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10 Minute Bitcoin – BlockChain Technnology

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Money to Paypal Transactions

It is predicted that cryptocurrency using the blockchain technology for mining is the future currency. Just like the controversy surrounding AirBnB, Facebook, Google, and Uber initially, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon to get a slice of the pie by purchasing some bitcoins like Just click on the link to find out more information.

Based in Switzerland, 10 Minute Bitcoin allows Paypal to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Paypal transactions. It is the fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin for PayPal currency. However, when you buy Bitcoin, they charge approximately 5%, above the cost of the PayPal fees. They do not charge any fees to sell bitcoin and receive PayPal.

Currently, while checking the website, 1 Bitcoin is USD 6,271.22. Well, I guess, only those with deep pockets and well-heeled will be able to afford to buy 1 bitcoin.

TBF – Online Payment System

There is another new online payment system that you might want to consider should you be working in Options, Forex, Bets, Lotteries and Freelancer services. The online payment system is now easy, fast, and robust. TBF Finance will select, create and implement the most beneficial payment processing conditions for both high-risk and also low-risk merchants. Just check out by clicking on the link to find out more information. Furthermore, e-Commerce sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart can integrate this online payment system into their platforms.

Now the craze and in-thing is e-Commerce where many entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon to get a piece of the cake by selling unique stuff online. Other than Paypal which charges a lot, you can use other payment gateways like and check out their competitive pricing. If you are a mom or dad who works at home, then e-commerce might be the solution to earn an income online, right in the comfort of home. But the caveat is that e-commerce is not for everyone. You have to dedicate 100% time and effort to make it a success even though your e-commerce site may be new and no one knows about it. This is where advertisements using Facebook, Instagram, and others come in handy.

Get Roseborough Insurance

I have always been an advocate for buying insurance policies. That’s because you can never predict the future. At the moment, things may seem rosy and you are in the pink of health. But there may come a time where you will need to use adult pampas, get one of the 36 critical illnesses, meet with an accident in the workplace or on the roads, and such. To safeguard your finances, do check out by clicking on the link to find out more. This site also offers business insurance that is specifically targeted for your industry such as construction where you may need contractors’ all risks policy or abbreviated as CAR, property damage and more.

I pleased to say that I am a recipient of a lump sum payout for an accident from my insurance agent. This helps to offset the huge expenses that I had to fork out and save me money in the long run. So it is best to buy insurance soon while you are young, healthy and the business is doing well. Insurance policies help to protect your finances from being depleted too fast.

Where do all the Millionaires come from?

Where do all the millionaires come from

Nowadays more than ever, students are thinking about how much they will get from their college degrees, online or traditional before they enroll? And while it’s not a perfect measure of the value a college can provide to its students, the number of millionaires (that is, individuals who have a net worth of $1 million or more, minus real estate) a college mint is always interesting.

A 2013 study by Spear’s Magazine, in which they surveyed 70,000 of the world’s millionaires, found that college degrees were definitely a common trait as well where and what they studied.

online degrees

Infographic Transcript
99% of millionaires have degrees
Top 10 Majors for Millionaires
1. Engineering
2. MBA
3. Economics
4. Law
5. Business Administration
6. Commerce
7. Accounting
8. Computer Science
9. Finance
10. Politics

Top 10 Colleges for Millionaires
1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. University of California
4. Columbia University
5. University of Oxford
6. MIT
7. New York University
8. University of Cambridge
9. University of Pennsylvania
10. Cornell University

43% of millionaires are products of U.S. universities
8% of millionaires are products of U.K. universities
5% of millionaires are products of Canadian universities


40 Popular Influencer Marketing Platforms: Sorted by Cost

40 Influencer Marketing

These days, people are Googling the term “influencer marketing” about 6x more than they did three years ago.

Influencer marketing is the hot topic for marketers in 2018 – and for good reason. Consumers (in particular Millennials and Generation Z) are getting better at tuning out advertisements (at a somewhat alarming rate, if you’re an advertiser).

