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Cute Pomeranian Picture

Cute golden pomeranian

Isn’t the female golden Pomeranian above cute? It even wears a pink ribbon, a reminder and tribute to breast cancer patients and also survivors recently. My little Leia has similar look and I took the short cut way to just link from my Instagram account. That’s because these photos are usually professionally taken as eye candy. Even as I write here, I am blogging from my iPhone X, which literally requires one finger typing.

Take, Take and Take More

Take, Take and Take More

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.
1 Corinthians 2:12


As a child of the Most High God, God wants you to know the things that have been freely given to you. He wants you to receive them freely although it cost Him His Son. He paid the price, but He wants you to receive the blessings freely. That is His love toward you.

Perhaps you are asking God, “How is it that I don’t have this blessing? And why do I have so little of that?”

I believe that He is saying this to you: “What do you lack, My child? Health? Take it! It has been paid for with the life of My Son.

“Do you need peace of mind? My Son wore the crown of thorns on His head to give it to you. Take it!

“Lack wisdom? Take My wisdom!

“Need victory? Victory is not something you attain. It is a gift to be received. Take it!

“Take My provision! Take My favor! Every time you come into My Presence, take, and take some more!”

God, your heavenly Father, wants you to receive like the prodigal son, who deserved nothing, but received everything (see Luke 15:11–24). God delights in giving freely. And He delights in you receiving freely because it shows that you value and appreciate His Son’s sacrifice.

You miss it when you are busy trying to earn what has been freely given to you, when you think that you must do more for God to bless you, or that you must pay the price for it. God cannot give it to you based on your works because if it is by works, it is no longer by grace. When you try to work for it, you frustrate the grace of God and make light of Jesus’ work at Calvary.

My friend, the days of trying, striving and earning are over. The days of take, take and take more have come. Take and you will bring pleasure to God’s heart!

– Pastor Joseph Prince

8 Things that are a Waste of Time

One of the biggest time waster is watching tv. Rich people have a big library while poor people have a big tv. Also, the lack of priorities makes one unable to achieve any goals in life and just drift along with the flow. Another factor is doing something just because it makes others happy while you are unhappy. This applies mainly to many areas of our lives, namely the choice of course or career that our parents choose for us.

Sometimes, it makes more friends by allowing the other side to win and not trying to win every conversation. Obnoxious people are like this and they have to win every argument. Pride comes before a fall! Constantly complaining will not help, instead, it makes you look weak and helpless, if not childlike. Tell it to the Lord and share your problems with God Almighty who may find the right people for the right solution for you.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Instead, create it. Don’t wait for a job. Create it. Be your own boss. A big mistake is trying to please everybody. You have to be selective and choose who to be nice to. Finally, don’t worry about what other people will say. They are not important. Be thick skin and guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life!

Have Faith in Yourself – Richard Branson

Have Faith in Yourself - Richard Branson

Like the Nike Tagline, “Just Do It!”

Believe it can be done. Have goals and prepare well. Also help each other out. The stronger should help the weaker and likewise the smarter should help the slower ones. It is a life of give and take. You cannot hoard knowledge to yourself without sharing to others and help them up. That is why schools and colleges have professors and supervisors to guide the students to greater heights of success and knowledge.

Have Fun

Have fun while working hard and money will come to you. Don’t waste time and procrastinate. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Also, have a positive outlook on life. And if it becomes a drudgery, move on. Don’t dwell on something that you are struggling with and instead, work on your strengths. For instance, if programming is something that is hard to master, then dwell on writing articles and blogging which may be easier to make money online.

Be Bold

Calculate the risks and take them. More importantly, believe in yourself. Just like the scriptures, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13. Chase your dreams and goals. Have no regrets of past failures, neither worry about the future. Just live in the present and do your utmost best. Be bold and keep your word and promises. Nobody wants to deal with dishonest persons.

Challenge Yourself

Aim high and try new things. Always try and challenge yourself. Be the best that you can be and don’t compare with others. There are others who are better off while there are others who are worse off than you.

