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Year of the Gold Dog – Happy Chinese New Year!

gold dog

This is the year of the dog. In 1970, it was the year of the Gold Dog. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a Happy Chinese New Year. May you prosper even more with gold flowing into your pockets. That fortune is made and families are well provided for. Later on have to run errands for dad who is hospitalised and change the M size non-powdered latex gloves to S size. It has to be non-powdered as dad has eczema of the skin. I just hope the pharmacy is opened today and later on fetch 2nd sister for dinner as the hospital canteen is closed and she really needs a break away from dad, being with him almost 24 hours for the last few weeks.

The hospital bills have ballooned to $28k, after staying there since 26th January 2018. Dad is recovering well and making progress every day. He fell down and got clot in the brain where his neurosurgeon and neurologist gave him medicine to remove the blood clot without surgery. Dad would not have survived had he been put in General Hospital after 1 week of being unattended to, other than given food and being soaked in urine and did not bathe for 3 days! He was so miserable there. Just pray for his longevity and good health to return at this age of 81. The bill will be shared by me, youngest sister, and a friend.

Buy Online Contest Votes

I woke up at 5:00 am at the crack of dawn and promptly decided to surf online for information. Then I came across about where to get Facebook votes/IP votes/contest votes, Facebook photo likes by using the link below >> buy online contest votes. This is the quickest way to give a good first impression to your website or Facebook contests to win some great gifts by getting the most online votes in a jiffy. Yes, the internet provides such services from the above-mentioned company that has a huge list of votes at a bargain and does not have to break the bank.

With intense competition to win some cool stuffs, it is imperative that you buy online contest votes for just pennies a click while gaining attention and get the most votes over your competitors who did not employ such tactics to gain a wide audience to your fan page or contest website. There is superb customer support, easy setup, different IP (internet protocol), and fast turnaround time.

Now, with the internet, everything is made possible via technology. You can find romance, win awesome expensive prices by buy votes for a bargain, work from home, find freelance jobs, do internet banking and much more. For the record, there are 1.6 million freelancers in Malaysia working from home, thus saving gasoline from commuting to work and most of all, precious time from getting stuck in snarling traffic jams.

Confident People Vs Insecure People

Here, I shall only highlight traits of confident people. You can refer to the infographic for insecure ones which I don’t wish to mention. Basically confident people are Open Minded and Gives Complements. They are not afraid to ask and are willing to learn from other people or have a mentor. Confident people operates on principles and admits mistakes. They are not afraid to show flaws and such. They are positive thinkers and risk takers. Also, they never talk negatively about others or put others down in order to elevate themselves!

They are abundance mindset giver and loves people. They are more forgiving and accepts other’s differences, while at the same time, can laugh at themselves. More importantly, they make decisions quickly and take action. They also keep learning and growing. For the not so good comparison, refer to the picture or infographic and try to avoid these traits and stay away from people with such traits.

King Kong Marketing Reviews

I visited dad yesterday in hospital and he has 3 specialists attending to him; his cardiologist, neurologist and neurosurgeon. Dad apparently feels pampered by such attention, especially from his 2 younger daughters with the second one who flew all the way from United Kingdom to take care of dad. Even as I update this blog post after I trundled out of bed, I started working before breakfast later on.

As I surfed around the internet, I came across king kong marketing reviews, where you can click on the link to find out more information. King Kong Marketing is an Aussie company based Down Under and helmed by Sabri Suby who has scaled the SME to greater heights of success. There are nothing but just positive reviews of working here from your home base by the computer and employees are happy being well remunerated.

More importantly, clients are happy with concrete results of scaling their business to higher prosperity and visitors who turn to customers. I know a lot of work is involved and Rome was not built in a day!

Patience is a Virtue

We need to have patience in every endeavour that we pursue. Be it education, working life, or even social life, we all need to have patience. I find that Millenials in the age of technology, are very impatient and will not go the extra mile to help their customers or in their jobs. They want fast money with instant loans from “special” friends with faux promises of returning, etc. As you just get to know them, you never know their true motives. It is so different from tried and tested frienships, which went through trials and tribulations. Asking for loans or money just after knowing me, scares me off from the friendship that is merely focused on cash alone. Friendship is about communication and not merely with ulterior motive of gaining financially from the other person.

Social Blade – Find Instagram Influencers

To find Instagram Influencers, you need sites like Social Blade which shows the relevant data. This site is useful, especially those doing Shopify or any other ecommerce sites selling online. I am still in the learning process and patience is a virtue. This is so true in any endeavours or venture you are doing – be it studying, business, etc and not get panicky easily. There is always a solution to every problem. You need to be persistent and not give up easily. There are so many apps that you can use and one can be overwhelmed if not focused. Don’t waste time going for karoake or binge drinking with friends till you get drunk.

Online Agency Reviews

You don’t have to be an ‘A’ student to succeed in life. Usually ‘A’ students for work ‘C’ students who become their boss. I am a little tired from visiting dad in hospital due to a heart attack and now woke up to blog and update it here. I was browsing the web when I came across King Kong online agency reviews, where you can click on the link to find out more information.

Employees have rated 5 stars working at King Kong Digital Marketing Agency. You can read up about the man who started it all from zero to making $10 million in 4 short years doing digital marketing online. Sabri Suby is a man of vision and he is the person behind the phenomenal success of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency. Well, the results speak for themselves.

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