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The Dawn of a Weekend

Weekend has arrived and it is time for me to recuperate for the weeks work and nap under my silk duvet bought from China. For some of you, you might wish to download free sinhala songs by clicking on the link given to find out how. I am always looking forward to weekends where I can do the things I love during my free time, like reading magazines, newspaper and books. At the moment, I am working from home since 2004 and never looked back. My work is just a walk to the next room.

Successfully Applied for GST

I started applying for GST 2 weeks ago and encountered some difficulties such as alien terms and what to enter. But nevertheless, yesterday, I updated the company details on GST online and managed to successfully apply. It was approved at night the same day and today, as I log in again using the confirmation code given, I got my GST number or id. It is not direct but nevertheless not too difficult and now about 1,000 companies are registered every day to beat the deadline at the end of the year. GST will be implemented on 1 April 2015 – on April Fool’s day – and that is when goods and services tax come into play.

SEO Services for You

Marketing is indeed the lifeblood of any business to thrive and survive. Therefore, you need to allocated one third of your expenditure for website designing, one third for marketing or seo and one third for maintenance. In the meantime, you can check out seo services by clicking on the link given here to find our more information. Search engine optimization is a key aspect in getting your websites known and searchable on most major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It is employing white hat tricks that are approved and making few changes to the metatags of the HTML pages to make your websites indexed by the search engines and are crawled constantly for updates.

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming and I shall not be going to Genting Highlands this time around. My second sister will be coming out with her boyfriend from Southampton, UK. Sometimes, I feel like making a last minute booking somewhere for Christmas just to get out of the routine of work. Last year, I spend Christmas in Europe during winter for 18 days that stretched until the following year. It was an experience but I will not throw money away again paying for 3 pax. It is just unfortunate my spouse’s passport is stuck with the customs and he is unable to get out of the country.

Using Meal Vouchers

I have 3 meal vouchers for every month of the year for 4 different restaurants – namely, Kim Gary, Xuan Xin Chinese Restaurant, Sakae Sushi and Max Gourmet. The meal vouchers are actually free meals offered on each month with different varieties. As such, I am a member for each of these restaurants and paid to become a member since I am a regular patron. By using meal vouchers, it keeps me going back for trying out new free dishes on the menu. And it is only at the upmarket lifestyle mall at Gurney Plaza in Penang. No other place have such vouchers to pull in the crowd as these restaurants are in close proximity to each other under one roof and are competing for diners.

Rain Pelting the Windows

It is now raining moderately for at least 15 minutes already with the rain drops pelting my windows and occasional streaks of lightning with thunderstorms. My modem will not be affected as I am using WiFi. The weather is cold and clammy, perfect for a power nap under my silk comforters from China. It is humid and wet outside with puddles of water dotting the roads. The walkways will be slippery and one should tread with caution while walking slowly to avoid falling down. I am going to check out the times for the upcoming trip to Kuala Terengganu for business with my partner later.