Stand on Your Own Feet

Rely on yourself and God to help you out. Don’t be too dependent on others, for they may disappoint you or give bad advice. Chase your dreams, but live in the real world. And work together. Two heads are better than one.

Live the Moment

Enjoy life and live it to the full. Enjoy the moment while reflecting on your life. Make every second count and don’t have regrets. Also, don’t sleep too much for those who refuse to life a finger, may come to poverty. Make hay while the sun shines and in your best years, work hard before your retirement in your golden years.

Value Family and Friends

Life is about relationships. No one is a island. Hence we need to value family and friends while they are still here. Be loyal. Face problems head on. Money is for making things happen. Pick the right people in your inner circle and reward talent.

Have Respect

Be polite and respectful. Do the right thing. Keep your good name and be fair in all your dealings. Hence the above expound on the info graphic of having faith in yourself by Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin airlines.

Personal Finance Landscape

Courtesy of: Wealth 101

The Personal Finance Landscape

Navigating the personal finance landscape requires skills or knowledge in the following foundational areas:

  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication
  • Research
  • History
  • Negotiation
  • Forming Habits

Using this knowledge, you can approach the vast personal finance landscape – the key questions you must be able to answer to get the most out of your money:

How can saving money be as frictionless as possible?

What is the difference between spending needs and wants?

How can credit be used wisely and carefully to help achieve personal goals?

Financial Concepts
How can important concepts like compound interest be used to make real-world financial decisions?

How can I make a living that gives the income to be healthy financially?

How can I best prepare for the worst-case financial scenario?

HIPAA compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created by the USA government in 1996, in an effort to boost the security and confidentiality of healthcare information. Since its beginning, HIPAA has already established an enormous effect on how sensitive patient details are handled within the medical industry. The significance of being HIPAA compliant can’t be overemphasized, because failure to stick to the rules can lead to hefty fines or prison terms. For more information on HIPAA compliance, visit our website today!

Who must be compliant?

Under HIPAA, covered entities and work associates are mandated to guarantee the privacy of protected health information (PHI). Covered entities include health care providers, for example, hospitals and physician practices, in addition to health plans, and health plan clearinghouses. Work associates make reference to companies that perform services for any covered entity, and consequently need to receive, maintain, or transmit PHI.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA contains comprehensive needs for businesses that hold PHI. They’re needed to provide the special focus on safeguarding the physical security of the information, and additionally, use of PHI ought to be restricted to key personnel. Managers have to be aware of potential threats, and regular security updates are necessary to identify possible dangers resulting from phishing scams and data hacking.

Covered entities should place a balanced compliance enter in place, and ensure that the appropriate staff is aware of HIPAA needs. They ought to also evaluate their security controls periodically, and ensure that PHI is encrypted. Data that is encrypted can’t be utilized if it’s stolen or lost.

Being HIPAA compliant is essential since it ensures that a covered entity is ready in case of a HIPAA audit or analysis.

HIPAA audits

HIPAA comes with an audit program that at random selects covered entities to have an audit. Audits are transported by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). OCR accounts for enforcing HIPAA’s security and privacy rules.

The reason for the audit would be to assess compliance with HIPAA’s privacy and security rules, in addition to with Breach notification rules. The Breach notification rule stipulates that if there’s a burglar breach with regards to PHI, the covered entity or business affiliate must advise the affected person concerning the incident. The Department of Health and Human Services and OCR will also be to learn.

The HIPAA audit looks at the processes and operations of the covered entity. Its smart to become HIPAA compliant, because any violations or breaches unearthed throughout an audit may warrant an analysis. When the audit reveals that there’s reasonable induce to suggest that the provisions of HIPAA happen to be violated, OCR will then open an analysis.

HIPAA investigations

HIPAA may execute an analysis in line with the adverse findings of an arbitrary audit, or as a result of a complaint being filed against a covered entity. Complaints are filed with OCR. What the law states require that the covered entities co-operate using the analysis.

HIPAA investigations are best handled by health care attorneys that are fully conversant with HIPAA rules. However, companies that are HIPAA compliant can mount a far more plausible defence if they’re confronted with an analysis.