At the same time, influencers are on the rise – and people listen to what they have to say. 40% of consumers say they have purchased an item after seeing an influencer use it on Twitter, Vine, YouTube, or Instagram, and teens’ emotional attachment to YouTube stars is 7x greater than that for traditional celebrities like Seth Rogen or Jennifer Lawrence. Not surprisingly, 73% of marketers say they are allocating part of their budget towards influencer marketing.

This bears out in conversations we have with the e-commerce brands in our network – virtually every brand we talk to is highly interested in influencer marketing. Most, however, know little about it or don’t have time to devote to it. Many who have tried it find it resource-intensive and difficult to measure success, and some have encountered problems with fake influencers with inflated statistics. The bottom line: marketers need help in getting a positive ROI in their influencer marketing campaigns.

The rise of the influencer marketing platforms

While marketing with influencers can be effective, it is also hard to do. Running a campaign with dozens or hundreds of influencers takes a lot of work, and traditional metrics like ROI and EMV (earned media value) are hard to come by. That’s not to mention the challenge of dealing with the many diverging personalities, preferences, and business priorities involved with the numerous influencers a brand needs to work with in parallel.

To help brands through this, the cottage industry of influencer marketing platforms has been born and is now thriving. In fact, the number of startups in this space is exploding, with 40 mature and viable platforms competing in the marketplace based on our latest count.

The challenge for many brands now is in deciding which influencer marketing platform is right for their needs. To help clarify this dynamic and evolving space, we did a deep-dive and explored this new world of influencer marketing platforms and compiled our findings here in this report.

Broadly speaking, influencer marketing platforms fall into four categories:

Single-platform marketplaces focus on single sites like YouTube

These pure-play platforms focus on one social network (predominantly YouTube), connecting brands with influencers on that platform. They mostly serve as a marketplace and directory of top influencers that brands can use to find the right influencers, and these service usually act as an intermediary to aid communication and facilitate payments. These are great for smaller brands with a specific product or message to promote.

Discovery tools help you find influencers

These platforms focus on providing very robust search, filtering, and matching capabilities so that brands can scour the entire universe of influencers across all platforms to identify the ones that are the best candidates to help them promote their message. Most of these companies focus on data analytics to machine learning to crunch through millions of profiles to enable powerful search capabilities. These work well for brands with existing resources to contact influencers and manage campaigns, and just need a powerful way to find the right influencers.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools focus on providing feature-rich software

These SaaS players are not marketplaces, in that they do not maintain relationships with influencers themselves, rather they provide software that enables brands to better manage their outreach themselves. These companies combine influencer discovery tools with relationship management features (CRM), aiding in the back-and-forth communication required in managing influencer campaigns, and some offer rich campaign analytics as well. SaaS platforms are great for larger brands who are already working with influencers, but who want software to accelerate and expand their current efforts.

Full-service influencer marketing platforms help with the entire process

Full-service influencer marketing platforms combine a SaaS platform with an influencer marketplace, so not only do they provide software to manage the entire influencer management process, they develop relationships with influencers and aid brands in connecting with them. These work well for brands who are serious about running large-scale influencer campaigns, but who lack the dedicated resources to do this.

Quick list of the leading influencer marketing platforms

We analyzed and did deep dives into 40 platforms below, categorized first by the budget they appeal to (small or large), and then the four major segments.

Platform-specific influencer marketplaces

Ifluenz (starts at $15/campaign) – Links marketers and Instagram influencers in many different verticals for product placement
Shoutcart (price depends on influencer’s fee) – Simple place to buy Instagram shout outs
Tribe Group (price depends on influencer’s fee) – Influencers bring completed content to marketers running campaigns
Octoly (pricing not listed) – Similar to Famebit, focuses on non-paid reviews only. Handles shipping of product samples for brands.
Influenster (pricing not listed) – Hands-off marketplace for health & beauty brands to send product out for review
Famebit (price depends on influencer’s fee) – Leading YouTube marketplace (now owned by Google!)

