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Going to Europe Tonight

Tonight, the plane will depart to KLIA from Penang at 9:45pm before the long haul direct flight to Heathrow Airport in London, arriving tomorrow morning. I will spend about 11 hours on board the flight and spend Christmas during winter in Vatican City, Rome, Italy. I have sponsored my 2 younger sisters for this long-awaited trip to Europe since 2007. I shall be visiting 7 countries – United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France.

Just pray that my big luggage with food and clothing will arrive safely and not pilfered at the airport by coveting staff. Also pray that I will eventually return to Penang safely with all my items intact. This trip easily costs me $20k for the 3 of us, not including extra expenses for food and tips, souvenirs, etc.

Using Work Uniform in Workplace

I used to wear school uniforms during my primary and secondary school days including junior college in Singapore. Since starting work, I just wear the formal office attire of pastel colours so as not to stand out and to merge with the crowd of colleagues. In the meantime, you can check out work uniform factory or work uniform factory in Cikarang where you can read up for more information on work uniforms, especially for technicians or USA companies requires all employees to wear the same uniform for identity.

At the moment, I am pretty busy pasting labels for the 100 calendars to be posted out all over Malaysia to keep in touch with our clients.

Came back from Genting Highlands

I was in Genting Highlands last week on Friday and stayed at First World Hotel. Also saw Fantastica 2 show with a humorous ballet performance after set dinner of abalone, shark’s fin soup, etc at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant on the first floor. Had a good time enjoying the fresh mountain air and I specially requested for mountain view. We stayed on the 27th floor of Tower 2. So far, I have been to Genting Highlands 21 times and stayed at all the 5 hotels there including Awana Genting on the lower side of the mountain slopes. Now it is time to prepare to send out 100 calendars to our clients and potential clients.