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Crazy Impulse Products that Make Customers Drop Everything and Add to Cart

These ten best selling products are perfect for getting sales from impulse shopping customers. Watch this video for tips on how to market these products to impulse buying customers. To sell the impulse buy products in this video, log in to Oberlo and click these links:

10. Loch ness monster ladle: http://bit.ly/2AVp57T

9. Warning system windshield projector: http://bit.ly/2AUpTtK

8. Smart watch: http://bit.ly/2AWkMJu

7. 180-degree makeup mirror: http://bit.ly/2AXRHxh

6. Personalized calendar keychain: http://bit.ly/2AUdAgQ

5. Twinkle lights: http://bit.ly/2AUUFT9

4. Peacoat: http://bit.ly/2ARxOYC

3. Baby sleeping bag: http://bit.ly/2AXCa0a

2. Animal wire protectors: http://bit.ly/2AUdSUY

1. Lazy quilt: http://bit.ly/2B5eHur

For our Facebook advertising home decor target audience recommendation: http://bit.ly/2AVaSaS For more information on impulse buy products: http://bit.ly/2Umws0P

Fight Against Fraud and Protect Your Revenue with Ads.txt

There is a presentation by Google on the fight against fraud and protect your revenue. You can check out more information and for my own reference too at this link >> HERE using Ads.txt

If I own a Shopify store again or an e-commerce store, I will surely implement Ads.txt for my online shop in the root domain. By the way, ADS stands for Authorized Digital Sellers and Ads.txt enables content owners to create a public record declaring who is authorized to sell their inventory. It stops counterfeits and protects your earnings.

Almost 600,000 domains have already added Ads.txt to their sites. You can check out the link above for more information. Should I need Ads.txt in the near future, I will come back to read this blog post as a reminder of how to implement it. Happy weekday and happy working!

Get Sweatin, T-shirts for your workout in the gym

Get Sweatin - Tshirts for your gym

I confirm that this is a sponsored post that adheres to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION 16 CFR Part 255 of the USA.

I am now outstation and hope that dad gets his heart bypass done soon. In the meantime, I also came across Get Sweatin, T-shirts for your workout in the gym to keep you healthy by exercising. Health is wealth and with health, you will be able to work and earn an income. For this Christmas, you might be interested to check out HERE and use my referral code PHILIN – this will ensure my referrals to Get Sweatin are tracked and credited to my account.

Thereafter, you might also like to see Get Sweatin so you can locate the most updated list of deals for this merchant. Having an ideal BMI, an acronym for Body Mass Index, is so important to reduce risks of getting diseases and critical illnesses. So, it is also important to invest in your health by working out in the gym, preferably early in the morning when you wake up.

You can never take your health for granted like my dad and think that he will live to a ripe old age. For him, the only solution is to go for a bypass as he has clogged arteries.

Get Sweatin for Women

Get Sweatin is an e-commerce website with a robust payment gateway that accepts credit card details and other information that won’t be shared with a third party. So you can shop peacefully and securely knowing that your credit card details are safe and encrypted by an https website. Do check out their Main Website for Get Sweatin and see the various products for sale or get a present for your loved ones this coming Christmas.

Remember, health is wealth and you cannot take your health for granted. Be in the pink of health always by eating moderately and exercising while stimulating your brains via lots of reading and working. In my undergrad years, I have had experience participating in a long distance 3km swim using breaststroke or ‘frog style’ in my varsity many years ago. I was also a regular gym member and used to exercise at least 3 times per week for about 20 minutes to an hour, even.

In my late twenties, I had an optimum BMI and was in the pink of health to work and shop, splurging on the things that I love to use while destressing from all the hassles of work and busyness. Just remember, if you are looking for a cool t-shirt or t-shirts for yourself or family member and friends who don’t work out, get this nice gift from HERE and use my referral code PHILIN.

