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Herbalife Distributor Supervisor Price – 42% to 50%

herbalife business pack with F1 nutritional shake

I joined Herbalife, a multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct selling program just 3 days ago. It was so convenient. I paid by internet banking to my upline’s Maybank account and the next morning, it was delivered right to my door step by Skynet from Kuala Lumpur. Above are the items I have received from Herbalife. And I was introduced this by my upline who is also my Yahoo Messenger online chat friend based in KL. He has been doing this business for 3 years now since they started in Malaysia and have even gotten RM10,000 check in commissions from his 30 downlines.

I am happy I have made the right choice to reduce weight. As you can see, I love food too much and it is about time I need to reduce my weight for an optimum BMI (Body Mass Index). From the BMI chart, I am considered overweight but thank goodness not obese. So I bought Formula 1 nutritional shake of french vanilla flavor to replace my daily meals from Herbalife and paid at Herbalife Supervisor Price. Just 2 scoops with 250ml of water to replace my lunch and dinner. As of today, I have already lost 0.5kg after 2 days of drinking the vanilla shake. It is delicious and not sweet at all. I have previously joined other MLM companies, all to no avail like Perfect Youth and Lampe Berger which cost a whopping RM30,000 just to be a ‘Count’. I only paid RM98 for the business pack with distributor license and form from Herbalife. And another RM79.23, after 50% discount at cost price from my upline at Herbalife Supervisor level, for the Formula 1 nutritional shake.

For more details, check out here and see the pictures of consumers with slim sexy bodies from an otherwise obese body. By the way, F1 nutritional shake mix is the bestseller product of the company to help people reduce weight.

Herbalife was founded in 1980, a company that sells weight-loss, nutrition and skin-care products by multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing. In February 1980, Mark Hughes began selling the original Herbalife weight loss product from the trunk of his car. Mark started Herbalife with the help of physicians including a Nobel peace price winner for medicine after much research for the supplements. Herbalife started when Mark Hughes saw his own mother died at the young age of 36 due to efforts trying to lose weight from unworkable and sub-quality weight loss programs. The company now has grown by leaps and bounds, spread in 60 countries with multi-billion dollar profit. If you like to lose weight while earning money at the same time, drop me an email at diana [dot] tan [at] gmail [dot] com.

Cloth Pads

cloth pads

I am not paid for this link, but it adds fodder for my blog post. Check out Sweet n Cozy which has a shopping cart linked to online banking to order your coloured and recycle able cloth pads for women. There is a variety of items machine-sewn with groovy looking designs for women and children – all thanks to the idea of a mother of 5 who is a lawyer and works from home. Buying cotton pads is costly, what more with the tampons to reduce heavy flow. It may be expensive at first, but since they can last 5 years or so, it saves money in the long run. There are maternity pads sold online too.

Going to KL on Friday

I shall be flying to KL on Friday, and returning on Sunday evening for business. On Saturday, will stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel at 50% discount using the Elite voucher which will cost around RM 550 after the discount and factoring in the service charge, 6% GST, etc. The Firefly tickets have been bought online using my credit card to collect points and also add to my Bonuslink points. I am in the process of doing something on the side on top of my full time job at home. It is e-commerce, dropshipping and Shopify. Just hope that I have enough to last me a lifetime in terms of savings to stretch until I am called home.


I woke up early this morning, had a glass of milk for breakfast and then walked to my computer room to fire up my trusty laptop of 8 years. Did some easy browsing around, checked my accounts and then found a site. If you just look deeper, you can find gadgets, and you can check out the link given here to find out more information. The products are sold on Amazon and there are so many of them, mainly gadgets for the yuppies like you and me. I am in the process of looking for ways to milk the internet which is my cash cow and you will need gadgets such as these. Stay tuned for more.

Flew Back to Penang

I flew to KL yesterday by Firefly from Penang Airport early in the morning, departing at 9:00am and booked Hertz car rental for 2 days and promptly returned this evening also by Firefly from Subang Airport. Attended an interview and site visit 2 places this afternoon before returning the car and had dinner at Secret Recipe without any promotion at the airport. But in Taman Connaught, if you purchase ala carte meals above $50, you will get a free cake and a cuppa of coffee for UOB credit cards and above $45 for Maybank credit cards. I had spinach lasagne while my business partner had pan-fried dory fish with lobster sauce.

Happy New Year 2017


2016 had come and gone. Now is the dawn of a new year of the rooster in 2017. Hopefully it brings more blessings, prosperity and projects to keep us busy all year round. We know the economy is not doing so well from last year and there are lots of uncertainties this year with President-elect being Donald Trump, thanks to Russia’s hacking of the electorate. As business man and woman, we just continue as usual with our work and don’t dwell too much into politics. As long as we can find projects for our many legalised foreign workers and put food on the table for our loved ones, we are happy.

I wish my readers a Happy New Year in 2017 and may your dreams be fulfilled this year, whatever your resolutions. Just need to pray for protection especially when driving along North South Highway and in KL.