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Toured Europe

I came back from Europe last week on 5th January 2014, having spent Christmas in Rome, Italy and New Year in Southampton University, United Kingdom. The 12 days, 11 nights tour of Europe covered 10 countries, namely UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Rome, Italy, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco, France and Austria. Monaco is a small principality by itself, hence considered a small country governed by a prince. Rome is headed by the Pope where I witnessed the general public square blessing by the Pope who appeared on a very far away window in a building. This is to prevent possible assassination.

Well, having spent Christmas during winter in UK where the sunset begins around 3:00pm and it is already dark by 4:00pm! This is an experience where I paid a bomb to see for myself. The flight from KLIA to Heathrow Airport took about 13 hours by Malaysian Airlines where the cabin is all dark since we were instructed to close all windows.

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