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MBI : Management Buy-In

MBI Tedy Teoh

MBI is now a well known acronym in Penang, partly due to the success of M-Mall in Penang Times Square. When I took a Grab car taxi, all the drivers have heard of MBI. The other day, dad asked what MBI stands for and I could not answer. So I google that up and out came this : Management Buy-In of big companies by rich investors like Teddy Teoh of M Mall. Yesterday, the new supermarket which is higher end compared to Sam’s Groceria at Straits Quay was opened at Times Square, formerly occupied by Sunshine Supermarket which left and 4th floor was left vacant for a very long time.

It has 4 restaurants including a sushi counter bar, juice and mushroom soup restaurant, rest areas and many seats with more than 30 Chinese edition newspapers for the tourists from China to rest and relax. They sell high-end products that you consume daily like Nestle Omega-3 powder milk that I take every morning. A packet cost around $42 which is much cheaper than a tin of Ensure for $70. Moreover, it has ingredients that helps to prevent heart disease which was its selling point compared to other brands of milk powder.

It also sells Japanese seaweeds of different flavours, canned drinks, tit-bits, fruits such as bananas in a blue Austin Mini made famous by Mr Bean, other types of fruits and vegetables and sofas like those of Starbucks serving only coffee and breads. There’s also Kit-Kat by Nestle, my favourite snack in beween meals.

Now I am going to take a short break, bathe and go donwstairs to 4th Floor Galleria which is the new high end supermarket. I shall take fruits for dinner to lose more weight. I am not on austerity drive but need to maintain a healthier BMI in order to continue working for a long time to come.

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