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Just Came Back from KL

I just came back from KL last night, having reached home around 2:00am in the morning. We started out at 9:00pm right after a late dinner due to work and printing of enquiries in the Subang apartment. Had a busy time in KL, traveling to 4 different places using our GPS installed in our smartphones to look for directions. We attended 2 interviews and hopefully, will get the projects in due time. I bought 2 bars of Cadbury chocolates and promptly put them in my hand bag for emergencies like lots of work and site visit and to kill off the hunger pangs during lunch hour. My colleague is just too committed to his work that lunch takes secondary place. He can afford to skip lunch to work, but not me.

Lots of Work

Today I have lots of work and they must be completed within a certain time. I also have to go for my physiotherapy due today at the Adventist Hospital. Money is not easy to earn and comfort is the greatest killer of success. When you are used to comfort, it is not easy for you to dirty your hand and get down to doing real work. I also have been sleeping more now in my comfort zone, but it is my colleague who is a workaholic that gets things done, since helming the company some 11 years back. Yes, that’s how long I have been working in the same company since early 2003.

Ds Domination Review

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Now in KL

I am now in KL, having arrived around 12:00 midnight last night by car, traveling from Penang after dinner. We stopped for a break in Bukit Gantang and Ulu Bernam for nature’s call. There will be a meeting tomorrow with a big developer and also a school. I also hope to view the Main Place condo in consideration of renting it out if the amenities are good. The present place needs lots of upkeep and repair which is not worth our time since we come here once a week for a couple of days on average. Just pray and hope that my colleague will have some wisdom in managing the finances with positive net worth and not negative or zero!

Shuttle Paris Airports


I have been to Paris and seen the Eiffel Tower with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in France during my Europe Tour last year in December. I traveled by coach the entire trip except for the plane trip from Malaysia to London’s Heathrow Airport. In the meantime, you can check out Shuttle Paris Airports

My trip to Europe was good and relatively easy. Everything was planned by the tour company in UK and hotels arranged in advance. Above is a snapshot of my photo taken in Mount Pilatus in Switzerland sometime late last year during Christmas.

Hazy Kuala Lumpur

I came back from KL last night and it was very hazy. The haze level was above 100 and this is considered unhealthy due to open burning in several spots. 31 schools were closed in the Klang Valley area yesterday. Well, I just stayed overnight there, collected a cheque and then headed back home to Penang as soon as possible. I also bought a cheap mask for $1.50 each and wore it on the way back to Penang from KL to Tapah. Farmers are openly defying the authorities by burning the forests in Cameron Highlands for future farming and this contributes to more pollution and haze. As of now, I shall just stay indoors, read the news and check out on what’s happening to MH 370 which mysteriously disappeared without any distress signals.

Opportunities to Make Money Online

I am pleased that there are several opportunities to make money online, albeit a little low. The tasks come now and then and you have to work hard. There is no free lunch on this planet earth, unless you are married to a millionaire! Or born with a silver spoon in your mouth, of which most of us are Not! Hence, with education and some hard work, we can make it by acquiring relevant knowledge and skills to arm ourselves with more opportunities online like writing gigs, blogging, image editing and more. We also have to keep our blogs fresh with new content to leverage on earning an income and make the internet our cash cow.