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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Exercise Regularly

Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook.

Can you guess what they all have in common?

If you guessed that they all launched multi-billion dollar companies, you’re correct.

But we want to talk about something else that they all have in common.

They all swear that regular exercise is an integral part of their success.

In fact, in a recent blog post, Branson said: “I seriously doubt that I would have been as successful in my career (and happy in my personal life) if I hadn’t always placed importance on my health and fitness.”

Science backs this idea too. Studies show that regular exercise can improve your mental health, your memory, your energy levels, and make you feel happier overall.

They’re all attractive propositions, and they aren’t just limited to CEO’s – everybody can reap the benefits of regular exercise.

So let’s take an in-depth look at how regular exercise can benefit entrepreneurs across the globe, how you can start building a daily exercise routine for yourself, and which exercises other successful entrepreneurs swear by.

Shall we?

Exercise Increases Your Energy Levels

Trust us – exercise can be even better for increasing your energy levels than that giant cup of coffee you have every morning.

Wait, how can that be true?

Well, every time you workout your body releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

They might sound fancy, but they’re usually known as “happiness hormones.”

If you’ve ever completed an intense workout and felt fantastic, even though you’re exhausted, you know first-hand what those happiness hormones feel like when they’re rushing through your body.

And it isn’t just happiness you’ll be feeling after you’ve been exercising – you’ll also feel energized and ready to complete more tasks in your day.

It might sound surprising, but exercise increases your blood circulation and strengthens your heart muscle. This, in turn, makes it easier for your body to create energy – a win-win situation for you.

So, if you regularly dedicate some time out of your week to workouts, your body will learn to naturally release more endorphins, faster, which will leave you with more energy to achieve more in your day.

Exercising Increases Your Creativity and Concentration


It turns out that those happiness hormones aren’t just great for increasing your energy levels – they’re also great for getting your creative juices flowing.

Once you’ve finished your workout, you’ll be primed to tackle tasks which require creativity, and you’ll have the energy to follow them through to completion.

But it isn’t just after a workout when you’ll notice a spike in creativity – you’ll likely notice that you’re much more focussed during your workouts too.

One little trick which I’ve found helps to take advantage of the heightened focus that I feel during a workout is to bring a notebook with me on my workouts.

This helps me in two ways:

  • I can follow my planned exercises and jot down any details that I feel are important about how my body feels each day.
  • I have a place to write down any new ideas that I come up with, or scribble down any new strategies that I come up with that could help me conquer the day ahead.

Of course, a notebook isn’t a requirement – I could take my phone with me to the exercise equipment.

That is if I didn’t get distracted so easily.

Honestly, I’ve found that bringing my phone with me to fiddle with during the breaks between my exercises is such a productivity killer.

If I take my phone with me I find that my workouts take longer, are less intense, and I’m even less likely to complete everything that I wanted to achieve. None of that is ideal.

Regardless, you’ll experience heightened focus when you workout – make sure you take advantage of it.

Exercise Is Great for Mental Health

Entrepreneurship can be stressful, as can any profession.

The reality is: there will always be a few high-priority tasks that you’ll need to take care of on any given day.

It can be easy to focus on the never-ending flow of work that you’ll need to complete.

And, we’ve already spoken about regular exercise and the benefits that it can bring your physical health.

But regular exercise can also work wonders for your mental health too – especially when it comes to dealing with stress.

You’ll have an overwhelming sense of wellbeing after you’ve got your heart rate up.

You’ll be able to use exercise as a detachment tactic, and you’ll be able to detach yourself from your daily worries and focus on something entirely different for a little while. Something that you can feel is working towards bettering yourself.

And you’ll be able to take the energy that you’d typically spend worrying about how much work you have, or how well you need to perform, and focus it into improving your health for the future – both mentally and physically.

You can take the energy that you’d generally spend worrying on the work that you need to complete, and focus it into improving your health – mentally and physically.

Exercising in The Morning

Getting up early to make sure I get my workout in eliminates one of the most significant problems that I faced in the past – feeling too tired at the end of the day to even go to the gym.

I know, I know. It’s tough to wake up early.

Are you waking up even earlier to get a workout? Unthinkable.

But it’s like the old saying goes: “The early bird gets the worm.”

I used to be a serial end-of-day exerciser, but I’ve never thought about looking back since I switched to morning workouts.

There are a few reasons why I’ve loved the switch, and no, it’s not because I enjoy torturing myself.

