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Down with Flu

Just 2 nights ago, I vomited 8-9 times the entire night and my partner could not sleep due to the constant coughing. I went to 1 Malaysia Clinic in Penang Times Square to get medication for the vomiting and flu. The para-medic gave gargle solution, cough mixture, pills to stop vomiting and for fever. I am better now, but still need plenty of rest. Not sure if I can attend church this weekend and I have paid and sign up for a new program to make money online. The free ebook itself is already over 300 pages but the actual way to make money will use software to automate tasks and cost thousands of dollars.

Trying to Reduce Weight

I am trying to reduce my weight now for a better BMI. For a start, I have skipped lunch since 5 days ago, taking only small portions of fruits and water and exercising on the cross trainer in my condo unit. I am too lazy to get dressed and wear sports shoes to hit the gym downstairs in my condo, hence, prefer to exercise in private while watching telly preferably on a daily basis. For incentive, I get $5 for each meal I skipped from my spouse and $5 from dad for each KG that I shed. Currently I am 82 kg and hope to be the biggest loser as in the tv show showcasing the process of losing weight by all participants.

Touch n Go Card

I got back from KL just 2 days ago and arrived after dinner at night. Then I went to my house to collect some letters before heading to my apartment to call it a day. I got a new Zing touch n go card from CIMB that is linked to my credit card. However, there were problems using it as it is not activated yet. For a start, you cannot activate it at the SMART tag lane and need to tap the card at the touch n go paying counter. When you exit, then only the money will be automatically deducted from my credit card. However, my colleague used his touch n go card instead without asking for some details first.

Never Threaten the Boss

One of our Bangladeshi workers will be sacked for the greedy intention to threaten my boss to leave by the end of the month if his salary is not increased. He had the guts to say that my boss does not deserve to become a boss if he cannot increase this fellow’s salary. Well, my boss told him to leave within the week and don’t wait until one month later! He suddenly got frightened and quickly apologise for saying wrong words and pleaded for another chance to work again with us. My boss is in the process to look for new driver to replace this lazy fellow who does nothing other than dream of winning in 4 digits by betting more than his salary

Thank God, It’s Friday

Thank God, it’s Friday! This is the end of the week and I look forward to the week ends and rest on Saturdays and Sundays. Just continued to play Solitaire and Minesweeper again to hours of entertainment. Playing computer games helps to de-stress and kills idle time. It was fun. I have stopped playing computer games for a long time already and now begin to pick up again. Just this month, I got an offer for USD 70 per month to list 4 links on my PR 2 website with monthly subscription via Paypal.

Went to KL on Thursday

I was in KL on Monday and came back on Tuesday so that my colleague can attend a meeting in the morning on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, it is back to KL to collect a cheque before coming back to Penang on Friday. There were 3 accidents along the North-South Highway when we drove back since it was raining and the roads were wet. We took the second Penang Bridge or Sultan Muadam Shah bridge which cost $9.00 per entry to avoid traffic jams. Last night, my friend treated us to James Food Restaurant Western Food for RM 87.00 for 5 pax.