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Back from Southampton, UK

I went to Southampton, UK to attend my sister’s wedding to her coursemate, also a Phd research student from 21st till 29th October 2015. We went there by Malaysia Airlines Berhad, formerly known as MAS, before the new CEO took over. We stayed at 4-star Mercury Dolphin Hotel in Southampton which is right smack in the city and very convenient. Directly opposite was a chinese restaurant across the road. My sister was married at St Edmund’s Catholic Church by the parish priest. Overall, the trip was good but tiring due to the time zone difference of 8 hours. The flight duration was 13 hours and 10 minutes from KLIA to Heathrow Airport, London. Then my youngest sister book a 4-wheel drive KIA Sportage to take in all our huge luggages and drove with GPS to our hotel in Southampton. It is about 80 km from London. My second sister is living her dream after another dream and they will go to Lake Como for their honeymoon sometime in November. It borders Italy and Switzerland.

My Soul Mate is Funny

I stay with my soul mate in a small condo that we both shared in the finances. He does a lot of things for me; for instance, hoovering the floor, boiling water, making tea, hanging my clothes from the washing machine and keeping them and throws out the rubbish besides cleaning his toilet bowl in the living room and I clean my toilet bowl in the master bedroom. He is also funny and entertaining. We hug often and I love the natural fragrance of his hair after a shower. He is a handy man at best and a clown at funny times. He’s also my boss and driver. Now he is back from his walking exercise and off I go. Ta!

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Came Back from Down South

I came back from KL 2 days ago by car and flew in by Firefly from Penang Airport to collect our repaired car that was broken into recently at the paid basement carpark of an apartment in USJ 19. We went to several places; first to collect a cheque and then to 2 places for the day of the potential clients. Some are existing clients and then headed north back home. The management is really terrible and the whole place outside the units were blacked out without a trace of light and it was difficult to get into our units in such stark darkness. They never collected maintenance charge and there were many cobwebs on the 2nd to 4th floor car parks. Blame it to poor management and laziness as collecting maintenance charges are too painful and a hassle for them.

Car Broken Into

Our second hand Merc was broken into at Rhythm Avenue basement carpark. We were informed that this is an inside job and it had happened many times, as told by the new staff who just worked there for 2 months already. They know that the CCTV is not working and is not functioning. On that day, the cleaning staff for the first time, cleaned the floor outside our apartment. I suspect it could be the foreign workers who worked in Rhythm Avenue are involved in this burglary. Even the previous management were sued for about $800k for default on the electric bill all these years for the 4 blocks and malls. When we moved in our fridge, immediately the security guard intercom us about the bulky item inside the lift. They were watching us closely. But when it comes to security in the car park, the security guard was sleeping or in cahoots with the burglars.