First of all, I find that morning workouts set an excellent tone for the day.

I once saw a speech from Admiral William McRaven, who spoke about how making your bed is the most important task of your day.

Sure, making your bed every morning might seem trivial, but it adds consistency to your routine, and it allows you to accomplish something right after you wake up.

I see morning workouts the same way, except even more effective. Let me tell you, an hour workout will give you a much higher feeling of accomplishment than making your bed will.

You’ll also need to consider that evening workouts, especially those who fall later than 8 p.m., could end up disrupting your sleep.

And, perhaps most importantly, morning workouts tend to be much easier to stick to.

If you’re anything like me, the vast majority of your social commitments and gatherings will occur in the evenings.

Of course, that means you’ll need to choose between a meeting with the pull-up bar or your friends at your favorite dive bar.

Don’t put yourself in that situation – just get your workout over and done with in the morning.

 Building an Exercise Routine

It’s clear that incorporating regular exercise into your routine can benefit you both physically and mentally.

But if you’ve never really been into exercise, or you’ve struggled to stick to a routine in the past, it can be difficult to picture yourself taking advantage of those benefits in the long-term.

The research found that it only takes 66 days to integrate a health and fitness routine into your life.

On the face of it, 66 days might seem like a long time, but let’s break that figure down.

Sixty-six days is 18% of your year.

So, if you start a brand new health and fitness routine at the start of January and stick at it, you’ll have integrated it into your life at the beginning of March.

Imagine how the rest of your year would go if you’ve already made such a positive impact so early on.

When you look at it from that perspective, 66 days seems like nothing.

But, as with most things in life, the best way to set yourself up for success to plan.

Let’s take a look at how you can build an exercise routine which works for you.

 Set Your Goals

Your first step to building an exercise routine that you can stick to is to come up with a goal that you want to achieve.

Maybe it’s dropping a few pounds, gaining some muscle, or getting fitter for a sport.

Whatever it is – make sure you write it down and stick to it.

Your goal will be your north star – it’ll be the thing that you turn to when you’re searching for motivation.

Choose Your Workout Times

An essential part of creating an exercise routine that you can follow consistently is setting aside the times of day when you want to hit the gym.

Find gaps in your schedule which you can dedicate to working out, and try your best to stick to them.

And remember to listen to your body. If you’re not feeling well, or you’re tired, maybe it isn’t a good idea to do your full workout.

It is vital that you still show up – an incomplete workout is much better than no exercise at all.

Choose Exercises Which Match Your Goals

Once you’ve set aside the goals that you want to achieve and the times when you’re going to work towards them, you’ll need to figure how you’re going to meet them.

There are plenty of free resources available which can provide you with workout tips and tricks depending on your goals.

I like watching YouTube videos whenever I’m looking for new exercises (because videos help me to understand the mechanics of the exercise better) or some motivation.

If you’re interested, here are a few of my favorite health & fitness channels:

Of course, these are just my suggestions – feel free to take a look and find ones which you love. There’s plenty of choices out there.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun

 The last thing you want when you’re exercising is to feel bored.

That’ll sap your motivation, and hamper your progress.

If you feel like you aren’t enjoying your workouts, try to switch up the exercises.

You can also try working out with a friend, going to a fitness class, or joining a sports team.

There are a lot of options available, so try tinkering with your routine to find what works for you.

How Successful Entrepreneurs Exercise

 We’ve already covered the benefits of exercise, and we’ve pointed you in the right direction for when you want to create your exercise schedule.

Now, let’s take a look at the exercise routines of some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Tony Robbins

 Award-winning author and entrepreneur Tony Robbins spends just 15 minutes per day on his workouts.

But what they lack in length, they certainly make up for in intensity.

Here’s what he once said when he was introducing his workout routine to somebody:

“You should feel like you’re about to die, but you’re not.”


It’s a tough workout, and it’s not recommended for everybody, but Robbins swears that it’s an integral part of his success.

Richard Branson

English entrepreneur Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, incorporates his exercise into his morning routine.

Branson mostly partakes in exercises which increase cardiovascular endurance, like tennis and kitesurfing, and focuses on “having fun.”

And, it’s important to note that he always tries to follow up his workout with a healthy breakfast – something which we believe is integral to a productive morning routine.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s CEO is a firm believer of the benefits of exercise in entrepreneurship.

He once said: “Doing anything well requires energy, and you just have a lot more energy when you’re fit.”

