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One Tip – Never Gamble

If there is one advice to give, it is to never gamble! Gambling will bring about poverty in due time when one is addicted to it! There is no end to gambling once a person is addicted. Take my late uncle for instance. He plays 4D and other what-nots by gambling and in the end he had to sell his house to settle his mounting debts. Finally he had to rent a small apartment to stay from a single-storey detached house with garden and rambutan tree with pomelo tree. Another instance was right in my house! My departed granny was a habitual gambler and apparently took jewelry from the house including my gold watch to pawn and get some cash just to gamble! You know the final results! She lost everything! Whatever is of value will go missing in the house. Hence, learn from other people’s lessons of losing hard-earned money by gambling to lose it all instantly.

Tyler Perry – How I became a Millionaire Success Story

The website above is no longer around, but the tips are nuggets of gold. Success doesn’t come on a platter of Gold, it takes a conscious effort to succeed. You have to wake up early and work at it, while others are snoring away. Check out Tyler Perry’s success story from the infographic above. One of the tips is to start a business and duplicate it worldwide. For instance, good examples are Subway and McDonald’s franchises that are doing extremely well around the world. Diners patronise these outlets and food branches while enjoying the ambience and surroundings.

Also, stop wasting time on TV, Games, entertainment, Karoake, etc. Poor people have large TV, while rich people have large library. So, what you do with your time, makes a lot of difference to your bank account.

Save 40% of what you make and invest it for higher returns compared to low Fixed Deposits at the highest rate of 4.38 currently. You can make more returns by investing in shares if you have the basic knowledge and check the online counter frequently. To invest in shares, you also need to have holding power and not be too emotional.

Also, stop buying things that have no value like cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. But you certainly need food to survive where I digress from the tip above. Eat organic, vegetables and fruits more often. Education is important. So be a voracious reader!

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The infographic is detailed and highlights the tips by the famous author, Napoleon Hill in his Book “Think and Grow Rich”. First of all, you need to have a burning desire to reach your goals and succeed. Secondly, you need to possess faith in God and have confidence in yourself. Patience is a virtue. Be patient in your learning process and don’t get panicky (I was guilty of this once before). Afterall, Rome was not built in a day!

You also need to specialize in some areas like medicine, accounting, IT, etc. The sky is the limit. Invest in a course that you find comfortable for learning and completing it and perhaps take a test at the end. Knowledge is power and this will propel you to higher income. Plan and be persistent and take massive action. Dream without massive action leads to nothing being done and you get to envy others who wake up early to work and are very successful.

Find a mentor who can teach you the ropes of the trade and form a mastermind group to learn from others who are smarter than you. Bosses should not fear employing staff who are smarter than they are so that he or she can bring the company to greater heights of success while helming it.

31 Days of Productivity

31 Days of Productivity

The above infographic showcases 31 days of productivity. Here are some of them that I shall pick up at random. Drink water as soon as you wake up. It is recommended to drink 2 glasses each morning before breakfast due to the 8 hours of fast or sleep. Organise your workspace and declutter unnecessary stuffs. Meditate for 10 minutes to recharge your inner being and rejuvenate your soul from the hustle and bustle of working life. Choose one task and automate it or delegate it. Let someone better do the troubleshooting if that is your weakness and spend productive time doing something else that you are good at and earns you more money.

Don’t spend too much time doing mundane things that appear to be your weakness and instead, concentrate on doing something which is your strong point. Eat a healthy meal such as fruits and vegetables, minus the carbohydrates if possible. And don’t forget to hug someone who loves you; could be your pet! 🙂

Reward yourself for your biggest accomplishment of the month. And whatever money you made, try to spend less than you earn for a golden retirement in years to come. Hopefully it is not woeful one like a real case in point: an accountant was afflicted with diabetes and could no longer work; finally without constant income, he had to sell off his house and live in the streets, becoming homeless with no family or friends to visit him. Such is a destitute case despite being a professional in his younger years! This is one extreme case, but we always hope and pray for the best and be generous to others so that wealth will come to you. What you fear in your heart may become a reality. So always focus on positive thoughts despite all the negative news and events happening worldwide.

16 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done

16 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done

The above is a detailed and long infographic specially designed to show case the 16 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done. As it is self-explanatory, I shall not go into detail other than the summary. It is pertinent to me too and teaches one not to be a perfectionist but to be excellent in whatever endeavour your pursue. Also plan for tomorrow by tonight or jot down roughly what you want to do and spend the time productively; you can also plan it in your head, instead of jotting down if you can remember.

As for me, I am too lazy to jot down, so I always plan ahead and try to maximise the time that I have NOW. It is also good to give back to society to invest in life after death. Do some charitable work or pray and spend some quiet time alone with God to recharge and let the Holy Spirit be your beacon of light to guide you through this treacherous path called ‘life’

Get the right tools and use technology to help you out. The internet is your world of oyster where all informationn can be found. Just know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, enjoy the moment and don’t sleep too much; otherwise you will come to poverty. Anyone who loves to eat, enjoy life and sleep without working or lifting a finger will surely come to poverty and become hungry.

While working, enjoy your life and sometimes pamper yourself now and then like eating delicacies or going for spas and massages to help rejuvenate and destress to chase the blues away. Live life to the fullest and work hard and smart. Whether you are in business or working for others as an employee, remember to save more than you spend to save up for your retirement so that it is golden and not woeful.

Survival of the Small Businesses

Small businesses don’t have the financial clout as compared to multi-national corporations or the big factories. It is all the more pertinent that they get constant jobs in order to survive and prosper in this red ocean world where competition is stiff. Therefore, it is recommended that they get a well known web designing company to set up the website for them that is indexed by Google search engine for prospects. You cannot just ignore this particular area of your advertisement and marketing which is the lifeblood of your business.

Therefore small businesses need to plan and navigate their goals, mission statement and company policies to their staff clearly right from the start of employment so that the employees become an asset instead of a liability such as working the least hours, coming late, doing very little and getting paid at the end of the month with hardly any productive results.

Well indexed websites will be searchable by key words typed in by potential clients looking for a particular service or product. The internet can be a very powerful tool in this area. Done right and you will prosper; done incorrectly and you have not clients nor sales. Nobody knows about your business or your existence.



Follow the Habits of the Ant

The ant is small in size but is a very diligent creature. It will continue to work and work and store up food for winter. Unlike the grasshopper which sings and play all summer, it will definitely go hungry when winter comes. From the book of Proverbs, we have been exhorted to be like the ant, working and storing up for rainy days. When it applies to humans, this means working and saving up for our retirement and old age. During our golden years, hopefully and not woeful years, we should be working and taking every opportunity to save up as much as we can for our twilight years in time to come.

Nobody can escape the cause and effects of aging when  our bones become brittle, sickness sets in and lost of strength of youth. It is inevitable and everybody will go through this process of growing old and aging. Hence, in our productive  years, we should be working hard and saving as much as we can while we are healthy and mobile;. With a mind that is still alert, we should fully utilize it functions for a more prosperous and happy life, with more than enough to tide us through a lifetime.

For those with children, you might like to leave some money for your kids, so that they will not have to beg in the streets like vagabonds. They will be well provided for and will not go hungry. God will take care of His children so that they will not go hungry and do not have to beg in the streets. Just like the birds in the air and the flowers of the ground, they are clothed and fed by the Almighty God. This is the nature of living things.

The book of Proverbs tells us to work hard with our hands so that we do not go hungry when winter comes. We ought to be diligent and not be slothful. Just follow God’s wisdom and we will never go wrong. God’s kind of success is real, lasting success. Not intermittent success or temporary success.


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