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Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey in 2016


Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve and I have tar pau my dinner already. My mum and youngest sis are in Singapore, dad and I in Penang and second sis and hubby in UK still pursuing for their PhDs with 1.5 years to go should there be no more delays. Well, I have lots of reading materials stocked up and the computer to keep me occupied this CNY. Normally we would have gone to Hatyai as a family of 4, but this year we were split. The year of the fire monkey has arrived and gone is the year of the Ram, my youngest sister’s zodiac sign. I am happy staying in my apartment instead of moving in with dad for a few days. There are a lot of events going on in M-Mall downstairs and finding food is not a problem. Dad has my replacement meal to take instead of driving out to buy food. The replacement meal is not cheap either; it cost me $14 per packet which is to be mixed with water, stirred and drunk. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year and hopefully things don’t look so bleak as printed in the press.

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