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Flowers Time


Here is a myriad of flowers with splashes of colours, like an artist’s palette of colours, neatly arranged in anticipation of the queen and also for the opening of M Mall, placed near the entrance and beside the spa that is about to open on the ground floor. The bouquets do not look cheap and they consist of a repertoire of various flowers with different colours and types all set up together on a stand.


Above is another photo for your eye candy. It certainly is refreshing to see God’s natural creations put together for an important function such as this. I love flowers and will never fail to take loads of photos of them in different shots. Hence I quickly snap up these photos before the flowers dry up, wither and look brownish.


And while you are here, enjoy the snapshots that I have taken using my iPhone 6 which has a very good camera function. One can just easily share the pictures via email and save into your computer for further editing like adding my trademark blog name, resizing, etc.

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