He tries to get in at least three workouts per week and usually opts for running sessions with his dog, Beast.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is another entrepreneur who swears by exercise because she wants to “feel alive.”

Her rule is that she tries to do something every day which helps her to feel active – this commonly translates into yoga sessions and trying to hit 10,000 step count.

She’s such a workout aficionado; she does interviews while on the treadmill:

Now It’s Your Turn

 When it comes to exercise, the key is to find out what works best for your body and your schedule and forming a habit around it.

If you’re going to build your workout routine after reading this post, make sure that you do your best to stick at it.

Remember, 66 days is the magic number.

And if you’re struggling with motivation, think back to your goals, consider taking classes, working out with friends, or even hiring a personal trainer to help you along.

I’ll leave you with this quote from successful entrepreneur Josh Steimle:

“If I were to stop exercising because I felt that being a good business owner was a higher priority, then ironically I would end up a worse business owner than I was when it was a lower priority.”

So, now it’s over to you. Do you have any questions? Any exercise tips for other entrepreneurs? Let me know in the comments section below – I read them all.

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60 Best Shopify Stores for Inspiration

Shopify stores

Starting an online business can be intimidating. There are so many things you have to deal with, like how not to go broke or how to optimize your landing pages. But, let’s put that aside for now. Here is a list of 60 inspiring online Shopify stores.

All of them are successful ecommerce businesses. Each of these businesses carved their own way to success. And, for each of them, success meant different things. I’ve highlighted the greatest accomplishments, usually monetary, for these Shopify stores. Their successes vary from having high-end clients like Ben Affleck to earning multimillion-dollar investments and six-figure revenues. Hopefully they will get you inspired about your own online business.

Best Shopify Stores for Clothing

Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear

This company’s goal is to help women feel confident in their own bodies. They don’t want to rely on push-up pads or bows for women to feel sexy. And it must be working for them since this Shopify store’s revenue grew 150% just a few years after they launched. They have gained acclaim from big names such as Forbes, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal for making a place in the industry and bridging the gap between functionality and appearance.


UnconditionalUnconditional’s website design is nothing but striking. It’s simple, yet eye catching. Starting up in London, this Shopify store is now 11 years old. They describe themselves as “a winning combination of the laidback and the edgy”.


Sir ClothesThis Shopify store is bold, it’s big, and it’s beautiful. With its serene photography style, it does a great job sending a calming message through the theme of the store. Located in Sydney, Australia, this store steals a place in our list for one of the most striking Shopify stores for clothing.


BlackMilk Classics

This Shopify store is bursting with color. It gives a feeling of fun, happiness, and adventure. There’s so much to say about this store and the colors that they add to their clothing. When they aren’t grabbing your attention with their vibrant colors, they get you with their exciting prints or occasional Disney heroes you can spot on their clothing.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch launched its online Shopify store in 2010 selling custom and tailored menswear. Their aim is to make sophisticated dressing affordable. This Shopify shop creates a bond with their customers by encouraging them to share their individual stories. Over the years, their customers have shared amazing stories and pictures from fly fishing trips, motorcycles crashes, hurricane clean ups, and wedding days. Since the launch, their revenue has tripled each year. Just three years after their launch, the company made an expected $1.5 million in sales, and is continuing to grow since then.



An Australian couple launched this swimwear line in 2012. The idea of this Shopify store first came to Erin Deering, one of the founders, who realized that she couldn’t find any bikini that she liked that was also affordable. By the end of TRIANGL’s first year, the company made over $5 million. The following year this top Shopify store earned five times that much, at $25 million. TRIANGL offers simple and sporty styles in bright neoprene fabric.

HELM Boots

HELM Boots

Founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas, HELM is dedicated to classic style with a versatile, modern perspective. HELM casual & work boots and shoes are produced and sourced in U.S. facilities, making them 100% made in the USA. This young boot retailer is gaining quick traction and getting orders from the likes of Ben Affleck. Introducing their Shopify shop in 2009, they have since then been committed to crafting handmade leather boots with pride, care, and purpose.

Marc Wenn

Marc Wenn

All products are designed by Marc Wenn in London. They focus mainly on shoes, wrist watches, and backpacks. Marc Wenn advises doing many things that don’t scale to ensure good business at first. For example, personally emailing the first 100 customers to say thank you will go a very long way for any business, just as it did for this Shopify store.