Effects of HIPAA Violations

HIPAA violations connect with:

• Breach of privacy with regards to PHI,

• Breach of the safety rule for PHI stored within an e-mail,

• Lapses in notification

There are various groups of violations and also different tiers of civil and criminal penalties under HIPAA. Financial penalties vary from $100 – $50,000. In instances where a covered entity is considered to possess worked out reasonable diligence and wasn’t aware of the breach, the penalty may vary from $100 to $50,000 per breach. However, if ‘wilful neglect’ is decided, the charge is $50,000, and there’s a yearly maximum of $1.5mil. Want to know more about HIPAA rules? Visit our website today for more information.

Criminal penalties are relevant in instances where PHI is released under false pretences or malicious reasons. Jail sentences vary from 1year to ten years.

Covered entities also face additional costs in working with HIPAA investigations, and with regards to breach notifications and corrective actions.

Business Email Filtering

Everyone knows what email spam is, and anybody who spends greater than a very little time online has become greater than their share of the stuff. It is the scourge of the web world, and the main one real chink within the armour of the webs first real killer application . . . email. Most of us most likely cannot remember the way we were able to survive without email, and far less of us, remember each day when spam only agreed to be a very cheap and questionable lunch meat consequence. For more information on business email filtering, visit our website today!

Fortunately for all of us internet-citizens, the great mankind has been battling the evil forces of email spam virtually since that first ridiculous email was sent questioning thousands of men’s manhood and potency. Regrettably, spam blocking and spam filtering isn’t an exact science today, and likely won’t be. It always requires a little supervision and feeding in the good users of all individuals email services. Free or else. Let me create a couple of suggestions, regarding steps to make your filters work much better.

Discard Email

Although this suggestion might not be really considered a filter, it’s most likely the very best method of combating personal spam just like any. That could be, a discard current email address. Using the plethora of free email options available, that one is really a no-brainer. It’s usually a good idea, to possess one email account, that you utilize to provide to all individuals website offers and forums that require one before allowing you to use their service. Whenever I join any service that I am not every that acquainted with, I make certain to provide them with my discard email account. I rarely when taking a look account. If sooner or later lower the street I understand the net service or forum than I’ll change my username and passwords to mirror my “real” email account. The main one It’s my job to only share with family, buddies, and reliable sites. Think of this discard email account, as you big spam folder. This method kind of enables you to the filter, with your own good sense like a filter to whom to believe together with your personal email information.

Teaching Your Filter From Wrong

When I pointed out earlier, your spam filters aren’t perfect. They are able to all take advantage of just a little guidance. It is important, not to just delete spam out of your email inbox every day having a vengeance. It’s advisable to flag it as being spam. Most email providers provide this selection somewhere conspicuously shown on email addresses screen. In case your email software does not, then it is here we are at a switch. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Excite all provide this functionality. Whenever you flag incoming spam mail as spam, your teaching your email filter to become a better filter. Filters create a best guess in regards to what is spam with the different very complicated set of algorithms running behind the curtain. Every email provider has slightly differed rules to follow, however, the one rule all of them follow is secrecy. They’ll never divulge the way they identify email spam, to anybody, including you, their client. It might reach simply for the spam nobleman for doing things to their advantage. The thing is, that whenever you flag spam, you are making the spam filter just a little smarter for you personally, and for everybody else. Most filters will collect flagging information all their clients, and utilize it as a filter for everyone’s email, not only the initial flagger. So, don’t merely delete your spam, flag it. Want to know more about spam filtering? Visit our website today for more information.

And The Other Way Around

Of course, the alternative holds true. Sometimes filters could be a little too aggressive, and important personal emails you actually need can finish in your spam folder. Make sure to look at your folder once you are studying your email. And, don’t merely move worthwhile emails you discover for your inbox. Inform your filter this really is the real email and not spam. Once more, most email software provides this selection, and whether it does not then proceed to one of the formerly pointed out that do. This works exactly the same way as before and makes your spam filtering much better, and everybody else that uses your email provider.

You never know, after some perseverance in the good citizens of the internet, maybe our grandkids are only going to know spam as that somewhat questionable lunch meat.

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