Give your loved ones something useful for their health and even daily wear or casual wear with meaningful wordings to remind yourself of the basics of living like “Blood, Sweat and Tears” as a good reminder to work hard in order to put food on the table for yourself and your family. There are other workings and pertinent sentences too that relates to all of us here.

10 Challenges Every Store Owner Will Face (And How to Solve Them)

10 Challenges Every Store Owner Will Face (And How to Solve Them)

1. So, You Told Your Loved Ones

When I first told my friends and family I was becoming an entrepreneur. I didn’t get the level of excitement I was hoping for. Instead, conversations unfolded like this:

“Why are you throwing your life away?”

“Don’t you appreciate that your job gives you benefits and a steady income?”

I tried to explain what I was doing in a million ways. But there was no getting through to them.

All I could do was hide out at the library every day, with my phone off, to avoid conflict as much as possible.


If I could go back in time, I just wouldn’t tell them until I had something to show for it.

The second you tell anyone you love about wanting to be an entrepreneur – parents, friends, family, spouse, coworkers – there’s a pretty good chance someone will try to change your mind.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself who you’re living for. Your parents, your partner, yourself, or a greater purpose. And if you focus on yourself or a greater purpose, well, at least it was your decision.

And for the record, my loved ones have become more supportive of my entrepreneurial projects as I started to succeed. You just need to prove yourself before you tell anyone.

2. Store Build Exhaustion

You made the common mistake of importing hundreds of products to your dropshipping store. And who wouldn’t when it only takes a couple of clicks? But you stayed committed and wrote product descriptions for them all.

Trust me, I know how common this mistake is. Take a look at my current Oberlo dashboard – as you can see, I’m sitting on 92 different products. You don’t need to add all 92 products on your store that first day.

Import List

But by the time you finally get around to launching your store, you’re as burnt out as toast lit on fire.

So you create a Facebook ad or maybe create an Instagram post, but you don’t really put any thoughtful effort into it. You just want to get your first sale over with. But the ka-ching sound that the Shopify app makes for each sale – yeah, it never comes.

How do you solve this? If you import hundreds of products into your dropshipping store out of excitement, pick 25 or fewer products to write copy for. And launch that same day.

You’ll drastically reduce the burnout. Plus, your time is sacred. You’ve got that full-time job going, family to care for, and a million other responsibilities.

While it’s important to commit to your new business, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with a high workload. You can slowly build your store. Get a few early sales and keep adding products to your store as you continue to grow.

3. Fear of Failure

For most, fear of failure can stop you from succeeding, even when you’re so freaking close to achieving your dreams.

Heck, I’ve failed so many times I could probably end up with a Guinness World Record.

But the biggest failure is not pushing forward. Don’t listen to that nasty voice in your head. She’s wrong about you anyway.

You need to look at failure like a game. Like you’re trying to solve a puzzle where you need to guess all the wrong combinations before you finally figure out the right combination.

If you don’t get it right the first time, no problem.

But you still need to dig deeper to crack the code.

There are famous failures who’ve failed so much worse than you ever could. And the reason why they ended up becoming leaders, millionaires, billionaires and got a place in the history books is that they refused to let some obstacle prevent them from achieving greatness.

mental barriers steve jobs

Treat obstacles the same way an Olympic hurdler does. Jump over them. And if you trip over one, pretend like it didn’t happen and keep jumping over the next ones. This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about:

You’re allowed to feel sad when you hit a roadblock. But then you need to turn that sadness into a raging fire to push you to greater heights. Ignite that spark in you, you know you’ve got what it takes.

4. Disappointment After Your First Ad

The feeling that you’re on the right track usually disappears after you create your first ad and end up with zero sales. It’s always such a bummer.

Trust me when I say this, most first ads fail.

Don’t lose hope because you didn’t hit jackpot on your first try. My first Facebook ad got zero sales. However, with time I ended up creating a six-figure store with the help of Facebook ads.

People tend to make Facebook ads look easy with their copy and paste templates. But truth is, it all boils down to experimentation. Testing out different products, experimenting with different copy, and mixing up pictures.

