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Recently, I have created 4 more blogs and now maintain a total of a whopping 9 blogs in all. This is no easy task by itself and requires constant updates for repeat traffic. The fact that I love blogging helps and I can leverage on this too. On a side note, you might like to check out Goophone by clicking on the link given here. This website allows you to order the various models of smartphones online and have them delivered right to your home after paying with your credit card using their safe and secure payment gateway.

No. 1 Phone

Coming from an IT background and being trained in computers, I love all things related to information technology. As always, I am constantly on the look out for new things and apps to install on my smart phones. Being an avid reader of newspapers and magazines, help in my quest to further my knowledge in everything new with the latest trends.

If you are a smart phone junkie and love gadgety stuffs, then you might love NO.1 Phone. This NO1 Phone web site has a safe and secure shopping cart to take your orders online and have your phone delivered right to your door steps. For the record, I myself own 2 smart phones: an iPhone 5 and an HTC smartphones. I bought the iPhone 5 myself and got the HTC free of charge should I maintain the Maxis phone service charges for 2 years. Not bad for a win-win deal for both seller and client like myself.

Lotto Monkey – Lottery Apps for iOS and Android Devices

If you play the lottery to bang on lady luck, then you might love Lotto Monkey – Lottery Apps for iOS and Android Devices. It can be easily installed on your iPhones, HTCs, Samsungs and other smart phones available out there in the market. It is easy to check winnings online and on the go while traveling for business or with your partner. There is even a phone scanner as you scan the lottery ticket for the cash winnings.

My mother who plays the lottery often would love this simple app and experiment with the convenience of having it installed. Now, that is the magic of technology, I’d say.

Booked Ming Garden Restaurant for Christmas Eve

Last night, I booked a table for 10 persons at Ming Garden Restaurant, Penang Times Square during Christmas Eve on the 24th December 2014. My second sister who is doing her PhD in South Hampton together with her Caucasian boyfriend, also a PhD candidate will be coming to Penang for a week here for holidays, flying in from KL after having spent a few days there. The table for 10 persons cost $1,288 for an 8-course Chinese meal consisting of

1) Lobster with 2 Combinations
2) Double Boiled Superior Soup with Assorted Seafood
3) Roasted Suckling Piglet with Glutinous Rice
4) Steamed Goby Fish with Soya Sauce
5) Braised Goose Web, Sea Cucumber & Mushroom with Vegetables
6) Fried Assorted Rice with Scallop
7) Double Boiled Snow Jelly with Chinese Herbs in Coconut Shell
8) Twin Happiness

The actual number of diners will be exactly 7 persons, but I heard that my sister’s over 6-footer boyfriend is a very good eater, hence he can have double helpings.

Cebu Pacific Air Philippines

I have never been to the Philippines but have been to most places in Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. I would love to travel to the Philippines with Cebu Pacific Air Philippines if I have the opportunity and time. I would love to experience and see for myself the people and melting pot of cultures in the Philippines. My youngest sister has been here before for her girl guides camp held there when she was still schooling. Traveling is fun with a safe airline and one that brings you home safely.

Just Came Back from KL

I just came back from KL a few days ago and went with my family to Tan Jetty Thai Food eatery by the seaside on a structure constructed on stilts above the waters. Don’t go there too early as it will be low tide and you can see mud everywhere. When it is later at night like 8:00pm, the tide will come in and cover the mud with stinky smell. However, the food there was cheap and recommended by my sister who was there and introduced by her church friend some time back. The trip to KL was fruitful and we clinched a new project in Malaysia. We bought some fruits in Tapah where we stopped for Baskin Robbins ice-cream. I bought a pomelo and 4 mangoes for $26.