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THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study

The above is a motivational Youtube video specially curated for you on success. Do what the 99% people are not willing to do. Be the 1% that are willing to suffer and hustle daily for success. Be disciplined and make it a habit. What comes to mind becomes your character, what becomes your character becomes a habit and this will propel you to further success one after another. You need to sacrifice playtime with friends and drinking buddies and do it all alone at times. Yes, it is very lonely at the top! But keep hustling and working hard at your goals and be patient. In time to come, you will reap the success that you have targetted for yourself.

This is what makes the mindset of high achievers different from the mediocre ones. Whether you are a programmer, lawyer or secretary, just do your best and put in some effort to see results. I have personally experienced medical doctors who are sub-par and not up to the standard that they are trained to be. Some go through the shortcut methods of success, and in the end, cheat on himself or herself by getting other people to do the hard work for them instead of self-learn it and go through the long, laborious ways of self-discovery and learning. To succeed in life, there are NO shortcuts. Time and effort are needed and lots of patience too.

Hence, with this in mind, it is hoped that you will glean something out of this blog and visit regularly for updates on motivation, pets, success, finance, Christian scriptures, etc. Enjoy the video above and you can skip the adverts if you like.

All That I Have is Yours

All that i have is yours

…‘Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.
Luke 15:31


After running a few errands for his parents, a little boy went to his father and said, “I know why you and mummy had me.” “Why?” asked his father. “So that you guys would have someone to run errands for you!” exclaimed the boy.

Like the little boy, do you see God as a Father who demands obedience and service from you? Have you ever felt that unless you obey Him and keep all His commandments, you don’t have a right to be blessed by Him?

Jesus shared the story of the prodigal son to show how some of us call God “Father” and yet don’t know His heart. There are two sons in this parable. We know what happened to the prodigal son, but we can also learn something about the older son. This is what he said to his father when he discovered that his father had thrown a party to celebrate the return of his irresponsible, spendthrift brother: “Lo, these many years I have been serving you; I never transgressed your commandment at any time; and yet you never gave me a young goat, that I might make merry with my friends” (Luke 15:29).

Now, this son believed that his father had brought him into the world to serve him. He saw his father as someone issuing commandments to him all the time. And he saw himself as someone who had to obey those commandments to enjoy his inheritance. But the truth is that the father had already given him his inheritance (see Luke 15:12). The father even reminded him lovingly: “Son…all that I have is yours.” And I am sure that that inheritance included more than one goat!

Have you, like the older son, failed to understand your Father’s heart? Your heavenly Father already gave you a rich inheritance in Christ when you became His son. He wants you to know that you have received the Spirit of sonship (see Romans 8:15). So call out to Him, “Abba, Father!” and know how much He loves you. Because you are His heir, all that He has is yours to enjoy today!

– Joseph Prince

Aiken Realtor in South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina remains one of the most attractive communities in the country. Additionally, it has some great golf getaways for players of all abilities.

With the tourism industry always on the lookout for choices to make travel interesting for vacationers, golf holidays in Aiken offer visitors an opportunity to experience the great historic destinations while playing their most favorite sport stay! Dedicated golfers can spend hrs together on some of the best courses in the region. Aiken, situated in Aiken County, South Carolina, offers customized golf vacations and golf packages. Options for travelers include Aiken Club, Cedar plank Creek Club, Palmetto Club, Woodside Plantation Country Club and Houndslake Country Club. For more information on Aiken realtor, visit our website today!

Best Golf Getaway Packages in Aiken

Golf packages in the community of Aiken are only for supplying the best facilities for golfers and their own families. Mixing a holiday having a couple of models of golf on some fine courses is certainly essential-do for enthusiastic golfers. When in Aiken, you may enjoy great climate, superb scenery and several marvelous courses. In fact, clubs, for example, the private Palmetto Club happen to be listed by the USGA as you of the first 100 clubs established in the US. Also, the Club at Cedar plank Creek continues to be recognized in the Golf Digest’s, “Best Places to Play.”