Khara Kapas

Khara Kapas

Kharakapas, means ‘pure cotton’. They sell Indian-culture-inspired and handmade boutique clothing. Their clothes combine an understanding of the elegance of cotton, earthy colours, versatile prints, and minimalistic design that are a celebration of the uninhibited spirit of style. Their products are produced locally in India, but they provide shipping worldwide. With its modern take on heritage, this Shopify shop racks up over $1,500 sales per day.


Ugmonk ClothesOriginally, Ugmonk started as a side project for its founder, Jeff Sheldon. Today, the company shipped over tens of thousands of products to over 60 countries worldwide.  Their products range from everyday clothing to workspace related products and many more unique prints and designs. The shirts from this Shopify shop have been spotted all over television and online, including in an episode of Project Runway and Cougar Town.

SoYoung Inc

SoYoung Inc

This line of bags for both moms and their children earns 25% of its revenue from their online Shopify stores. The profit margin on those sales is higher due to the higher margins thanks to direct sales. On their Shopify website they have a wide variety of different collections for adults, kids, and babies to choose from.



An amazing women’s company which sells period underwear is making big headways and big bucks. This Shopify shop raised $130,000 in 2014 from crowdfunding and has grown 23 times since. 23 times.



Created in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and a group of his high-school friends, Gymshark has grown from a screen printing operation in a garage, into one of the fastest growing and most recognisable brands in fitness. This Shopify store is a fitness apparel and accessories brand manufacturer online retailer based in the United Kingdom. Supported by over 3 million highly engaged social media followers and customers in 131 countries.

The Candi Factory

The Candi FactoryWith it’s simple design and basic structure, this Shopify store is one worth mentioning. They keep it simple by adding some colors and expressions to their clothing line which helps them stand out and create an identity. All in all, their minimalistic design goes well with their products, that appear to be full of life.

Best Shopify Stores for Accessories


ToyshadesThis trendy Shopify store doesn’t shy away from adding a little bit of color to their shade collection. With only a few navigation options they have a number of collections to offer when it comes to products, which include autumn shades, winter shades, everyday eyewear and more.


Hershel Shopify StoreThis Shopify store was founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. They decided on their company name based on the town where three generations of their family grew up. This Shopify store is one that has gained international recognition for their accessories that they’ve been known to produce with great quality and fine regard for detail.


Biko Shopify StoreThis Shopify store has a very simplistic design, with just a few navigational options. The element that makes it stand out is it’s photography. They describe themselves as a “modern nostalgic jewelry brand”. Based in Toronto, they hand-craft every piece that they make, with materials including sleek mixed metals and natural stones.

WP Standard

WP Standard Shopify BagsIn 2013, WP Standard won Shopify’s Design Award, giving it some serious exposure to their target audience – the design- and quality-conscious tech crowd. It is one of the top examples of how design can play a huge part in the success of a Shopify website.

Sunday Somewhere

Someday Somewhere

This Shopify store was developed in late 2010 by Dave Allison, but has reached worldwide recognition since then. The premium eyewear brand focuses on quality, simplicity, and originality for its strategy.

MinaalMinaal Shopify Bag Store sells high-quality travel gear for digital nomads. It was launched by two guys from New Zealand, who realized how dissatisfied they were with their travel gear, and thought it’d be a great idea to quit their jobs to come up with their own. In December of 2015, they launched a 2nd Kickstarter campaign and raised $707,631 from over 2,400 people. The campaign’s goal was only $10,000. This is a great Shopify store example of a business with a long-term goal that is passionate about the travel experience.

Watch Outfitter

Watch Outfitter

The company was started by a 17-year-old who had a knowledge of watches and passion for jewelry. By the end of the first year, this Shopify shop was making $13,500 in monthly revenue. They source their watches from a number of different vendors within the U.S., Europe, and Asia. This allows them to offer wholesale prices, with high quality materials and design.

Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson Shopify Store

This trendy Shopify store made it to the list of top 10 creative Shopify stores to look forward to in 2018, and let’s just say it didn’t disappoint. With it’s funky colors and designs, it’s hard not to be amused by the creativity behind this great Shopify store.


Bremont WatchesThis British luxury watchmaker is a Shopify example of an award-winning company producing beautifully engineered chronometers. The annual production is approximately 8,000-10,000 pieces. In 2017, there were remarks of the company increasing its earnings to £14 million.


Nerdwax SpecsNerdwax is an all-natural and organic beeswax. The company rejected two offers from Shark Tank. This Shopify store is definitely doing something right if it has made over a million dollars in total sales to date.