Influencer discovery platforms

  • Heepsy (starts at $29/mo) – An affordable Instagram search tool with a focus on international influencers
  • BuzzSumo (starts at $70/mo) – Search over 1 million pieces of content to find relevant influencers, and find Twitter influencers by niche
  • Ninja Outreach (starts at $75/mo) – 8 million searchable social profiles and bloggers, quick & easy outreach features
  • Keyhole (starts at $179/mo) – Discover influencers based on hashtags and keywords, has strong all around analytics
  • Klear (starts at $250/mo) – 500 million searchable social profiles, starting at $250/month
  • HYPR (starts at ~$500/mo) – 10 million searchable social profiles, targeting small to medium businesses
  • Onalytica (starts at $550/mo) – 150,000 influencers to pick from, rich influencer analytics and ability to track relationships and conversations
  • NeoReach (starts at ~$4,166/mo) – 3 million searchable social profiles, much deeper data analytics, targeting large enterprise customers

Full service influencer marketing platforms

IZEA (starts at $1/mo) – 250,000 opt-in creators, lots of features to help brands with many types of influencer marketing campaigns
Tomoson (starts at $49/mo) – 50,000 opt-in influencers, full service platform which caters to smaller clients
Open Influence (starts at $50/mo) – 465,000 opt-in influencers, cutting edge AI search capabilities
Intellifluence (starts at $99/month) – Browse through over 15,000 micro-influencers, ideal for small businesses just getting started with influencer marketing
Scrunch (starts at $99/mo) – One of the largest influencer databases, with more than 20 million active profiles of all sizes in almost 25 topic areas
Webfluential (starts at $100/mo) – 15,000 opt-in influencers reviewed by the platform’s staff, AI matches up brands with influencers
Influicity (starts at $199/mo) – Plan & manage campaigns with over 10 million opt-in influencers, offers free version for newbies
Buzzoole (minimum €500/campaign) – 265,238 influencers from 176 countries, focused on content
Hypetap (minimum $1,000 AUD/campaign) – 1,240 invite only, heavily curated influencers, full service platform
TapInfluence (starts at $1,999/mo) – 50,000 opt-in creators, one of the most established and full-featured influencer marketing platforms
The Cirqle (minimum $10,000/campaign) – 10,000 opt in lifestyle influencers, full service with strong Saas platform
Grapevine Logic (price depends on influencer’s fee) – 130,000 YouTube and Instagram influencers specializing in 5 big niches, end-to-end platform with robust analytics
Dealspotr (price depends on influencer’s fee) – 2,500 opt-in creators. Lower-cost platform that focuses on conversion tracking and ROI.
Linqia (performance based payment)- 100,000 opt-in influencers, specializing in small to mid-size influencers
Whalar (depends on campaign) – Opt in roster of influencers, provides matchmaking based on content, content quality driven
Popular Pays (pricing not listed)- Hyper-curated database of 8,000 Instagram micro-influencers, popular with big name brands
BrandBacker (pricing not listed) – 20,000 opt-in influencers, full service influencer marketing platform with lots of live support to help brands manage their campaigns
Mavrck (pricing not listed) – 10.6 million micro-influencers, uses a site plug-in to identify influencers among your customers

Influencer marketing SaaS platforms

Zoomph (starts at $12.75/mo) – for those already running campaigns, this full service platform will identify influencers in your audience
BuzzStream (starts at $24/mo) – Search influencer profiles by keyword & get stats on each profile, good for any size business as a discovery tool
PitchBox (starts at $195/mo) – Automates outreach and CRM with bloggers pulled from the web, well-rounded app that excels at email management
Upfluence (starts at ~$950/mo) – Search engine with access to over 1 million international influencers, great for list building
Traackr (starts at ~$4,166/mo) – Huge searchable database of social profiles with deep data analytics, plus rich CRM features. Targets larger enterprise customers.
GroupHigh (starts at ~$8,000/mo) – Data-centric platform with over 16 million influencers and bloggers, targets companies with large budgets
Julius (pricing not listed) – Searchable database of 100,000 human vetted influencers, only platform to support Twitch
Revfluence (pricing not listed) – 500,000 searchable profiles, plus they make contact information available. Targets mid-size business.

