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Ian Leaf Switzerland

I have been to Switzerland way back in 2013 during a group tour with my sisters. I have also written 10 articles on Switzerland for a travel website of more than 1,000 words each article. I recalled going up Mt Pilatus, the snow capped mountain via a cable car and the view was breathtaking. It was spectacular to see the snow and pine trees growing along the Alps and I came prepared in my winter jacket and clothings.

Well, this is a once in a life time opportunity and I shall treasure the awesome experience, which is unrivalled. My sisters too love the experience. It had always been my dream to visit Europe one day, and after years of delay, I finally make it come true! This is something more valuable than money.

Ian Leaf Switzerland

Ian Leaf Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country. I remember visiting this amazing country 5 years ago in 2012. The snowcapped mountains in Mount Pilatus was awesone and breathtaking. We went up there via a cable car with a helicopter view of the Alps and pine trees right to the pit stop at the top where you can rest and relax for a drink or two and buy souvenirs home such as fridge magnets, my favourite. It is also one of the top ten richest country in the world by per capita GDP of USD 41,950.00 at number 9 position, according to Forbes report last year 2016.

My trip here was a memorable one and Switzerland was one of the 10 European countries covered during a group tour with my sisters. I have also written 10 articles on Switzerland and its culture, museums, etc for a hotel booking website. Each article is about at least 1,000 words to educate and are curated from the internet.

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