Best Shopify Stores for Cosmetics

KKW Beauty

KKW BeautyKKW, the hugely popular beauty brand by Kim Kardashian West has been creating storms with the amount of recognition and fame it has gained. Hosting periodic sales, the products are not only very high in quality, but also are sold out within minutes. It is easily one of the top Shopify stores for cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics Shopify StoreKylie Cosmetics, the wildly popular beauty company, uses Shopify to run their fantastic online store. Kylie Cosmetics hosts periodic flash sales which are some of the largest on the internet. This is another example of a Shopify store where the products sell out within minutes.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star CosmeticsJefree Star Cosmetics is the cosmetics brand of Jefree Star, an American make-up artist, fashion designer and model. With a hot-pink website look, Jefree Star Cosmetics include a tonne of holiday and special editions for their customers, as well as free U.S. shipping for products over $100. It is arguably amongst the top most popular Shopify stores for makeup and cosmetics.

Concrete Minerals

Concrete Minerals

Founded in 2009, this Shopify store example is all about creating high-end vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics with a unique twist. Their policy is less and more — less ingredients, more pigment. They are committed to using no parabens or preservatives in any of their products, and are also 100% gluten-free. Located in Southern California, they provide free shipping worldwide on all orders $50 and above.

NCLA Beauty 

NCLA Beauty Shopify StoreThis Shopify store offers a wide range of nail products and other cosmetic products, such as jelly balms and lipsticks. What’s interesting about their website is the way they’ve designed it. All we can say is that they’ve nailed the design!


Beardbrand Shopify StoreEric Bandholz built an online business for men’s beard care. In less than a year the company was making $120k in monthly sales. Beardbrand’s email list also quickly grew to over 7 thousand emails.

Best Shopify Stores for Health and Beauty


The Flex CompanyFlex is an alternative to tampons. The great thing is that it allows women to enjoy sex while on their period. If you don’t think that’s a worthy business idea, this Shopify store raised $4.6 million in the first half of 2016 alone.

SkinnyMe Tea

SkinnyMe Tea Online StoreThis Australian company sells all-natural detox teas. Founded in 2012, their mission is to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. In only-9 months after this Shopify store started, they were earning $600k in monthly revenue.


Bootea Shopify Store

In 2016, Bootea took over the dietary and lifestyle scene with its detox tea. With one of the best marketed Instagram products, this Shopify store has achieved listings with multiple national retailers and over 1 million customers worldwide.

Little Sparrow Tea

Little Sparrow Tea

Little Sparrow Tea is a boutique tea company from London. Their goal is to create authentic and wonderful tea experiences. They offer a selected number of teas including white, herbal, black, and green tea. This Shopify store also has a tonne of information about the health benefits of tea, as well as other interesting posts on their blog.

Happiness Abscissa

Happiness Abscissa

The Happiness Abscissa (Ha) is committed to reflecting happiness. According to their philosophy, The Ha is a subjective scale that incorporates neurobiology and sensory elements that can be optimized to improve one’s sense of wellbeing. This Shopify store is another very well designed example that you can take inspiration from.

Skinny Teatox

Skinny TeatoxSkinny Teatox is a 100% natural detox tea program that promotes good health and weight. With the undeniably appealing website design, this Shopify store has been included in the list of the top 40 Stunning Ecommerce Stores Built Using Shopify. All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Ingredients include: tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger, and more.

Press London

PRESS founders, Georgie and Ed, developed a love for cold-pressed juices and had come to rely on them as a convenient, delicious and healthy part of their diets. This Shopify shop is committed to providing juices that are not only a source of daily enjoyment but also helping them add their daily much-needed nutrition.


Nutriseed Shopify Store

Nutriseed is a Shopify store passionate about nutrition. They have grown exponentially in the last few years, from humble countryside beginnings to a current state of the art British manufacturing facility. They have a hands-on approach which requires them to maintain a complete control over the quality of their products, from start to finish. They have almost 50k followers on Instagram, and over 200+ products sold a day.

Cookbook VillageCookbook VillageCookbook Village sold cookbooks originally on eBay and is now thriving on Shopify. The founders have a background in marketing and utilized their store’s blog, email marketing, and Google AdWords to streamline their business’ success.

Best Shopify Stores for Electronics and Gadgets


GameKlip Shopify Store

Ryan French created GameKlip, which sells game controllers for smartphones. Since its launch, this Shopify store has been featured on Gizmodo, ABC News, PC World, CNET, The Verge, and even Ask Men, among a bunch of other magazines and blogs worldwide.