The Aiken Club remains one of the earliest in the nation, being built in 1912. It’s 16 miles from the Augusta National Club. The Houndslake Country Club has a 27-hole Championship course. Additionally, it houses the Houndslake Guest House with 34 luxuriously hired guest rooms.

Even when your folks are uninterested in joining you at the course, they are able to enjoy the sights of the gardens and the museums in this quaint community. Vacationers can select from a variety of sights for example the County Historic Museum, Downtown Aiken, Citizen’s Park or the Condition Natural Area. Want to know more about Woodside Plantation realtors? Visit our website for more information.

Five-Star Facilities to Self-Catering Courses – The Option is Yours

You should choose your base wisely when in Aiken. Depending on your plans, you may choose to remain at the Houndslake Guest House, that is located on a course itself. With the choice of this type of resort, you’re encircled by beautiful golfing scenery and you are able to come out for a game title when you choose. Aside from that, you can even choose an accommodation option near to the course so that you can enjoy other attractions in the town and mind out for a game title of golf when you want to play. The prices for the options will be based on your decision.

Pomeranian Puppy with Plush Toys as Friends


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Isn’t the above picture from my Instagram of a Pomeranian puppy of white and golden colours cute? It is accompanied by its toy friends that resemble it. I love Pomeranians and will only showcase this breed here on my blog as I own one golden Pomeranian pup by the name of Leia. Initially, I named it ‘Princess’, but the second sis says ‘Leia’ sounds better and it is just a mere 1 syllable to pronounce. Leia is more matured now and trained by my spouse. He’s the real master, feeding it and clearing its poo. He also cuts Leia’s long nails and sometimes she will yelp loudly when the nerves are cut as well. As for me, I have the easy job of feeding it its vitamins from a tube and let it lick my finger. Before that, I will tell Leia to sit down and ‘shake hand’ or ‘paw’. Leia is now 1 year and 6 months. She was born on 20th April 2017 and had been given 3 jabs to prevent rabies, etc. as a puppy.

When her period comes, she will be spayed to prevent moody barkings and pain or whatever that comes with the monthly menses, such as tummy cramps and mood swings. I used to have 4 rabbits, 2 red-eyed Holland Lop white rabbits and 2 black-eyed golden Angora mixed with Holland Lop rabbits. The names were Snow, Snowy, Brown and Brownie. Well, they were high maintenance, hence, we returned to the seller without taking back our money. Besides, the condo is not that big enough for them to flourish as they need a big garden to hop around and move freely instead of being barricaded.

BMI – Body Mass Index

BMI, Body Mass Index.

The number of you’ve been to the doctor’s for a normal check-up and had your BMI calculated?

Or you go on one of individuals scales at the gym or in boots which provides just a little print? They will use BMI too. For more information on BMI calculator metric, visit our website today!

I am presuming most of you’ve, it’s not an unusual practice.

Doctors and health practitioners love the BMI as it’s easy to understand.

Calculating someone’s BMI is an of the Simplest ways of figuring out regardless if you are overweight, obese or underweight.

If you visited the doctors and were advised that your BMI was excessive and you’d to get rid of weight, many of you’d do once we were advised.

Before I am going through just a little story and the pros and cons of BMI I shall provide you with a bit of history about what it’s and where it originated from.

The History of BMI

The body mass index was created with a Belgian man known as Adolphe Quetelet over 150 years back. BMI is understood to be a person’s body mass divided by the square of their height.

The formula appears like this:

BMI = Mass (kg) / (height (m))2

You can observe here working it by hands.

It had been formerly known as the Quetelet Index, body mass index was the expression used since the late 1800s. Because it is this kind of easy factor to determine its recognition increased as a person diagnosis tool.

BMI Figures


Very seriously underweight – under 15

Seriously underweight – from 15. to 16.

