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Start A Travel Blog That Will Pay For Your Travels and WordPress Plugins to Have

Travel the World

Now you can earn free travels by starting a travel blog through FlyMe360 at The details are in the link above where you can click to find out more on how to get started with step by step methods. It would be lovely if you are single and unattached, to travel the world and experience local cultures, food, buildings and the people.

There are a few travel bloggers who get their travels overseas all sponsored provided they blog about it and share their many travel photos. This takes lots of writing, photo taking, and much more work. As they say, travel while you are young and able; for when you are old and can no longer walk, you may be bedridden and no longer have the strength compared to your younger days.

On a side note, some WordPress Plugins that you need to have are listed below:

1) WordPress SEO by Yoast – This plugin is one of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins available out there. It does this by adjusting permalinks, sitemaps, indexation, robots meta, rss, internal links, and more. In simple terms, this plugin will help your website to be found easier on the web, bringing in traffic and money!

2) Akismet – This will reduce the Spam comments in your blog.

3) W3 Total Cache – this plugin will help your website to load faster.

4) Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress– Akismet is good at fighting spam comments and bots, but sometimes it will need help too. This plugin will produce captcha clues to help differentiate bots and humans.

5) WP touch – makes your blog more mobile friendly

6) Contact Form 7 – Allows you to install a simple contact form so people can email you through your site.

7) Digg Digg — Displays social media icons on a floating sidebar, making it easy for people to share your posts.

8) Zemanta – places related posts at the bottom of the current post being read.

With that being said, I will explore some of the above-mentioned plugins in my free time and select those that I find may be useful for this blog on business and the working life of the blogger. Being single has its benefits as you are not tied down to family commitments and have more freedom to do the things that you love.

Of course, I am also concerned about my old age and who will take care of me. But I shall leave that to God to find th right person to come along my life and take care of me in my twilight years or better still, golden years.

“Why Manis”?

“Manis” in Malay means sweet. It could be in character or flavour. Developed by Ebizu Sdn. Bhd, there is a new Manis App that you can download to snap your receipts and earn points. With sufficient points, you can then redeem for vouchers like Tesco, Giant, MPH, Lazada and much more! Instead of throwing away your shopping receipts, why not keep them to take a photo via the Manis App. There are explanations on the steps to snap, enter shop name and location if not found, enter date, amount spend and SNAP it! With grey circles at corners of the snapped receipt, you can adjust and crop for best view before uploading the photo.

Just make sure that the receipt has a store name, location, date and total amount spent. You can even fold the receipts if they are too long and just show one or two of the items bought so that the photos fits into the smartphone for clarity.

Hence, now it pays to keep your shopping or dining receipts and remember that you have to snap it within 24 hours, otherwise it will become invalid and will be rejected. So, don’t throw them away and keep snapping until you hit your targetted points to redeem for vouchers. I have already gotten my RM 10 MPH voucher since I love to buy books and read them in my free time. In Penang, I patronise Gurney Plaza once in a while and will visit MPH for the latest books on finances and self help material. The RM 10 MPH voucher that I got for hitting 3250 points was redeemed earlier and there is an online help chat to query them on any issues or problems. They will reply within 3 days or earlier.

Above is the list of vouchers that you can redeem including McDonalds that I did not mention earlier. Yes, there are many vouchers to suit your taste and likes. Since I love reading, I chose MPH voucher instead to get a discount of RM 10 should I buy a new book to upgrade myself.

After accumulating up to 6000+ points in 2 months, I redeemed my MPH voucher for slightly over 3000 points and the total points are now halfed and deducted. Each RM 1 = 1 point. Normally I myself don’t spend so much, which is RM 6,000+ in 2 months!. These are shared receipts with my partner and note that petrol receipts are also accepted, which helps to increase the points quite a lot. We also buy rather a lot of vitamins and supplements which helps the points to increase a lot whenever they are accepted.