So if your first ad fails, don’t dive into your second one right away.

Take the time to evaluate what mistakes you made. And make a mindful effort to improve on that first ad.

When my first Facebook ad failed, I literally spent the next couple days reading every article on Facebook ads that I could find. My second Facebook ad converted at about 4-5 cents a click. Remember: you’re still learning.

5. You Chose the Wrong Products

You found a product you liked and decided to start promoting it.

But the “No sales yet” on your Shopify dashboard isn’t doing you any favors.

no sales yet

The success of your store boils down to winning products.

All you need to do is find one.

And that one product will carry the weight of your store’s sales.

So how do you find them and how will you know?

Search-based products are products people search for, like tools or equipment. Impulse buy products are products people don’t really need – but buy anyway when they pop up in their Facebook feeds. Don’t make the mistake of selling the right product the wrong way. If you’re selling search-based products, running a Facebook ad isn’t going to skyrocket sales.

You need to keep experimenting to find the right products. Create several ads for different products. Which product outperforms the rest? Use that product and scale ads on that one. Don’t try to force a losing product into becoming a winning one. If it doesn’t convert well, test a different product instead.

6. You Freeze Up

You spent months daydreaming about starting your online store.

And you start to make some pretty good progress on it.

All of a sudden, you’re second-guessing yourself.

I can do this.

No, I can’t.

OMG. Freaking out.

Executing is harder than daydreaming.

Imagining all the money you can make, all the fame you can have, and all the power in the universe takes no work.

Choosing products, designing your store, and marketing takes an endless amount of energy. I mean, doesn’t Elon Musk work 80-90 hours a week? You’re not gonna get into the big leagues by doing the 40-hour work week.

Most people freeze up because there’s just so much stuff to learn and do. There just aren’t enough hours in the day or resources to do them.

But in the beginning, you’ve just gotta suck it up and get it done.

Break it down into smaller chunks. Set a timer. Create a schedule with different tasks you need to do. Work on the easy-to-execute projects first to gain momentum. Give yourself a hard deadline. Ask your partner for some help. Hire an intern. There’s always a solution waiting to be discovered.

7. You Don’t Actually Know Where to Start

So much information.

Too many dropshipping courses online.

How do I know what’s credible?

Who can I trust?

Like you, when I first started I thought I needed to sign up for all courses.

Read every article on every blog.

And buy every book.

But you don’t.

The easiest way to succeed isn’t by absorbing information but by practicing.

Say you dream of being a baseball player.

Do you really think you’re gonna become an all-star from reading books?

Or will you get closer to your dream by simply playing baseball.

baseball example obstacles

Same works with e-commerce.

The best ideas come from making mistakes, trying things out, and sometimes talking to other people who are a bit better than you.

So no, you don’t need to sign up and finish a course before you build your first store.

Deep down you know you’re just procrastinating.

Sit yourself down, design your store, and focus on getting your first sale. Experiment. Try new things. Put yourself out there.

You don’t need to be an overnight success to become successful.

8. You Get Sucked Into a Negativity Vortex

It’s easy to second guess yourself.

You question whether you have the skills to succeed.

And delay your business’ launch.

You let someone else’s opinion of you get in your head.

And you decide to do something completely different.

You can hit a home run every time you go to bat, but there’ll always be that one guy in the stands yelling “You suck!”

And sometimes the person yelling that to you… is you.

One small easy-to-fix problem can get escalated to feelings of hopelessness pretty easily.

There’s this really great book I recently read by Marilee G. Adams, Ph.D., called Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.

In it, she shares questions to ask yourself to transition from a Judger mindset into a Learner one. Judger is basically that negative, defeatist mindset, and Learner is the positive, open-minded one.

So when all your problems start piling up and everything feels hopeless you can ask yourself questions like:

What assumptions am I making?

What’s best to do now?

What am I responsible for?

What can I learn?

What do I want?

