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Mother’s Day

This coming May 11 is Mother’s Day. My youngest sister plans to treat us all ala carte steamboat at Penang Times Square on Labour Day which falls on 1st May every year. Incidentally, she has also bought a new car, a Nissan Almera 1.5 Auto which costs $76,000 with company loan of $60k interests free. This would be her third car and she plans to sell of the Proton Saga with a value of $4k.

She is blessed with a steady and secure job in Plexus, an American company.

Celebrated Dad’s Birthday

Today, we celebrated my dad’s birthday at Cititel Hotel along Penang Road in advance since my youngest sister works and comes back from office around 9:30pm or even 10:30pm almost every day in her new job. She has to turn around a project worth 2 million dollars that was delayed for 6 months! Her team seems to have the lackadaisical attitude which explains the long delay while my youngest sister has to prove herself in the new job. She is a tough girl and her no-nonsense character makes her a valuable asset in the company. My dad is 77 years of age come this Tuesday on 29th April 2014. He is still relatively healthy except for some illness like peri-neuropathy and heart disease with eczema of the skin as he ages.

Just Came Back from Butterworth

I went for physiotherapy this afternoon at 12 noon at First Adventist Hospital for 1 hour and then had lunch there. Then came back for some work before headed to Butterworth for a meeting with a bumiputera developer and contractor. The office is quite nice, with laser jet printer in colour. There are 2 directors there who helm the company and they have just come back from attending an exhibition in Canton, China. Now Malay contractors are smart; they are willing to do business in China which is no longer viewed as poor unlike decades ago. After negotiating for some discount, I think we have a good chance to do business here.

Rest in Peace, Karpal Singh

Rest in Peace, Karpal Singh

Rest in Peace, Karpal

I was shocked to learn of Karpal Singh’s untimely death yesterday morning in a road accident along the North South Highway. Apparently the accident happened in the wee hours of the morning at 1:00am as he was coming back along with a group to attend a court case in Penang. Now, all that is gone. I don’t know if his lawyer son will take over his lawyer office in KL.

Karpal has contributed a lot to the nation, speaking up and defending the people, while fighting against corrupt leaders. The Tiger of Jelutong, will finally rest in peace and may eternal light shine upon his soul. His father also passed away in India in an accident and I hope his sons will be spared from this generational mishap.

I hope is family and wife will be strong during this difficult period and continue in the fight against injustice.

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I Love My Job

For most people, a JOB is “Just Over Broke”. Yes, the company pays you just enough so that you don’t leave for greener pastures and make you work the most. Almost all companies pay you the least and make you slough hard for their salary. Currently I love what I am doing, mostly admin work with some website updates and Excel formula to add for automatic calculations of commissions and expenses. It is a win-win opportunity for both parties and I get to work in a home office, right in the comfort of home. Hence, I can take power naps in between work and rest when I am tired.

Cards Against Humanity

When I was small, I used to play card games with my sisters and mum. It was fun, challenging one another to see who the next winner will be. My mum loves playing with us and we had such a whale of a time then, no worries about money or how to put food on the table for our families.

Another new game had just been invented; check out Cards Against Humanity by clicking on the link given to find out more information. I promise you will have loads of fun, while killing time and learn new tricks simultaneously. Those were the carefree times of childhood. Sometimes I wish I was small again to enjoy life without a care about working for cash.