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  1. Ariful Islam says:

    Switzerland is a state in Western Central Europe. It is a landlocked country. It was originally known as The Swiss Confederation. Holy Roman Empire colonized the country. It got its independence in 1499. Switzerland was not involved either in world war one or two. The European has respected its independence and neutrality. Switzerland consists of 26 cantons or administrative subdivisions. Bern is the administrative capital. The country in the southern part borders with Italy. It borders with France to the west. Switzerland borders with Germany on the northern part while it borders Liechtenstein and Austria in the east. Switzerland has never formed an alliance with any state for war. It defends itself from any invasions from any country. The state has involved itself in campaigning for peace around the world. Switzerland became a member of the United Nations (UN) in 2002. The country has been part of the UN and international organizations since then. The role played by Switzerland in the UN has strengthened its relations with the neighboring country. It has maintained its commitment to neutrality and still it is active in international organizations and UN.

    Ian Leaf Switzerland
    Switzerland is relatively densely populated according to Ian Leaf. The nationwide census of 2016 indicated that more than eight million people are living in Switzerland. The population has increased compared to the previous year. The number of birth is reported to be high and also the external migration has increased. Foreigners were estimated to be over 23% of the Swiss population. The largest group being Italians followed by the Germans and Portugal and French. Immigrants from Sri Lanka were the largest group from Asia. The country is mixed with different people speaking different languages. The language includes German and French and Italian as well as the Romansh language. The Swiss constitution has designated all these languages as the national language.

    Swiss have stunning scenery that makes Switzerland a unique State. As Ian Leaf quotes “You can’t tax me.” A person visiting the beautiful sites in Switzerland will tour and love the scenery without paying extra money. Ian Leaf’s theory suggest that you see before you pay. The Alps Mountains in the south and the Jura mountains in the north is a great site to visit. The Alps Mountain has an incredibly high snow peaks. The Matterhorn Mountain is the highest mountain in the Alps. It borders Italy. Its icon pointed peak rises to 4478 meters. It has four steep faces that lie in a compass point direction. Climbers and swimmers and also hikers and skiers visit the place regularly. The Top of Europe is an attractive site in Swiss. The site is the longest glacier in Europe. The tallest railway station in Europe is situated approximately three thousand meters above sea level. Tourist can access Alpine and snow and also rock from the glacier. They can enjoy the magnificent view of the Aletsch Glacier.

  2. irajh ali says:


    Want post on her
    accept post ?
    what is cheap post price?
    if you write article then post price?

    waiting your pleasure reply

    Best regard

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