Choice Map

Feel free to check out the Choice Map PDF to find more questions that’ll help you get back on the right track when the negativity vortex starts swirling.

9. You Don’t Know How to Write Product Descriptions

You might be the world’s greatest marketer. But sometimes the thing holding us back isn’t our mindset – its our lack of skills. For some people, writing product descriptions can be a bit overwhelming.

Maybe you’re afraid that the words you add don’t sound good. Or you’re not sure how to structure your sentences.

Try not to overcomplicate it.

While having a great product description is important, your product photos are going to do the heavy lifting when it comes to sales.

When I write product descriptions for my store, I tend to use this template most:

  1. Compliment the customer and connect it to the product
  2. Mention the product benefit and relate it to the feature
  3. Provide a simple recommendation

Let’s apply this template to an actual product on Oberlo Verified suppliers.


You deserve something as purrfect as this cat towel. This soft towel will soak up water with ease. And it’s antibacterial too – making it a perfect towel for kids or babies. Feel free to snatch up these towels in different colors so children know which one is theirs.

Here’s a look at what it looks like on an online store:

Cat Towel Product Description

A little trick I do, as you can see in the example, is make use of puns. Whenever I write a product description, I’ll Google a keyword like “cat puns” so I can make silly jokes to make the copy more playful and easier to read.

10. You Run Out of Money

obstacles money

Maybe you spent $1,000 on your first Facebook ad thinking you’d get the same results as a friend.

Or maybe you didn’t have a lot of money to start with.

Having money to pay for food and shelter is important, so if you’re shot down to zero, you need to rework your plan.

You don’t need to give up, but you need to hit that pause button.

Take the time to work on some side hustles where you trade time for money. Like a freelance gig or a part-time job. This is only temporary so you can recharge your finances.

And then once your finances are back on track you need to look at your store differently.

In the meantime, create content – blog posts, social media posts using hashtags, and videos on YouTube.

It’s time to play the slow and steady race.

No, you won’t be getting sales off the bat. But you’ll grow your audience so you can grow your sales long-term. It’s budget-friendly. And it’ll also help you build a more sustainable business.

Feel free to scan through the Free Traffic ebook for other ideas on how to get traffic you can monetize without spending a time.


We all experience obstacles at some point. Fortunately, all those mental barriers and roadblocks usually come from our own doing, meaning the power to change it ultimately lies within yourself. Sometimes the easiest way to get those negative thoughts out of your head is by asking a different set of questions. Other times all you need is a little more practice to bring you closer to achieving your dreams. But if it counts for anything, you really can change the world. And I hope you do!


e-Commerce SEO for Beginners by Oberlo Dropshipping Application

SEO is a huge topic for beginners. But don’t worry. Oberlo will summarize up the key points here in this video for beginners like you and me. If you want to get started in SEO, then this video will help from Oberlo. This is to help e-commerce store owners get more sales using SEO. For the uninitiated, Oberlo helps automate Your Dropshipping Store with awesome features just like Shopzie. Oberlo has Free 14-Day Trial. No Credit Card is required with up to 10% Cashback. It Automates Dropship Stores with Auto Order and Tracking plus 1-Click Migration Tool.

You might wonder, ‘What is Oberlo?’

Oberlo is an application, which allows you to easily import dropshipped products into a Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. You can import and sell items that can be found on Oberlo Supply Marketplace or at Aliexpress.com.

Carola Zeta – All Your Luxury Choice


I confirm that this is a sponsored post that adheres to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION 16 CFR Part 255 of the USA.

I was browsing the internet this morning and chanced upon Carola Zeta – All Your Luxury Choice in my Dashboard. As loyal readers of this blog, you can get 10% discount using my referral code PHILIN on the tracking link >> HERE – this will ensure that my referrals to Carola Zeta are tracked and credited to my account.

Dolce & Gabbana

The pictures above are from the flagship brand Dolce & Gabbana, one of the luxury brands in this robust e-commerce website. You can also check out Carola Zeta’s page on Carola Zeta’s promo codes so you readers can locate the most updated list of deals for this merchant.