Certain receipts are NOT accepted such as hand written receipts, hotel receipts, travel receipts, just to name a few. Just check their terms and conditions and you will find out more information. If you refer friends, you will get 500 points too.

Above is the Manis app that you can download from the App store on your smartphone.

Trade 12 Review

Trading Forex não é para os fracos de coração. Todos os dias, o contador vai para cima e para baixo e você precisa ser capaz de suportar o urso correr e segurar para outra corrida de touro. Eu estava navegando na internet hoje quando me deparei com este site de Trade12 Review, onde Você pode clicar no link para obter mais informações.

Se você gostaria de ganhar dinheiro online sem ficar preso em engarrafamentos, este é o site para visitar com uma revisão de 4 estrelas por usuários. Você também pode abrir uma conta on-line aqui e inserir seus detalhes como informações pessoais e números de cartão de crédito e começar a negociar no câmbio. Com a internet, fazer dinheiro online é feito muito mais fácil e mais rápido. Para alguns corretores em linha do Forex, há um disconto se você comércio em linha e mais barato do que indo ao contador físico onde você tem que começar vestido e conduzir ao lugar.

Para este site, a sede está em Marshall Islands e você pode verificar a visão geral da empresa e características de negociação. Depósito mínimo é USD 250 e há também uma conta demo para você praticar antes de fazer a negociação real. Isso é para jogar com segurança e esperamos ganhar dinheiro com suas decisões.

Existem várias opções de depósito como Cash-U, cartão de crédito, Moneybookers, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union e transferência bancária. E se você ganhar dinheiro, também há um vasto repertório de opções para retirada como Cash-U, cartão de crédito, Moneybookers, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union e transferência bancária.

Instrumentos suportados incluem Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Índices e Stocks. ETFs e títulos não estão incluídos. Existem vários corretores de Forex com opções binárias para jogar. Basta estar alerta e jogar seguro e você deve estar bem. Em qualquer negociação on-line, há sempre um elemento de riscos, assim como investir em ações onde o balcão pode subir e descer como uma montanha-russa. Quando cair, compre. Quando ele sobe, venda. Mas é sempre mais fácil dizer do que fazer. Enfim, com a prática, um deve ser capaz de dominar a técnica de ganhar dinheiro com opções binárias e Forex e controlar suas emoções.

Há um algoritmo para os sinais e as previsões que dizem o que fazer em seguida que deve ser mais de de 70% exato. O site está bem desenvolvido, tem 99% de tempo de atividade e é robusto para constante verificação de seu investimento on-line. A era da internet fez tudo isso possível para verificar o contador direito do conforto de casa.

Trade12 Forex Broker Review

Trading Forex is not for the faint hearted. Everyday, the counter goes up and down and you need to be able to withstand the bear run and hold on for another bull run. I was browsing the internet today when I came across this site of Trade12 Forex Broker Review, where you can click on the link to find out more information.

If you would like to make money online without getting stuck in traffic jams, this is the site to visit with a 4.32 star review by users. You can also open an account online here and enter your details like personal information and credit card numbers and start trading on the foreign exchange. With the internet, making money online is made much easier and faster. For some online Forex Brokers, there is a discount if you trade online and cheaper than going to the physical counter where you have to get dressed and drive to the place.

For this site, the headquarters is in Marshall Islands and you can check the company overview and trading features. Minimum deposit is USD 250 and there is also a demo account for you to practise on before doing the actual trading. This is to play it safe and hopefully make money from your decisions.

There are several deposit options like Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union and Wire Transfer. And if you make money, there are also a wide repertoire of options for withdrawal like Cash-U, Credit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union and Wire Transfer.

Supported instruments include Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Indices and Stocks. ETFs and bonds are not included. There are several Forex brokers with Binary Options to play with. Just be alert and play safe and you should be ok. In any online trading, there is always an element of risks, just like investing in shares where the counter can go up and down like a roller coaster. When it goes down, buy. When it goes up, sell. But it is always easier said than done. Anyway, with practice, one should be able to master the technique of making money with Binary Options and Forex and control your emotions.

