your dreams be fulfilled this year, whatever your resolutions. Just need to pray for protection especially when driving along North South Highway and in KL.

Happy Easter Sunday


Yesterday was Good Friday and my youngest sister specially took half day leave to attend her church service from 2:30pm to 5pm together with my father to a Catholic church and then my mother went to her Methodist church at 7pm as she was the scripture reader. I did not attend my baptist church as I don’t know what time the service was or whether they have any service at all on Good Friday! It was the day Jesus was crucified on the cross and three days later, He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. The resurrection power of the cross destroyed the power of the Satan over mankind once and for all. It was the ultimate love shown on the cross for the Son of God to come down born as a babe on Christmas to die on the cross so that man can be re-united with our Almighty God.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s day at Winter Warmers Restaurant in Times Square last night, costing $149.90 per couple. My partner ordered lamb shank while I had seabass with lemon capers as the mains. Our appetizer was scallops and mushroom soup. I had rose tea while he had rose capuccino topped with cream. For dessert, we had strawberry ice-cream and chocolate brownie. Upon payment of the dinner, I was given a nice cute teddy bear in red skirt which look like a rose. Earlier in the morning, my partner bought me a stalk of rose for $12.

Thereafter, we walked around M Mall and phase 1 of Times Square which is slated to be refurbished at an astonishing $10 million face lift for the empty shop lots. Crazy Cowboy has good business every night since its inception with cowboy songs and life band at its premise.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey in 2016


Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve and I have tar pau my dinner already. My mum and youngest sis are in Singapore, dad and I in Penang and second sis and hubby in UK still pursuing for their PhDs with 1.5 years to go should there be no more delays. Well, I have lots of reading materials stocked up and the computer to keep me occupied this CNY. Normally we would have gone to Hatyai as a family of 4, but this year we were split. The year of the fire monkey has arrived and gone is the year of the Ram, my youngest sister’s zodiac sign. I am happy staying in my apartment instead of moving in with dad for a few days. There are a lot of events going on in M-Mall downstairs and finding food is not a problem. Dad has my replacement meal to take instead of driving out to buy food. The replacement meal is not cheap either; it cost me $14 per packet which is to be mixed with water, stirred and drunk. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year and hopefully things don’t look so bleak as printed in the press.

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