Underweight – from 16. to 18.5

Normal (healthy weight) – from 18.5 to 25

Overweight – from 25 to 30

Obese Class I (Moderately obese) – from 30 to 35

Obese Class II (Seriously obese) – from 35 to 40

Obese Class III (Very seriously obese) – over 40

Issues with BMI

I wish to let you know a tale about my pal Darren. I had been in the gym a couple of days ago and I saw Darren, he’d a very disappointed look on his face and requested if he will have a word.

He began to inform me that he’d were built with a health check made by the works physician, and have been told he was obese and required to lose three stone.

Darren weighs 15 stone and trains regularly, I understand him from the time we performed rugby, and he’s always stored fit, may it be a sport, cycling or running, he always stored in very good condition.

What did I only say?

I told Darren that he wasn’t obese and the physician had designed a big mistake and doesn’t understand BMI. Allow me to explain…

Darren is muscular and an ex-athlete, so BMI doesn’t work for him and isn’t a good indicator of overall weight to height.

I understood BMI was problematic when I sit in the “overweight” category myself and I’d class myself as quite skinny getting around 8% body fat.

BMI never was made to measure whether someone was overweight or underweight it had been designed only to classify sedentary people with a typical body composition.

Which means this tool (that is getting used worldwide) wasn’t even made to serve this purpose.

One of the reasons that it’s getting used a lot is since it is so simple, one of the reasons it’s useless is since it is so simple.

Exactly what do I am talking about with this?

I am talking about that that’s all BMI calculates is really a person’s height and an individual’s weight and there you have it. It does not account for muscle mass, fat levels or other helpful determinants that suggest someone reaches a poor weight.

I possibly could securely say those best rugby players could be graded as overweight or perhaps obese based on their BMI. Can you say that these folks have to lose weight? I do not think so, it can’t do their rugby worthwhile!

It’s way too general and it’s far too simple to suggest someone must lose weight based on that one assessment.

Calculating it takes no fancy equipment, virtually no time for health practitioners to calculate and that’s why it’s so popular. This really is another example of misleading ‘easy’ advice that we obtain in the healthcare system today. One-size-fits-all.

BMI doesn’t differentiate from a strong muscular athlete and an inactive. BMI puts an expert boxer in the same category like a darts player.

There are plenty of different facets, for example, bone strength and density, water weight, cartilage and muscle mass which affect an individual’s weight that isn’t taken into consideration with BMI that it is no wonder it creates misleading results.

I just think that if your clear sports person visited the doctors and was discovered to be categorised as obese or overweight based on their BMI the physician wouldn’t let them know they have to lose weight, as happened in Darren’s case.

Something we all do know is that the location where we store fat could be a big predictor of health risk. Individuals who have a lot of their excess weight around their stomachs and abdominal area (apple formed) have been shown to attend high-risk of suffering serious health problems. Individuals who carry excess weight in their lower body (pear formed) are less in danger.

BMI does not consider body shape. By identifying where the extra fat is stored can be quite important in figuring out what changes the person will have to make.

Waist to hip ratio is really a much better measure or simply weigh and have a body fat studying, over 40% is obese.

An easy test to recognize whether your body shape is the issue is if you take a waist circumference test. The average thresholds indicate that women having a waist circumference of above 88cm and men above 102cm are abdominally obese. We’d get a lot more accurate measures if both of these were calculated together.

It’s not always just how much you weigh that causes problems, it’s where the extra fat is stored that heavily influences the risk of health problems.

Should you follow the kitchen connoisseur you’ll train regularly and eat correctly, that is eaten correctly and NOT go hungry or perhaps always consume less food, to nibble on more knowing how. And if you train the proper way you’ll be mixing aerobic fitness exercise with resistance training, therefore it may be gaining muscle while you lose weight. This then means that the scales will not be moving in a drastic pace, so you will see little impact on your BMI, However, Your BODY SHAPE Can Change, even when the scales don’t initially.

Many people require 12 days before their body begins to lose weight, and I’m not sure why, but after persevering, the ton gates open and things begin to move eventually.