Christmas is just around the corner, and this blog’s theme has been changed accordingly to the season of giving and receiving. The e-commerce website above accepts payments via credit cards using a safe and secure payment gateway. Your details will not be shared by the third party as it adheres to the USA guidelines for the sponsored post.

Do browse around the links above and who knows, you may find something you need for a loved one or friends during this Christmas. It saves you from having to pay for the parking ticket and dress up to go shopping at a mall. With just the click of the computer mouse or keyboard, you can order the branded items in the comfort of home.

You might also like to check out Carola Zeta Website at the link given. This is a comprehensive e-commerce site that you can check out with so many branded and groovy items to buy for the coming Christmas and also for a loved one all year round. I love how the e-commerce website categorises the branded items by names such as clothing, shoes, bags, designers, etc. The branded items are lists alphabetically, from A to Y currently.

Under the clothing category, sub-categories include Tops, Knitwears & Sweaters, Jackets & Coats, Trousers & Jeans, Skirts, Dresses and Shorts. Top brands include Prada, Moncler, Chloé, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. I love Prada and owns a black Prada bag that I got as a gift. And it is Not true the Devil carries a Prada, from the title of a movie! More likely, the Angel in me carries a Prada! 🙂

Prada Blazer

Don’t you find the blazers above lovely for working executive ladies? You will look young and smart besides giving an aura of being professional look in the office should you wear it while working after graduation. Your boss will also have a good first impression of you should you use the Blazers during the interview with a higher chance of clinching the job over others who wear colorful clothes for such an important occasion.

During interviews, it is best to go with darker colours to show authority and pair it with a matching bag and shoes. It is better to be safe with grey, black and white colors for a serious job hunting experience. In this e-commerce site, there are also clothing for parties, the beach, casuals and much more.

7 Online Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Store

Cuteness in Progress Instagram respost

1. Social Media

Think managing your social media is as easy as posting content once a day? It’s not. When it comes to social media, your marketing strategy shouldn’t be to just do it. You need to come up with a plan… and one that works.

Every social platform has a specific target audience. If you’re an online fashion retailer, you probably won’t get most of your sales from LinkedIn, which serves more of a B2B (business to business) audience. Instead, you’ll focus on visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Your best engagement will likely be on Instagram. Your best performing ads will likely come from Facebook. And you might drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest (which you can then retarget with Facebook ads).

So, once you’ve figured out which platforms are worth pursuing for your specific business, it’s time to zero in on your marketing strategies. What type of content should you post? Which tactics should you execute to increase growth? How often should you post?

2. SEO

What’s more powerful at driving traffic to a website than social media? SEO. It won’t bring you results on day one. But marketing strategies aren’t about short-term plays. It’s about planning for the future growth.

Most online retailers focus on immediate gratification when it comes to building their online stores so they’ll run Facebook ads and call it a day. But if you really want to keep your acquisition costs low, SEO is your best bet.

The thing about SEO is that it’s actually not about picking keywords for your specific niche but going a bit broader. For example, if you have a running store, you wouldn’t only focus on keywords related to running. You’d also focus on keywords related to fitness or weight loss. Why? Because SEO is about acquiring new traffic, not just sticking to your exact audience. By having content around weight loss, you can still introduce the concept of running as a potential way to lose weight. It allows you to target a broader audience who could still be interested in your products.

3. Content Marketing

One of the most popular marketing strategies right now is content marketing. It helps keep acquisition costs low. But it’s also great at “warming up” leads. What does that mean? It means not everyone will be ready to buy from you the first time they visit your website. However, your content can act as a relationship builder. The more of your content someone sees, the more familiar the potential customer becomes with your brand. Eventually, that familiarity can result in cold, hard cash. Like SEO, it’s a bit of a long-term play. But it pays off.

