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YouGov is a survey program that I have already earned some cash after reaching the targeted points. Below is their email message to me with my own referral link as given. I have earned Paypal cash in the past and they pay well to the range of USD 25 upon getting the targetted points which is easy to achieve and takes a shorter time. Surveyon is more stingy – you only get USD 2 for 20,000 points that takes months to hit the target.

But to me, something is still better than nothing at all. And we should all make hay while the sun shines. Just like the little ant storing up food for winter as opposed to the grasshopper singing all day long and go hungry when winter comes. This is just an analogy but it certainly rings a bell when it comes to 2 different personalities and different work attitudes – one group prefers to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy without a thought for saving up for their retirement in time to come. The second group is more conscientious; they toil night and day to save up for their retirement so that it will be golden instead of woeful and not having to beg in the streets like a homeless vagrant.

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In a nutshell, all you need to do is send or share your personalised referral link below – when they click on it to join on or before 03-04-2016, and answer 6 surveys, you get 400 points as a “thank you”!

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