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Pretty Busy Today

I’m pretty busy today with so much to type and print out for a tender closing soon. And my forgetful boss lost the original CIDB certificate with the home office in a big mess, with file and quotations all over the place! Frankly, he’s a very disorganized person, albeit untidy too. Hygiene does not run in his family either. Many times, I have to do double work just to print out and search for files for him since he misplaced them frequently. I don’t know why he does not remove and discard old files of customers and the whole soho is filled with tonnes of files and enquiries from past years. We have been in business for at least 15 years already; so imagine the piles of quotations and whatnots gathering dust in the shelves. Thank goodness he’s out for a while to buy printing paper for the tender documents to be printed out later. In the meantime, I shall take the liberty to blog here and take sponsored posts now and then.

Down With Flu

I was immediately down with flu after eating a yellow tim sum bun filled with egg yolk and oil! Yucks! And the tennis coach liked it so much, he recommended it to my spouse and specially waited for this item. After having 2 of such buns, I began vomiting and threw out all the buns and their contents. This could be due to food poisoning, but according to the doctor, it was due to infection. So, he gave me anti-biotics, cough tablets, phlegm tablets and cough syrup for $66. I also did not enjoy the cruise; slept throughout the entire cruise except for dinner and breakfast on Superstar Libra for the second time round. Did not watch any shows either.

Sick with Flu

I have been sick since 11 March 2016 until today! That was my sister’s birthday when we met up for Chinese dinner at Sri Bahari Road and she passed her sickness or flu to me since I was seated beside her! I had seen the same doctor twice already and finished my course of anti-biotics the first round. Dr Lim gave me 3-4 types of medicine for phlegm, sore throat and chesty cough. I really don’t know when the flu will heal itself and get rid of. I even tried sleeping even more to recover; but then again, I have to type quotations and email to clients and reply enquiries. Thank goodness, I work from a home office, so taking MC is not an issue.

Computer Crash

I got a fatal system error C000021a which was a system crash on my old laptop of 7 years. So, yesterday, in a desperate attempt, called up several technicians and only 1 turned up at my place to solve the problem. He stayed for well over 5 hours, formatting my hard disk and partitioning into 2 drives while installing more than 200 games on my business laptop without my knowledge. Hence this morning, I had a tough time deleting all the games one by one from the computer. I don’t play games and my computer is solely for work purposes. Even after charging us RM 212 with GST, the computer has problem in installing the printer driver and he has to come again. I don’t know and have no inkling what he did to my pc that I am now unable to install the printer driver for work.

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel is OLD

I stayed at Sunway Pyramid tower hotel 2 days ago for 1 night for RM 440.75 inclusive of 10% and 6% GST charge with breakfast for 2. It was a horrible experience and I regretted staying here compared to the first time which was about 10 years ago. You see, the internal switches and lights are old and badly need replacement. There was buzzing electrical sound coming from the flickering bulb that has intermittent fault. I called the hotel electrician and when he came up, it was functioning well.

However, after he left, it started to flicker again with buzzing sound as it there is going to be some short circuit and I was scared of touching the switches in case of electrocution.

So, we requested to change to another room, which was smaller on the 8th floor compared to our superior executive room. At around 4:30am, a false fire alarm buzzed, waking up the neighbours and it went on for a long time. I could not sleep after that! Had we stayed at our own apartment, it would have been more peaceful without any hiccups or disturbances.

Anyway, this is the LAST time I am staying at Sunway Pyramid tower hotel which badly needs upgrading.

Came Back from Down South

I came back from KL 2 days ago by car and flew in by Firefly from Penang Airport to collect our repaired car that was broken into recently at the paid basement carpark of an apartment in USJ 19. We went to several places; first to collect a cheque and then to 2 places for the day of the potential clients. Some are existing clients and then headed north back home. The management is really terrible and the whole place outside the units were blacked out without a trace of light and it was difficult to get into our units in such stark darkness. They never collected maintenance charge and there were many cobwebs on the 2nd to 4th floor car parks. Blame it to poor management and laziness as collecting maintenance charges are too painful and a hassle for them.

Car Broken Into

Our second hand Merc was broken into at Rhythm Avenue basement carpark. We were informed that this is an inside job and it had happened many times, as told by the new staff who just worked there for 2 months already. They know that the CCTV is not working and is not functioning. On that day, the cleaning staff for the first time, cleaned the floor outside our apartment. I suspect it could be the foreign workers who worked in Rhythm Avenue are involved in this burglary. Even the previous management were sued for about $800k for default on the electric bill all these years for the 4 blocks and malls. When we moved in our fridge, immediately the security guard intercom us about the bulky item inside the lift. They were watching us closely. But when it comes to security in the car park, the security guard was sleeping or in cahoots with the burglars.

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