Content marketing serves multiple purposes beyond acquisition though. It can also educate your customers so that they can improve their performance within the niche. For example, if you run a hair extension store, you can create hair tutorial videos with your hair extensions. This will help your customers look more beautiful using your hair extensions but also keep them using your product. Eventually, when customers want to buy another style, they’ll be more likely to be from you. Why? Because content marketing improves customer retention too.

Content can come in many forms like blog posts, ebooks, videos, infographics, webinars, podcasts, polls, quizzes, templates, and more.

4. Public Relations

The realm of public relations (PR) covers everything from media coverage to branding to content marketing. PR is about maintaining a positive public image and increasing brand awareness. On the one hand, PR is about preventing and putting out fires that can harm a brand’s reputation. And on the other it’s about showcasing the good things your brand does such as corporate social responsibility.

Marketing strategies like PR should always be included in your marketing plan. The reality is your brand’s reputation can be as magical as Disney’s or it can be as tarnished as Takata’s.

5. Collaborations

Brand collaborations or partnerships can help skyrocket your business. Marketing strategies like collaboration or co-marketing allow you to elevate your business by tapping into another brand’s audience. Most view brands in similar niches as competitors but they can be allies. If two brands serve the same audience but carry different product lines, they can help each other grow by co-creating content, hosting a contest, or launching a joint product together. By leveraging another brand’s audience your marketing campaign can reach a bigger audience, making it an even greater success.

In part 8 of my case study series, I shared how another online retailer in a similar niche gave me a free shout-out on Instagram. While the post didn’t result in any sales, it did result in new followers and website visits. My online store didn’t even have 20 followers at the time and this brand had over 200,000! So collaborations don’t always need to be an even trade. This is a simple way to partner with a brand with a bigger audience without having to offer something extravagant in return.

6. Email Marketing

For many online retailers, email marketing drives the fastest immediate results in terms of webpage traffic and sales. You can build your email list by asking customers to opt into your marketing when they check out. Or you can add an opt-in form to your blog, homepage, and other popular pages of your website.

The real magic in email marketing comes from the ability to continue to remarket to your audience on an asset you have 100% ownership of. Think of social media followers as rented. Whereas, your entire email list can be moved to another email provider anytime. So you’ll always own your complete list.

What are the top marketing strategies for email?

The easiest way to increase your email marketing impact is to build a bigger email list. Apps like Spin-A-Sale can be added to your online store, gamifying the process of email list building. The tool allows customers to spin a wheel to get a discount. Customers have to enter their email to spin. But it’s also proven to result in sales as well. I personally tried it on my store and we ended up building a massive email list.

Create email funnels. An email funnel is a set of sequenced emails. A standard email newsletter might include your best-selling products. However, an email funnel might start by featuring a couple of blog posts about the niche to help customers increase brand familiarity. You might then send an email showing your best-selling products of the week to convert the sale. But you’d only send the conversion email after sending a non-sales email first. You could also build funnels for your abandoned cart emails.

Segment your email list. As your email list keeps growing, personalization and segmentation become essential. You’ll have customers who’ve ordered different products on your store. However, by personalizing your emails, you can show them products they may be interested in based on their previous browsing history. This can help make them more likely to buy your products because it’s catered to that individual customer. Apps like Customer Segment Builder can help with this.

7. Video Marketing

Picture posts just aren’t cutting it anymore, folks. Videos are one of the most important marketing strategies for 2018. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to create videos. All you need is your phone. And you could use a free video editing app from the App Store or Google Play to make easy modifications to your videos.

How you create your videos also depends on which platform you’re on. For example, on Instagram, you might use Instagram apps like Boomerang to create a short video loop. On YouTube, you’ll likely be creating widescreen videos.

by Nicole Martins Ferreira

Nicole Martins Ferreira is a content marketer at Oberlo and experienced ecommerce entrepreneur. She’s been building online stores since 2013 and sharing her secrets with Oberlo users since 2016. Follow Nicole on Twitter at @NicoleMarFer.

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