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Going on a Cruise with mum

This will be a short post. There will not be any updates for the next 4 days or so as I shall be going on a cruise in a while’s time. The duration is 4 days and 3 nights from Penang to Port Klang, Phuket and then back to Penang on Superstar Libra. In the meantime, hope you enjoy reading my previous blog posts, some with golden nuggets of success and work life balance. Just wish me good luck and journey mercies on board the cruise ship and ground tour in Phuket.

Got an iPhone X 256GB

I got myself a new iPhone X with high memory storage of 256GB for photos and videos to upload on social media. It costs a whopping RM 5,899 without warranty charge of additional 800. I paid in a lump sum as the feature to pay by installments were not available at that time using the POS. It was my initial plan to buy a cheaper iPhone 8 of 256GB with gold colour, but all the 256GB versions were sold out at the Genting outlet on the 3rd or 4th floor.

I also stayed one night free at First World Hotel Genting Resorts as a complimentary gift for being a Genting member and frequent room check-ins. Gambling is a Big No-No in my family and we were there to enjoy the cool mountain air while absorbing in the sights and sounds of nature and man-made attractions. Below is an Instagram video of the trip on the way up there:

See Video and Like it.

In the meantime, I also take surveys like Toluna where you can join my link here >> Join Toluna Surveys. I had already exchanged the points for vouchers like AEON from other surveys and Toluna is a new kid on the block.

I also dined at Ah Yat Abalone Kitchen Restaurant with my spouse and it was sumptuous. More photos here >> Awesome photos

There’s sauteed scallops with green kale and roasted macadamia nuts with sesame seeds and carrots, mini buddha jump over the wall, fried rice with seafood and sauteed fish slices with ginger and spring onions.

Came Back from KL

I came back from Kuala Lumpur last night and slept through early due to the long journey. It was a short trip to collect a cheque and thereafter had a short honeymoon in Mandarin Oriental Hotel where I was given a bouquet of orchids of violet, orange and white hues. We presented our voucher for a free box of 10 chocolate pralines in various designs and bursts of flavors. I also receive pink heart shaped chocolates in caramel and drizzled with red spots as eye candy. At the hotel, we also received 2 complimentary bottles of orange and apple with lemongrass flavored sparkling water.

As it was Dad’s and spouse’s birthdays this month of April, I used the 50% voucher for a strawberry, blueberry and blackberry topped cheese cake at $84 after discount. The cake was lovely and heavenly to taste. Pure ambrosia! Apparently Mandarin Oriental, despite its Chinese name, serves kosher or ‘halal’ Malay cuisine. It was 51% owned by Petronas, the corporate government arm of Malaysia. Thank goodness, we arrived safely and will celebrate dad’s early birthday in a beach hotel later.

Came Back from KL

I came back from KL last night and had dinner at Chick King, an eatery with several branches all over Malaysia. I took several mouthfuls of fish fillet burger and some potato chips with ice Milo for dinner. Earlier, we stopped over at Tapah where I got some fruits and dined at Baskin Robbins with a scoop of mint chocolate topped with 3 spoonfuls of dipping hard chocolate and garnished with chopped walnuts.

My colleague visit the client, an architect, and apparently he wants some clarification on our products. Today, I have 2 major quotations to prepare and email out. Next week, I shall be in Kuala Lumpur again, most probably by car. Tomorrow will help sis fetch dad to GH for his angiogram. That’s why we cut short the trip.

Just Came Back from Down South

I just came back from KL by Firefly which is a small propeller plane for domestic flights. We were given a choice of curry puffs or peanuts and drinks like soya, sky juice or orange juice. Arrived there early in the morning to meet clients and for interview. Bought Business Today magazine and Focus as well. Had lunch at Fish and Co and dinner at Subway Sandwich. Feeling a little tired now but need to update this blog and perhaps if I am in the mood, look into my Shopify store. I messed up the categories as I was trying to remove the double menu and in my haste this morning, I make more mistakes. Later have to figure out how to solve this problem as I just changed to a new paid theme. The free Debut theme was easier and more user-friendly.

Ian Leaf United Kingdom

After dinner at Gurney Plaza, I came back home to surf the internet and came across this site >> Ian Leaf United Kingdom, where you can click on the link to find out more information. I was in United Kingdom twice before, once during my Euopean trip in 2013 and another during my sister’s wedding in 2015 in Southampton where she will be getting her PhD soon in English Literature.

This year, hopefully her hubby will pass and both of them will graduate during summer convocation where our family will fly down to attend the ceremony. United Kingdom is cold during winter and it is like walking in an air-con room outside.

If the strong wind blows, it will be even more chilly, but a different culture compared to Malaysia. A lot of Malaysians graduated from the UK where it is more prestigious than local universities, where you get to experiece a taste of foreign culture.

Dawn of a New Year – 2018

2017 is coming to an end by the stroke of midnight tonight. It will be the dawn of a new year in 2018 with the zodiac sign of the Dog. Goodbye cockeral. It is my zodiac sign and I shall be 48 soon. I hope 2018 will bring better and more opportunities for me like social life, travels, and work. I just came back from New Zealand having been to Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin. Also went to see the Hobbit holes and a man-made erected tree at New Zealand where the movie, ‘Lord of the Rings’ was shot.

I saw glow worms in dark caves with stalagtites and stalagmites sitting on a boat. Bought many fridge magnets for souvenirs, 3 pieces of alpaca fur and gifting one to my parents with free chocolates from Cadbury factory that will soon close down and the sky tower.

I still haven’t fully unpacked yet and need to claim insurance for crushed Santa Barbara luggage bag upon arrival in Singapore and it was plastic wrapped to Christchurch. Thank goodness, all my things were intact. I had to pay additional NZ170 for a bigger luggage to contain all my things at the airport.

Anyway, Happy New Year 2018 to everyone!

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