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Going Down South Next Week

I shall be going to KL next week, either on a Monday or Tuesday morning for the 3pm interview at a potential client’s place. If we head down on Monday, then we would have to stay overnight at my apartment and it will not be so rushed during the journey. There could be unforeseen circumstances like car breaking down which had happened in the past and we had to cancel the important interview with more than 8 persons waiting for our presence. Anyway, we got another car, bigger and more robust this time despite being second hand Mercedes which has very low mileage. It is actually an S280 but the previous owner, Datuk Ali, changed it to S500. That’s the typical case of creating an impression on the roads. LOL!

We were stopped by police on bikes once for suspicion of being potential drug peddlars, but all they found in our car boot were synthetic turf samples and lots of them in boxes. Hence, we were let off. Another time, we were fined just because the car number plate was not the conventional type and it was customised to look better and sleekier.

How to Buy Votes on Facebook

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We don’t deny that Facebook is now the ubiquitous social media that millions of members turn to for updates on the latest information, sometimes with animations and youtube videos of cute animals and the like. Business owners also use Facebook to promote their business and collect ‘Likes’ on their page and the more the merrier. Now you can learn How to Buy Votes on Facebook just by clicking on the link given here to find out more information.

This is one way to get instant Facebook like by the thousands in a jiffy. If you don’t have enough friends to click on your ‘Like’ button, then you can go through online voting contest votes and purchase votes on the spot. Many entrepreneurs are resorting to this trick to give their Facebook page a better impression and good perception for new visitors.

Floyd Arthur – Professional Insurance Expert

I was surfing around when I chanced upon a professional insurance expert site called Floyd Arthur. The site is well maintained, clean and easy to navigate. You can find out all you need to know about insurance planning in one stop. I still have an insurance policy which I have bought since 2006 and keep it till today. I won’t give up or surrender the policy and continue paying until the term expires. It is protection plus investment linked policy with a premium of $155 per month.

To get your free consultation from Floyd Arthur, just enter your name, email and other details on the website and hit ‘Send’ button. It is easy peasy and you will get a reply soon.

Managed to Figure Out Powerpoint

It was my first time creating a powerpoint slides show in Office 2007 and after figuring out a few stuffs, I managed to create a powerpoint slide show presentation with male and female voice narration added plus animations to the text and pictures. This is for a company presentation during the interview. If I were to get outside help, it would cost in the region of more than ten thousand for a full powerpoint presentation to make an impact. Being a do-it yourself gal, and with my IT background, I prefer to experiment around using the various features and learning how to do it myself. This is much simpler than, say writing or coding a program or system. As an end user, I have no complains other than being pleased with my progress and efforts.

Going Down South

Tomorrow, I shall depart for KL as early as 8:00am in order to make it for the meeting at 2:30 – 3:00pm with a potential client. Recently, in the papers, it was advertised that Great Eastern has a coverage up to a million for medical treatment and I was quite interested. However, from previous bad experiences with insurance agents, I was advised against it and it is better to save the money myself and pay for it later on should the need arise. I still keep my Prudential policy which I used to pay $150 per month which was subsequently increased to $155.41 per month just before I claimed for my treatment at Adventist Hospital with a maximum claim of only $3,000.00 after paying $150 per month since 2004. I have put in so much money each year, around $1,800 per year for the last 10 years and all I could claim was a mere $3,000 for my medical treatment at Adventist Hospital. This is really bad and it is the only policy that I still keep till today. I cannot cancel anymore unlike previous policies as it is my only existing one. For new policies, I may have to cough up more premiums due to my age.

Chua: No penalties yet, but file GST returns

No penalties have been imposed on companies which failed to file their GST returns, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong said.

He said despite the Aug 24 submission deadline, the authorities had decided not to take punitive action yet.

“Businesses which have yet to submit the GST returns should do so without delay.

“The Customs Department has been very accommodating but please don’t take advantage of this.

“The time will come when penalties will be imposed and Customs officers will look for these defaulters,” he said after a dialogue with Chinese guilds and non-governmental organisations in Wisma MCA here yesterday.

Also present were MCA vice-president Datuk Lee Chee Leong and MCA Economic Consultative Committee member Datuk Seri Dr Lim Chin Fui.

Chua said the penalties, once imposed, would be auto-generated but businesses could still submit an appeal.

He said all GST-registered companies should make an effort to comply and that it was not fair to those who had filed the returns on time.

“The Customs Department has made it clear that it is not its intention to take immediate punitive action.

“They will not penalise companies over a mistake in the returns,” he said, adding that businesses should not take for granted that it was not a necessity to file the returns.

Records showed the first quarterly GST filing from April to June stood at 87%.

On GST refunds, Chua said several measures had been implemented to improve the process.

Stayed at Maritime Waterfront Hotel


On 30th August, a Sunday, we stayed at Maritime Waterfront Hotel, choosing the Executive Suite for $448 per night plus another $3 for the Penang government. It was to celebrate our 12th Anniversary together and it seems to be a long time with its many challenges of working together and sharing a life as soul mates with its ups and downs. Above is a picture of 2 swans pecking together made from white towels. Rose petals were scattered on the side table with 2 red hearts cut out from paper.


Here is a view from the Sky Garden of Maritime Waterfront Hotel, possible a 4-star hotel with a swimming pool and gym. For $448, buffet breakfast is included for 2. It includes nasi lemak, fried noodles, various cereals, veggies, milk, juices and muffins.


For dinner, we drove to the nearby hawker centre in Sungai Pinang which is just 3 minutes away. My spouse ordered several dishes, amongst them crab claws as shown above for $12 a plate of 3 pieces. It has chopped vegetables mixed with crab meat, patted into a dough on crab claw and deep fried for a sumptuous meal.


We also ordered scallops, garnished with stir-fried garlic for $12 a plate as well for 2 pieces. It was finished in one mouthful which was yummy. This particular hawker centre has 42 different stalls and many varieties of affordable food to choose from. For my main meal, I had sliced grouper in soup with thin noodles, mixed with sliced ginger for an ‘oopmh’ taste that lingers on the taste buds. Hope you like the pictures taken in my iPhone 6 and emailed over without using any Photoshop to resize or edit the pictures.