Master and Dynamic

Master and Dynamic

For all the audiophiles out there, Master and Dynamic is selling high-quality headphones. The products from this Shopify store are part of the $1 billion headphone market and rival Beats by Dre with their quality.

Studio Proper

Studio Proper Shopify Store

This Shopify shop is a product design studio that’s based in Melbourne, Australia. They define themselves as “focused on simplifying everyday interactions  technology in a beautiful and minimal fashion.” The products that they offer include mounting solutions for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, desk stands, travel accessories, wall mounts, and much more. They keep their website design simple and minimal.

Pencil by FiftyThree

Pencil by FiftyThree

In 2015, Pencil won a Crunchie Award for Best Design and numerous IDSA awards for its packaging and computer equipment. This Shopify store has been praised by big names such as Business Insider and Times Inc. for their creativity.

Studio Neat

Pencil by FiftyThree

Studio Neat uses Kickstarter to fund their product ideas. In 2016, they launched a new campaign for a smartphone tripod, raising almost $210k in 30 days. Their goal was just $50k.


ZeroGravity Shopify StoreThis Shopify store makes it on our list for their trendy tech accessories. Based in Los Angeles they design all of their iPhone cases in house. What’s interesting about them is that they have very intricate and vibrant designs that are embroidered on iPhone cases for all shapes and sizes, and a huge selection to choose from.

Shopify Stores for Home & Furniture

St. Frank

St. Frank Shopify Store

This Shopify store sells beautiful, handcrafted decor. They have it all when it comes to decorating your house, as well as a website with a sleek looking design. You can find all sorts of accessories for your home from this Shopify store, ranging from pillows to kitchenware.


Mignon Shopify Store

Mignon is a small online boutique that started off as a kitchen goods retailer, before expanding to include other types of housewares and party provisions. This Shopify store been listed part of the 25 Shopify Store Examples That Will Inspire You.


HEM Shopify Store

This Shopify store stands out for its modern theme that matches the products. Each product page is accompanied by a detailed description as well as big imagery and description of the designer of the product. It is definitely one of the top Shopify stores in terms of appearance.


Floorplan Online StoreThis top Shopify store is about rugs, rugs, and more rugs. Not only do they give you a wide selection to choose your favorite rug from, they also give you the possibility to create a custom rug, exactly how you imagined it for your home.

Wrightwood Furniture
Wrightwood Furniture Wrightwood Furniture started as a store in Chicago. Today, the company makes over 12% of their revenue from their Shopify store. Their online Shopify store is a lead generator for their physical location sales as well.

Some Other Great Shopify Stores Worth Mentioning

Canada IconsCanada Icons Canada Icons is an online Shopify store – and a museum – which sells Canadian brands and goods. The business revolves around telling stories and is proud of its Canadian heritage.


Sugarfina Shopify Store

Just a month after launching in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg selected the company as a Facebook gift vendor. This helped the company achieve $120k in revenue in its first year. By 2014, this Shopify shop was making $3 million in revenue.


Pipsnacks Shopify Store

Pipsnacks sells healthy snacks and is a Shark Tank success story. The initial Shark Tank investment was $200k in 2013. In 2014 the company made $800k in revenue and was expected to increase it by at least 800% in 2015.

The Ghostly Store

The Ghostly StoreThe Ghostly Store sells all sorts of things, from leather wallets and coffee beans to art prints and vinyl records. In 2012, this Shopify store formed a partnership with Warby Parker to create a new line of sunglasses.

Pure Cycle

Pure Cycle Shopify StoreThe cycling industry is worth $6 billion. In 2012, Pure Cycle, then Pure Fix Cycle, sold over 2,000 bicycles and made almost $4 million dollars.


Tattly Shopify StoreTattly started as a side hobby for designer Tina Roth-Eisenburg. Today, it’s a growing temporary tattoo business. In 2015, this Shopify store shipped 2.6 million temporary tattoos ranging from $5 to $15 per sale.


UPPERCASE Shopify Store

UPPERCASE is a small, independent publisher of books and magazines for the creative and curious. Founded in 2009, it is loved by readers around the world and has been recognized for its design excellence. This proud store has been on Shopify from its early days. It is number 83 in Shopify’s database.

