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Digital Artwork Skills Every Graphic Designer Needs to be Capable of


Using Photoshop

Every graphic designer needs to be capable of some digital artwork skills using the software known as Photoshop. It is a very powerful software with many features that have to be explored especially by graphics designer. It can resize photos, convert to PDFs, add levels for better colour saturation and even create a realistic 3D text in Photoshop. This is pretty awesome and it is a good investment to buy Photoshop to manipulate your superb graphics.

Create 3D Text Realistically

The ability to create a realistic 3D text will surely bring your artwork to the next level. Instead of using Illustrator or even Autocad that are very expensive, you can do this 3D text in Photoshop for a realistic experience and view on your blogs, websites, forums, and such.

After being enlightened on this feature, I will surely check out the links given here to learn for myself how to create and perform a masterpiece to make my websites more stunning. At the moment, I only use Photoshop to create company brochures, resize pictures, create gif pictures, add text, change font colour and other simple basic mandatory stuffs.

Make Animated GIF in Photoshop

All this while, I never realised that as a website designer in the past and present, I never knew that the ubiquitous software is able to make animated GIF in Photoshop.

The ability to create animated GIF is very powerful especially when you want to showcase your products and make them scroll to the right to show the next new banner or pictures and products that you sell online on your e-commerce website, for instance.

Create Stunning and Awesome Digital Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words! Hence a well developed website or blog with stunning graphics using Photoshop will sure elevate your site to the next level and differentiate it from other common sites with no graphics or little common pictures that you can find everywhere.

Make Your Own Unique Digital Graphics

Now that you know some tips, you can now create your own and experiment with the new knowledge acquired. After all, knowledge is power! Hence, you can now make your own unique digital graphics at the tips of your fingers and the world is now your oyster to appreciate your artwork.

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