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Sunset by 4:00pm

It was the first time I experienced winter in United Kingdom, in London where the sun sets at 3:00 pm and it is already dark by 4:00 pm. Such is the weather in London and elsewhere in Europe during winter. It was cosy walking along the streets where you can experience air-con comfort and coolness out in the streets. Well, my trip to Europe was enlightening and an experience for me. Both my younger sisters have studied in UK and experience the culture, weather and food over there. I went there as a tourist and really paid through my nose for the expensive trip for 19 days.

Going to Hatyai

After my recent trip to Europe, I shall be going to Hatyai by bus during Chinese New Year with mum and youngest sis. We shall be staying for 3 days and 2 nights, departing at 5:30am in the morning when the chartered van comes to pick us up from our house. I plan to get some cosmetics and maybe some bras. As usual, we don’t miss our foot massage at a place near the hotel. I hope and pray that Hatyai will be safe from the chaos in Bangkok to overthrow the government of Ying Luck. Chinese New Year is a time I stay with my family at their house since my spouse will be away for a couple of days. I just hope he gets back soon and continue the normal routine as always.

Toured Europe

I came back from Europe last week on 5th January 2014, having spent Christmas in Rome, Italy and New Year in Southampton University, United Kingdom. The 12 days, 11 nights tour of Europe covered 10 countries, namely UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Rome, Italy, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco, France and Austria. Monaco is a small principality by itself, hence considered a small country governed by a prince. Rome is headed by the Pope where I witnessed the general public square blessing by the Pope who appeared on a very far away window in a building. This is to prevent possible assassination.

Well, having spent Christmas during winter in UK where the sunset begins around 3:00pm and it is already dark by 4:00pm! This is an experience where I paid a bomb to see for myself. The flight from KLIA to Heathrow Airport took about 13 hours by Malaysian Airlines where the cabin is all dark since we were instructed to close all windows.