GoldieBloxGoldieBlox Shopify Store is a construction toy series focused on problem solving, adventure and engineering. In 2013, thi Shopify shop was making $300k in monthly revenue from all its different toys and books.

Leather Head Sports

Leather Head Sports

Founder of Leather Head Sports, Paul Cunningham, had such success selling his sports leather goods he had to switch from Etsy to Shopify. He hasn’t looked back since.

Craft and Mason

Craft and MasonThis company sells specialty coffee and delivers it to your door. The founders focused on counting their pennies from day one and providing real value to coffee lovers to help grow their business.


Which of these Shopify stores did you enjoy the most? Which one of the stores inspired you the most to aim high with your own store? These Shopify stores vary in their successes but they are all great sources of inspiration for a successful ecommerce. Most of these examples make thousands of dollars in sales each month. Some have a reputation for really cool clients like Ben Affleck too.

Dropshipping Niches That Are Steady, Not Trendy

Imagine having a dropshipping store already built, with ads in place and SEO thoroughly locked down, when search volume for “fidget spinners” did this:

Anticipating that spike would have led to huge revenue – in the same way that winning the lottery leads to huge revenue.

Instead of crossing our fingers in hopes of catching the next fidget spinner, let’s look at some more reliable and, alas, likelier scenarios for building a profitable dropshipping store.

We dug into some data to identify the dropshipping niches that have had the most sustained success over the past few years. Not the dropshipping niches with the hottest trends. Instead, the ones that have been the most consistent.

Whether you’re a budding dropshipper or an experienced store owner eyeing something new, you can use this data to explore ideas, products, and strategies that tap into the most enduring niches.


Finding the Best Dropshipping Niches

Here’s how we identified the dropshipping niches with the most sustained success. NOTE: We bribed our data team to do this – it’s not something that can be done inside of Oberlo. But we’re here to share the data, so let’s dive in!

Step 1: We collected data about sales made with Oberlo since 2016, and divided those sales into categories. Oberlo has 22 “Categories,” and these are the most popular:

Step 2: We then applied these time filters:

January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

January 1, 2018 – April 25, 2018

(Clearly the 2018 data is lighter than the other years… but we just couldn’t wait.)

Step 3: Next we pinpointed the categories that have the most orders year after year. Here they are, with 1 being the best.

Step 4: We identified the dropshipping niches that had the most orders within the most popular categories. These niches make up the umbrella categories. So “Action & Toy Figures” is one of 12 niches that make up the “Toys & Hobbies” category:

This analysis will show us:

  • The most popular niches
  • In the most popular categories
  • Over the longest periods of time

In other words, these are the most consistent dropshipping niches over the span of two-plus years. They are also a good bet to thrive for the next two-plus years.

The Highest-Performing Categories

Here, again, are the top 10 categories:

A few notes about these results.

  • Women’s Clothing & Accessories ranked No. 1 in 2017 and 2018. It’s on fire.
  • Beauty & Health was ranked No. 9 in 2016; No. 2 in 2017; and No. 3 in 2018.
  • The Watches category comes in at No. 7 here, which might not appear all that spectacular but actually is. Watches isn’t nearly as broad as these other categories. Women’s clothing, for instance, contains items ranging from accessories to sweaters. Watches is just… watches. In that context, watches, which ranked in the top 10 each year, is a dropshipping product to keep in mind. At the very least, it can be incorporated into a store that features categories like women’s or men’s clothing.

Now let’s put the best performing categories under a microscope and look at the specific dropshipping niches that are fueling their success.

Dropshipping Niches in Women’s Clothing

Let’s start with the reigning two-time champion – Women’s Clothing & Accessories. There are lots of dropshipping niches that fall under women’s clothing, including some don’t move the needle much – like, say, Bodysuits and Jumpsuits.

There are, however, some annual winners.

  • So, yeah, Intimates. This No. 1 ranking is no fluke. Intimates had the most orders of any dropshipping niche in any category in 2017, and it’s on track to do it again this year. If you aren’t sure exactly what the Intimates niche covers, it’s the sort of stuff:

  • Accessories is a broad dropshipping niche that includes products ranging from headbands to scarf clips to gloves. Lots of small stuff, basically. The average order value on accessories won’t be as high as, say, dresses, but it’s a dropshipping niche that has a track record of high-volume orders.

  • Bottoms is a broad niche whose ranking has increased each of the past two years.