– by Michael Quoc

NiceHash Review: Bitcoin Cloud Mining

NiceHash Review: Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Renting hashing power online is a great way to start mining cryptocurrencies without having to make the investment in mining equipment. So which one ranks among the most trusted cloud mining sites?

This site allows you to buy hashing power for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin and other coins and get paid in bitcoin. There are no contracts so if mining doesn’t turn a profit for you, you can immediately stop your investment.

NiceHash has real miners who use their own mining equipment which is connected to the site’s multipool so you’ll never have to worry if the mining equipment actually exists.
Buy and Sell Hashing Power‎

So if you want to start cryptocurrency mining but you’ve been hesitant because of shady cloud mining services, this is the solution that you’ve been looking for.

You’ll get access to a host of user-friendly features for buyers including:

A minimum order price of 0.005 Bitcoin for every algorithm
No contracts, no risk. You may cancel at any time without a cancellation fee
Only pay only for valid shares
Mine on any pool you want, when you want
Get access to real-time statistics & dashboard

The best part about cloud mining sites is that unlike actual bitcoin mining, you don’t have to spend weeks learning about mining hardware and software in order to get everything set up. In fact, with this site, you can actually be up and running in just a few minutes.

Getting started in this site is easy. All you need to do is:

1. Register a new account and deposit BTC.
2. Add the mining pool you want to direct your purchased hashing power to.
3. Set the fixed price or bid for mining and then create a new order.
4. Monitor your order on the marketplace.

Another reason to consider cryptocurrency cloud mining is the fact that you can time your entry so that you can make the most of your investments. Getting in on cryptocurrency cloud mining while bitcoin prices are low means better returns later on versus having to invest in expensive mining hardware upfront.

So if you just want to learn how it works and place some initial orders, you can sign up for free to check it out for yourself.

Believe Your Debt is More than Paid

Believe Your Debt is More than Paid

let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.
Hebrews 10:22


I would like you to imagine this scenario: You borrow a huge sum of money from a friend and promise to pay him back in six months’ time. When the time comes, you feel really bad because you cannot repay him as you don’t have the money. A year rolls by without you repaying a cent. Now, you feel extremely guilty. You try to avoid your friend because you are too embarrassed and ashamed to see him.

Let’s say that your best friend hears about your plight. Out of the goodness of his heart, he goes to your creditor and says, “Look, I understand that my best friend owes you money.”

“Yes, he owes me US$50,000.”

“Here is US$100,000. I am paying you on his behalf.”

Your creditor says, “No, no, no! He owes me only US$50,000.”

Your best friend says, “I know. But take the US$100,000 so that you can never say that he still owes you money.”

Now, your debt has been paid, in fact, more than paid. But if you don’t know or believe this, that debt will still be on your conscience. You will still be afraid to see your creditor. And you will avoid him because he reminds you of your debt.

My friend, you need to know that Jesus was an overpayment when He offered Himself as your sin offering, because of the quality and worth of the Man Himself. My friend, He overpaid for your sins when He became your sacrifice on the cross.

But if you don’t know or believe this, you will suffer as your unbelief will rob you of assurance, joy and peace. You will still have debt on your conscience. Even though God is not imputing sin to you (Romans 4:8), sin is still on your conscience. And as long as sin is on your conscience, you won’t dare to draw near to Him.

Beloved, the truth is that your sins have been more than paid for. Jesus was an overpayment. So draw near to God today with no sin on your conscience!

– Pastor Joseph Prince

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