Many people have no idea the flaws with BMI and when told that it’s high and they have to lose weight they’ll listen. Upon hearing that at the end of their effort their BMI has not altered much it may be quite demoralising and ruin motivation despite the fact that they’re much fitter and healthier and their waistline has decreased!

A study transported out in a Children’s Diet centre compared participants BMI results with is a result of a body fat percentage test. The study discovered that on average one out of four children labelled as obese based on their BMI really were built with a normal percentage of body fat. Want to know more about the obese BMI chart? Visit our website for more information.

So the next time you’re in the doctor’s and they test out your BMI and you’re told you have to ensure changes in lifestyle that you disagree with, then ask for more tests.

It’s important that all of us are treated as individuals and not tossed under an umbrella of an over-all calculation telling us as the right weight.

6 Blogging Skills You Can Put On Your Resume

6 Blogging Skills you can Put on your Resume

1. Writing

When you blog, you are a writer. Writing is an essential skill that you must have to maintain a blog. Blogging means writing, because what blog article is complete without some words of wisdom on the topic of choice you are discussing? Therefore, the written word is a priority in blogging. Just about any profession, you get into has some form of required writing. So I’m thankful for blogging and writing!

2. Photography

When I first started blogging 6+ years ago, I admit my photography skills were lacking. But wow, how that changed quickly enough. I mean if you look at my early blog articles, I am embarrassed by many of the photos I thought were passable. These days, I can proudly say that my photography has greatly improved. So much so that I can not only operate a DSLR camera, but I can also take some truly gorgeous photos when needed. So, photography is a skill that many bloggers (myself included) can most certainly use on a resume.

3. Web Design

When you blog, you most likely own or run a website. Let’s face it – most businesses now have their own websites. So being able to say that you know how to manage a website is an essential skill to list on a resume.

4. Photoshop

Taking photos is key, as I mentioned. Being able to edit them in Photoshop is also a wonderful skill to have under your belt. As a blogger, many of us know how to use Photoshop for photo editing and more. Photoshop happens to be a skill many current employers look for when they make hiring decisions. So, once again listing this on a resume is a huge bonus.
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5. Social Media/Marketing

As bloggers, we have to put ourselves out there daily. What better way than to share socially on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Knowing these social media outlets, as well as how to use them for marketing purposes, is also another wonderful skill to have on your resume. Thankfully blogging does help with this one, too.

6. Coding/HTML

This one may not be for all bloggers. However, many of us bloggers do have some knowledge of coding and HTML. Trust me that in this technological business world, possessing even low-level coding and HTML essentials is a great skill to have on your resume.

There you have it with 6 blogging skills that you can most definitely use on a resume for employment!
Which blogging skills can you put on your resume?

– Janine Huldie

The 5 Easiest Ways to Get Better Grades

What are the easiest ways for adult students to get excellent grades? Could you be spending a lot of time trying to find the latest silver bullet to boost your grades while there is a straightforward concept that already exists? Here are five simple tips that adult students can use to perform well in school.

1. Never skip breakfast

Usually described as the most crucial meal of the day, eating breakfast has positive effects such as enhanced memory and attention. Therefore, regardless of how busy your day is, make sure you take breakfast so that you remain rejuvenated throughout the day.

2. Believe you can learn the material

Does believing you can understand the material result in better grades? Research has shown that students who have a positive outlook towards the course are likely to perform better than those who don’t believe. With everything that’s going on, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. The best way of handling this is to leave all your family and work worries out of the classroom.

3. Do not use your phone while in class

When you use your phone in the classroom, you might have divided attention. This might make it difficult for you to concentrate in the classroom. Also, you might receive a call that something is not right either at home or at work. Such a message will keep you distracted.

4. Use out of school time productively

As an adult student, you may not have much of this. However little time you have to spare when you aren’t working or caring for your family, use it well. Remember that personal study is a major ingredient of getting good grades.

5. Have a sense of purpose

Students who remind themselves why they are in school are likely to do better than those who don’t have a purpose. From the onset, set goals and plan on how to attain them. Working towards your goals will make studying interesting.

– Julie

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