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Was in KL recently

I was in KL 2 days ago for work. Went to Sunway Pyramid, got something from Crabtree and Evelyn and redeemed free ang pows in 8 various designs of Koi theme. Gave $800 to my parents, $600 being their monthly allowance for February and $200 for car comprehensive insurance. I am still coughing badly since 3 months ago and the medication does not seem to work anymore. I have running nose as well. Must be under the weather lately. Today, I woke at almost at noon as I came back late last night from KL. Having reached Penang at 11:30pm. There was a very bad traffic jam along the North-South Highway and the cars came to crawling bumper to bumper on the 1 lane road.

Dinner at MorganFields

My youngest sister is waiting to sign her employment letter from HR department to join her new USA company in Penang. She brought me to have my hair rebonded yesterday and collected my medication. Tonight, she will treat the family to Morganfield Restaurant in Gurney Paragon which specialises in steak. I am not a red meat person, hence, I always go for fish or chicken. Had my debit card replaced at a cost of $18 from Hong Leong Bank. It is a pity the one with Hello Kitty design had been blocked since it could not recognise my PIN number anymore. Probably due to the fact that I hardly ever use this debit card that also acts as ATM card to take out money.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Ram in 2015


This is the year of the Ram in 2016 which is my youngest sister’s zodiac year. She’s 36 this year and RHB bank is offering figurines of ram when you deposit at least $50k onwards for the gold plated ornaments. Some people make it a habit of collecting a set of the zodiac animals for a complete set of 12 for each cycle. Well, the 3 of us are enjoying our singlehood with no kids to attend to or extra expenses to cover. We have no plans to visit Singapore this year and might just go down to Hatyai for the New Year for 3 days or so. No concrete plans yet so far, but just work as per normal and travel down south for business if required.

US Currency Strengthening Against Malaysian Ringgit

The value of the Malaysian currency seems to be dropping even further against the US dollar. As I don’t trade in US currency, this does not really bother me. But for businessmen who pays in US dollar for imports, then it will make a big difference in their wallets. A bottle of wine in the UK costs only 4.50 great Britain Pounds, but over here in Malaysia, it costs in the region of $26 ringgit or more per bottle. On the other hand, I earn US dollars for work done online and the stronger US dollars means higher earnings for me in Ringgits. Just hope that the Malaysian currency will eventually strengthen and not dive too much in value against other countries’ currencies.

Life is Good to Me

So far, life is good to me. I have a roof over my head, no floods here in Penang and I live in a high rise condo in the heart of Georgetown. I have enough money to last a lifetime and am entitled to my dad’s pension for the OKU programme with monthly allowance.

I might go down to KL this evening or tomorrow morning as my colleague needs to meet up with someone. Just pray for journey mercies and protection on the road while driving, especially along the ever busy North-South highway. I was in Kedah yesterday evening to meet up with a potential client and the trip there was smooth, hardly any traffic around. There’s no snarling traffic jams unlike crowded Penang, chocked with so many vehicles that it is common to have bumper-to-bumper drive. I also received payment for my PR2 website of USD 66 after service charge deduction by Paypal. This is repeated monthly income for 1 year after I emailed my clients the monthly invoice using Paypal. I will also receive USD 10 from a China client for blogging on a monthly basis, paid on the 10th every month.

Happy New Year 2015


The year 2014 ended with many tragedies like the missing MH planes and an Air Asia plane with floods hitting the East coast of Malaysia. Lee Chong Wei was suspended for 2 years from playing badminton plus a host of other incidents. But compared to the lost of lives in the 3 plane mishaps, our problems in life is nothing compared to such a magnitude of sorrow experienced by the families of the plane victims. Let’s hope 2015 will be a better year for everyone and come 1st April, it will be the implementation of the GST of 6% to replace the current sales and service tax that we see on our dining chits. I stayed a little longer outside my place for the new year count down without the fireworks this time around.