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21 Suggestions for Success

Marry the Right Person

One of the main suggestions for success is to marry the right person and it is so pertinent. This one suggestion will determine your happiness or misery! For some, it could even mean longevity or short life due to premature death during heated quarrels. This happens very often amongst Indians where the wife or girl friend is killed by their spouses out of jealousy or for whatever reasons. I have read several cases in the press as published before.

Also, work at something you enjoy worthy of your precious time and efforts. Become a positive and enthusiastic person to others, giving them hope and goals. Most importantly, be forgiving of yourself and others. No one is perfect and don’t have high unrealistic expectations, including your business partners or spouses. Unless they cross the line, then it might be time to re-consider the relationship.

Be generous for blessed are the generous but don’t be conned every time. If a man keeps borrowing money from you all the time, then he is not husband material. Because in the initial stage, if he keeps borrowing, then he will continue borrowing as a habit and expecting you to pay and pay. Once or twice is ok, but too many times is a warning sign.

Have a grateful heart. Nobody is more pleased with another than others with a grateful heart. Be generous in your compliments when it is called for as well. Be loyal and be honest too. Take good care of those you love and not belittle them in public, hurl verbal abuse or slam the door at one’s spouse while talking to neighbours!

Dad May Be Discharged Soon

Being a government servant or civil employee in a school as a teacher, dad is entitled to free treatment in the General Hospital after a fall in the toilet. Days later, he had a clot in the brain and was promptly sent to the GH for treatment. Well, they did nothing to dad other than give him food and check him. No angiogram which was scheduled for the day and it was cancelled last minute due to lack of manpower. Imagine only 2 male nurses on duty for the whole ward of 40 male patients. That is why they bypass my dad and served their own kind, the Malay chap.

After 5 days of no angiogram and dad was almost lifeless, refusing to eat and soaked in his urine without bath for 3 days, youngest sister suggested St John’s ambulance which we paid $150 to transfer him to a private hospital and he was immediately attended to after I paid the deposit of $6k. He went into the Accident and Emergency ward and they cleaned his wound, put on drips, etc. Such is the excellent service when you go to the private hospital with money. Frankly, dad might not have survived up to today if he had continued staying in GH, and luckily my sister made the decision to send him to a private hospital, where the bills are split by 3 of us!

Year of the Gold Dog – Happy Chinese New Year!

gold dog

This is the year of the dog. In 1970, it was the year of the Gold Dog. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a Happy Chinese New Year. May you prosper even more with gold flowing into your pockets. That fortune is made and families are well provided for. Later on have to run errands for dad who is hospitalised and change the M size non-powdered latex gloves to S size. It has to be non-powdered as dad has eczema of the skin. I just hope the pharmacy is opened today and later on fetch 2nd sister for dinner as the hospital canteen is closed and she really needs a break away from dad, being with him almost 24 hours for the last few weeks.

The hospital bills have ballooned to $28k, after staying there since 26th January 2018. Dad is recovering well and making progress every day. He fell down and got clot in the brain where his neurosurgeon and neurologist gave him medicine to remove the blood clot without surgery. Dad would not have survived had he been put in General Hospital after 1 week of being unattended to, other than given food and being soaked in urine and did not bathe for 3 days! He was so miserable there. Just pray for his longevity and good health to return at this age of 81. The bill will be shared by me, youngest sister, and a friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Some marriages break down due to financial difficulties, incompatibility, hot-temperedness, and a host of other issues – relevant or irrelevant. If I do get married some day to someone special, I hope it will last forever and not just a lifetime. There is life after death and it is better to be with someone who is totally single and unattached. Married men with double spouses can cause complications and in-laws are also a main cause! Just because someone is computer literate and you are NOT, you want to put down the other person due to this status, in order to elevate yourself and look like a heroine! That’s why cancer festers in you due to so much hatred and revenge!

Anyway, enough of rantings on this special day! I got myself a gift online from a store paid by someone special. I think we are of the same frequency and understand each other. The current relationship is a sham. It is only a matter of time before it falls apart. There are just too many complications and embarassments in public that makes it toxic. I may be financially well provided, because I work hard while the estranged wife gets paid thousands for doing nothing. Such is the complexity of this 3 way relationship plus bankruptcy status! This person is very insecure and makes himself look good by teaching others through the Whatsapp family group!

Anyway, I am delighted of my gift and wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get Intimate Lingerie for your Loved Ones This Valentines

Love is a feeling. It is to share, care and do things together for your partner and share a lifelong relationship together wholeheartedly. And not two-timing your spouse while keeping a wife or someone at at the same time. It should be a monogamous relationship. Valentine’s day is just round the corner and in 2 days time! Why not check out Sexy Lingerie at TheLovelyShop123.com for your loved ones/ spouses/ partners / lovers, etc.

Pamper the love of your life with some intimate, romantic gifts for the year. For the record, Saint Valentine (Italian: San Valentino, Latin: Valentinus), officially Saint Valentine of Rome, is a widely recognized 3rd-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and since the High Middle Ages is associated with a tradition of courtly love. So there, you have it, the history of Valentine’s day.

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Confident People Vs Insecure People

Here, I shall only highlight traits of confident people. You can refer to the infographic for insecure ones which I don’t wish to mention. Basically confident people are Open Minded and Gives Complements. They are not afraid to ask and are willing to learn from other people or have a mentor. Confident people operates on principles and admits mistakes. They are not afraid to show flaws and such. They are positive thinkers and risk takers. Also, they never talk negatively about others or put others down in order to elevate themselves!

They are abundance mindset giver and loves people. They are more forgiving and accepts other’s differences, while at the same time, can laugh at themselves. More importantly, they make decisions quickly and take action. They also keep learning and growing. For the not so good comparison, refer to the picture or infographic and try to avoid these traits and stay away from people with such traits.