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Smart Watch

I would love to own a smart watch and you can browse them at Smartwatch where you can just click on the link above to find out more information. What’s more? They have a shopping cart and payment gateway to check out after you have done your online shopping. Using a safe and secure payment gateway, you can be assure of private and secure online purchasing and transaction and have the item or purchases delivered right to your door steps.

Besides this, there are also Android Watch, Android Wear, amongst others. There are also links like Smart Watch, Watch Shop and more. Just browse those links above and you will know what I mean.

Shopping online is easy peasy, all at the touch of a keyboard and whipping out your credit card for the pertinent details. And voila! the transaction is done in a jiffy. I myself have had experience purchasing online like airline tickets, books, fax machine, printer, etc.

Bought an iPhone 6

I lost my old iPhone 5 to a pick pocket at the escalator of First World Hotel, Genting Highlands. Not wanting to be left out in the family chat, I decided to buy a new iPhone 6 for $2,400 or so. The normal selling price in Malaysia is $2,702. Since mine is a Digi plan of $148 per month, I managed to get it cheaper than the normal price. But the caveat is that I have to subscribe for at least 2 years. Now, I have to be very cautious when going out especially when travelling on an escalator. My partner already noticed a foreigner with a head scarf with fair skin standing just one step below me and being very short, it is easy for her to lift up the handphone from my opened bag. Her boyfriend was behind my partner and he’s very tall. My partner immediately went up one step forward so as to prevent his wallet from being pick pocketed. They certainly choose easy targets and now I need to look behind my back very often every time.

Sold All My Stamps

Just last week, I sold all my stamps for $50 for over 400 pieces, still stuck to envelopes. As I don’t have time to separate them from the paper and arrange in an album, I decided to sell them in one shot without all the unnecessary hassle. I also have a standing order for postal stamps that as soon as they are out, I will be couriered by Pos Laju the new denominations in a complete set. Every month I have to top up about $102.50 to the postal order for this plan. I am still collecting stamps that arrive every week from the various suppliers for my boss’ business. They include tax invoices, bank statements, etc. Selling stamps online is easy peasy and I was also introduced to the Carousel app that can be installed on iPhones or other gadgets like Samsung, HTC, etc.

Will Sell Stamps Today

I listed my stamps still stuck to envelopes that were cut out as I don’t have time to soak them in water to separate them from the glued paper. I listed them in a website and after 5 minutes, received 2 missed calls from a potential buyer from Butterworth. I then returned the call after some time and found a buyer for my stamps. We will meet at McDonald’s Times Square and I hope he won’t negotiate too much less for them as they are more than 70. It is so easy to sell online by taking a good photo and have them listed via the internet.

On another note, I lose USD 30 due to binary options that I inadvertently signed up after watching a very convincing video. These are all scams, all out to make money out of you and not the other way round. They promise you 50% bonus, but after seeing the money bank into your binary options account, it quickly dissipates into thin air and you are left with your investments only. I have had enough of their shit and hope to close the account immediately.

Sold a Book

I sold a book ’72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits’ for a mere $8 after paying a whopping $56 for it! Well, there is too much hype and Patric certainly knows the psychology of selling, being a greeting card seller himself before his phenomenal rise to wealth via the internet. I read it only once but the title of the book certainly attracts much interests, despite the boring contents. There is nothing new to be learnt and that is why the big boys keep making crazy amount of money every day while the normal people like us struggle to put food on the table for our families. To some people, making tonnes of money seems to be the norm each day and they are jet setting to exotic destinations, taking up the entire bungalows for their families with swimming pool included and the best scenery of the beach, white powdery sand and the azure blue seas crashing onto the shores, giving out lots of negative ions in the process.

Selling Money Compass Magazine (Jan – Feb) Volume 16

Money Compass

Unit Price: RM7.00 each

Money Compass (Jan - Feb 2015) Volume 16 to sell

Money Compass (Jan – Feb 2015) Volume 16 to sell

2015 The GST Era.

10 Habits in Developing Financial Stability and Success.

The Experience of GST in Various Countries.

Wealth Attitude – The Most Important Skill to Get Rich by KL Lau.

Rethinking Retirement by Dato’ Steve Ong.

Financial Enlightenment – A story of a merchant and his 4 wives by CF Lieu

Woman Financial Planning by Brenda Yong.


Finished reading this magazine and wish to sell to declutter my shelves for new magazines and books.

Bought for RM15 and selling at RM 7 inclusive of courier service all in. Total, you just pay me RM 7 for the magazine couriered to your door steps.

After you have paid by Paypal, email me your name, address, and handphone number for the courier servicemen to contact you.

Email: diana.tan(AT)

Other forms of payment like internet banking, etc. are accepted

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