Dropshipping Niches in Jewelry

Women’s Clothing & Accessories may be tops, but Jewelry has enjoyed plenty of success as well. This category has finished no lower than fourth during our three-year window, and it was No. 1 in 2016.

Let’s take a look at the best dropshipping niches within Jewelry.

  • Necklaces & Pendants is the niche that performed best each year. Products within this niche are especially cheap for merchants. Lots of the time you could charge $2 and enjoy a 100% markup. Coupled them with matching earrings and you can enjoy an even healthier profit margin.

  • Bracelets & Bangles was second place each year, and actually came pretty close to passing Necklaces & Pendants in 2017. If you’re not familiar with bangles, they’re a type of bracelet often associated with India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries.

  • Rings are a mainstay in the top three of the Jewelry category. This is yet another dropshipping niche that is cheap for you and popular for shoppers.

Dropshipping Niches in Home & Garden

Home & Garden is where you’ll find items for your flowers, your living room, your bedroom, and more. There are plenty of products that will earn a chuckle, and also some practical items designed to make your customers’ lives easier.

Here are the dropshipping niches inside Home & Garden that have had the most sustained success since 2016.

  • Home Decor has been solid for years. This niche includes items that add some life to your home, from gag decals for your toilet to fun scratch-off maps.

  • The Kitchen, Dining & Bar niche is a combination of fun and practical. Fun like this gag mug, and practical like this pineapple cutter:



  • The Arts, Crafts & Sewing niche gives us a good excuse to discuss the different filters you can use inside Oberlo. Here, you’ll see that the “Sort by” filter is set to “Lowest price.”

Meanwhile, here is the same niche, but with the filter set to “Order count” – that is, the products with the most orders appear first.

The products we see are totally different. The first filter gives us a handful of products that all cost $1 or less. The second filter shows us tapestries and a “Rose Wish Bottle Handmade Eternal Never Withered Flower.” (We’d probably want to tweak that product name when we import it into our store.)

Dropshipping Niches in Beauty & Health

Appearing in the top three most popular categories each of the last two years, Beauty & Health niches can roughly be summed up as “stuff you’d find in your bathroom.” Hair products, makeup, facial massage rollers, and other things to keep people looking and feeling their best.

  • This isn’t “Health Care” like medicine and surgical tools. Instead, popular items include ear wax removers, anti-snoring apparatuses, posture correction belts, and other miscellanea.

  • Makeup is more straightforward. Lipstick, fake eyelashes, powder brushes. This dropshipping niche is of course somewhat restricted to women, but that hasn’t stopped it from placing in the top three Beauty & Health niches three years running.

  • With some of these products, it’s extra important to be careful with product descriptions. Anything that deals with health and physical well-being requires attention to detail – no wild promises. This foot and muscle roller, for example, is popular, but if you sell it in your store, you might want to dial back the out-of-the-box description: “Improve blood circulation and boost lymphatic drainage, give your metabolism a kick-start… treat headaches and migraine, offer good relaxation and regulation for your body, etc.”

Conclusions on Dropshipping Niches

The data we looked at today doesn’t show us everything. For example, we didn’t look at high-performing niches inside of low-performing categories. We also didn’t look at niches that performed poorly in 2016 and 2017, and are now pointing up in 2018.

There are more gems out there than discussed in this post.

But as you think about what you can sell at your new store – or maybe what you can add to your current store – keep these niches in mind. They have been moving the dial for years.

Crazy Impulse Products that Make Customers Drop Everything and Add to Cart

These ten best selling products are perfect for getting sales from impulse shopping customers. Watch this video for tips on how to market these products to impulse buying customers. To sell the impulse buy products in this video, log in to Oberlo and click these links:

10. Loch ness monster ladle: http://bit.ly/2AVp57T

9. Warning system windshield projector: http://bit.ly/2AUpTtK

8. Smart watch: http://bit.ly/2AWkMJu

7. 180-degree makeup mirror: http://bit.ly/2AXRHxh

6. Personalized calendar keychain: http://bit.ly/2AUdAgQ

5. Twinkle lights: http://bit.ly/2AUUFT9

4. Peacoat: http://bit.ly/2ARxOYC

3. Baby sleeping bag: http://bit.ly/2AXCa0a

2. Animal wire protectors: http://bit.ly/2AUdSUY

1. Lazy quilt: http://bit.ly/2B5eHur

For our Facebook advertising home decor target audience recommendation: http://bit.ly/2AVaSaS For more information on impulse buy products: http://bit.ly/2Umws0P

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