There is an algorithm for signals and forecasts telling you what to do next which should be more than 70% accurate. The site is well developed, has 99% uptime and is robust for constant checking of your investment online. The era of internet has made all these possible to check the counter right from the comfort of home.

Ian Leaf Britain

I was browsing through the websites this morning when I came upon an interesting site known as Ian Leaf Britain. You can go ahead and click on the link to find our more information and especially the take on living in Great Britain. I have attended my second sister’s wedding to a Caucasian in Southampton last year and she should graduate from her PhD programme by middle of next year. It had been 5 long years since she left Suchou, China to study in Britain.

Today is a public holiday and I plan to have plenty of rest to recover from my flu. Work can wait and making money is not as important as having a good health.

House for Rent in Sri Lanka

I have heard about nice natural beauty in Sri Lanka like the green rice fields, landscapes, etc. I have seen posts of some bloggers traveling to this amazing place to promote it for tourism. And if you happened to be in Sri Lanka, you can check out House for rent in Sri Lanka before hand to arrange your accommodation prior to flying there. Who knows, maybe in my retirement years, I might just visit this place for the experience and do some sight seeing.

One can never be too old to travel and if time permits with some extra finances, you can check out the link above for more information before making any further decision. Homestay business is now all the rage the world over. People get to choose their type of accommodation, number of room and locality with shopping amenities on the go via the internet.

csgo item hack

I was surfing the website when I came across csgo item hack. To find out more information and if curiosity kills the cat, then check out the link above. It is something new to me also and looks like part of an online game or something like counter strike global offensive. Playing online games can also earn you money by selling weapons as you overcome each challenge one after another.

Jasa Hipnoterapi

Ramai orang menganggap hipnosis adalah satu kondisi yang tidak sedar and fikiran dikendalikan. Tetapi sebenarnya, ia adalah satu kondisi yang kita sedar dan mengerti atau mengetahui semua procesnya. Kalau tidak sedar, bagaimana kita berkomunikasi dengan pelanggang?

Setelah hipnotepari selesai, kita akan mengetahui dan ingat apa yang terjadi selama proces hipnoterapi. Jikalau anda ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut lagi, sika klik di Jasa Hipnoterapi dan back matlumat selanjutnya.

Alamat dan nombor telefon ialah di bawah:
Nombor Telefon: +62 – 856 – 7158 640
Alamat: Kamp. Babakan Kemang, Palm Nomor 88.
RT 01/04 Cihideung Udit, Ciampea,
Bogor 16620, Indonesia

Homestay Melaka

Sebagai pelancong, saya selalu pergi ke merata rata tempat di Malaysia dan juga di luar negeri. Saya juga kerap pergi ke Kuala Lumpur setiap minggu untuk business. Saya pun telah pergi ke Melaka melalui kereta dan jika anda ingin melancong Melaka, sila semak atau check out Homestay Melaka, di hyperlink di post ini dan baca lebih matlumat untuk homestay di Melaka.

Tinggal beberapa hari di Homestay patutlah lebih murah berbanding dengan hotel yang lebih mahal. Lagipun, ada lebih freedom seperti boleh memasak makanan sendiri dan pergi jalan-jalan di tempat yang berdekatan. Homestay semakin lebih popular di kalangan pelancong yang ingin menjimatkan bajet mereka yang sedia ada.

Sila klik hyperlink di atas dan back lebih lanjut lagi jikalau anda ada di Melaka.

Let’s Invest in

I joined this company about 4 months ago and invested around $500 and I managed to withdraw $700, more than my initial principle invested. This company is based in the UK with the address below: office address:
Compass House, Vision Park,
Chivers Way, Histon Cambridge,
United Kingdom, CB24 9AD

If you like to know more, you can register with my link here >>

Alternatively, you can also click here >>

The site is well developed and looks legitimate to me.

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