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Complimentary Ticket To Meet Marry Buffett LIVE!

Come 1st April 2017, for the first time ever, you’ll get to meet 3 investing legends, Ms Mary Buffett, Mr Ken Chee and Mr Sean Seah, up close in person at the inaugural Investopia 2017 at Wisma MCA. By the way, Mary Buffet is the daughter-in-law of Warren Buffet, the richest investor and is highly sought after for his ideas.

Even rarer, is the chance to meet THREE of such titans in the world of investing, at the same time, at the same place, under one roof, right here in Malaysia. And it’s indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity where you can do this … for FREE at Wisma MCA on 1st April from 9:00am – 6:00pm.

A bit about the speakers:

Ken Chee is a highly successful entrepreneur who started his company with ZERO capital and turned it into a 9-figure business based upon the principals of value investing.

Sean Seah is a highly sought after financial writer who has appeared in front of international audiences around the world.

And of course, there’s Mary Buffett, best-selling author, international speaker who is flying all the way down from California, USA, to meet with each and every one of you LIVE in person.

Here’s a sneak peak at what will be covered in this FULL-DAY information packed event:

How can you invest even with a little capital?
Should you invest in companies in Malaysia?
What kind of companies can you invest in Asia?
What about the US market? Is the economy going up or down?
How can you protect investments and still profit no matter what?
And much more!

When you learn directly from these masters, you can’t help but leave the conference a wiser, more confident investor.

Here are the details of the event –

DATE: 1st April 2017
TIME: 9am – 6pm

If you miss this event, you will never get to learn directly from the 3 investment experts under one roof ever again.

So go ahead and register for your free seat today! Enquiries please call us at 03-2201 8089 or email to

I have already registered and shall be attending this whole day event at Wisma MCA. At the same time, I have also booked to stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KLCC from 1st April to 2nd April using corporate rate for RM 780+ total including 10% service charge and 6% GST. Mandarin Oriental Hotel is just 5 minutes walk away to Wisma MCA.

Blessed to Work at Home

Working at Home

I never take my job for granted and am appreciative for the blessings to work in a home office – a dream job for many with average income from a few sources such as my fixed deposits, rental income and commissions from projects secured via my company website I also write articles now and then for some allowance, sell stamps and used printer ink cartridges. My boss is my spouse at the moment and 19 years my senior. We may be partners in business, but he is still the commander-in-chief.

As long as I complete the company work like preparing invoices, Purchase Receive for GST input tax, etc, he is ok. But if I pay too much attention on my own work, he can go ballistic. This is also probably because he had set up 7 different companies in the past including a hardware shop in Johor which never really took off. As a result, he had to downgrade from a double storey semi-detached house to a small single storey terrace house due to financial difficulties. Now we make enough money to pay back his various debts, including income tax which he was not supposed to pay but due to wrong move, he is now liable for payments every 2 months. It has reduced to about RM 10k now from RM 35k in the past. He is also paying back his second sister. I find it strange that all the while she never asked for her money back for more than 10 years and it appears to have been given to him. But since he is making some cash and more prosperous than before coming to Penang, it is payback time to the debtors.

Through God’s grace, we met online, he became my website customer and now business partner staying together in a condo in Penang Times Square. We get a few enquiries almost every day from our company website that I built and based on search, clients find us through Google. I am thankful for the knowledge and skill to build a fully functional website that pulls in customers and brings in projects for our Bangladeshi workers so that all of us can put food on the table for our respective families. At the moment dad asked for RM 1,050 or 233.33 USD a month as contribution to the household expenses from me, with RM 250 going to the Catholic church construction and the rest for his expenditure.

I am happy to be able to contribute this much and it is pay back time to him who taught us this: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; Teach a man How to fish and you feed him a lifetime!

Now in KL

I am now in KL for work and to meet up with clients. Yesterday, went to 3 places with the help of GPS with the first one to collect a cheque and I promptly banked in thereafter. Then went to a condo and another place of an existing client. The day was done and completed with a visit to Sunway Pyramid Mall where we had dinner at the ground floor food court in Sunway Pyramid hotel. Window shopped around at Marks & Spencer and did not find anything interesting to purchase, so I saved money in the end. Before that I aslo went to an open air shopping mall on the way to Subang Airport, located midway though. Had hot tea at Mac Donalds and read newspapers.

Follow the Habits of the Ant

The ant is small in size but is a very diligent creature. It will continue to work and work and store up food for winter. Unlike the grasshopper which sings and play all summer, it will definitely go hungry when winter comes. From the book of Proverbs, we have been exhorted to be like the ant, working and storing up for rainy days. When it applies to humans, this means working and saving up for our retirement and old age. During our golden years, hopefully and not woeful years, we should be working and taking every opportunity to save up as much as we can for our twilight years in time to come.

Nobody can escape the cause and effects of aging when  our bones become brittle, sickness sets in and lost of strength of youth. It is inevitable and everybody will go through this process of growing old and aging. Hence, in our productive  years, we should be working hard and saving as much as we can while we are healthy and mobile;. With a mind that is still alert, we should fully utilize it functions for a more prosperous and happy life, with more than enough to tide us through a lifetime.

For those with children, you might like to leave some money for your kids, so that they will not have to beg in the streets like vagabonds. They will be well provided for and will not go hungry. God will take care of His children so that they will not go hungry and do not have to beg in the streets. Just like the birds in the air and the flowers of the ground, they are clothed and fed by the Almighty God. This is the nature of living things.

The book of Proverbs tells us to work hard with our hands so that we do not go hungry when winter comes. We ought to be diligent and not be slothful. Just follow God’s wisdom and we will never go wrong. God’s kind of success is real, lasting success. Not intermittent success or temporary success.


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