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Protein Factory – Weight Gainers for Women

Protein Factory - Weight Gainers for Women

* This is a sponsored post and opinions are entirely mine and not biased in any way and in accordance to Federal Trade Commission 16 FR Part 255.

If you wish to build up muscles, then check out protein factory – Best Weight Gainers for Women. It sells supplements like no other supplement company does. Using the highest quality ingredient, Protein Factory is not about marketing hype but proven by third party lab analysis. This business philosophy has helped them sell hundreds of thousands of pounds of protein since 1998. More discerning customers trust when it comes to quality protein supplements and muscle building products than their competitors. offers the best weight gaining supplements for women that are effective and of the highest quality. You get Oatmuscle, egg white protein powder, Creapure, and Flax Oil. The perfect stack to help put on quality weight FAST and build muscles. For the record, muscles degenerate or atrophy is a decrease in the mass of the muscle fibers; it can be a partial or complete wasting away of muscle and is most commonly experienced by immobile people or sedentary ones who do not exercise. It appears that muscle fibers start to decrease after the age of 40 at 10% every 10 years, according to a press report.

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What’s more? There’s FREE Shipping nation-wide in the United States. Now, who wouldn’t love anything Free? If you’re hitting the gym, drinking protein shakes and still aren’t seeing muscle growth you should use a mass gainer.

Why Should You Use A Mass Gainer?

Gainers are great for people who need to supplement their diets or tone their physique. They bring clean calories, carbohydrates, and other ingredients that will promote lean muscle gain.

To gain muscle mass it’s important to take in more calories than you burn. People who are lifting for the first time or have a busy life may find it a challenge to pack in the needed calories. Others may have difficulties because of a small appetite or fast metabolism.

A number of calories that a mass gainer should have will be different for each individual. Most have success with 400-600 calorie gainers, while those with a harder time building mass may need more.

It’s important to start with gainers with a small calorie level then work your way up to see how the gainer reacts with your system. People with indigestion or an already large intake of calories may struggle with gainers that have a higher calorie level. Incorrectly using gainers may result in gaining more body fat than intended.

Gainers bring improvements to people who need more carbohydrates to gain mass. This is because a carbohydrate deficit will result in proteins being used for energy rather than for taking care of muscles.

Creatine in gainers helps with recovery time, resulting in shorter rest periods. This will let you work out harder than you normally would. It’s important to maintain the right amount of calories to guarantee a fast recovery rate.

Gainers increase the amount of L-glutamine in your system. This helps to secrete human growth hormone, improve the immune system, and reduce muscle tears. It also counteracts glutamine depletion that comes from intense workouts.

While on gainers it’s essential to still eat big meals to get all the needed vitamins and macronutrients. Check out Dealspotr Exclusive: 10% Off Products at Protein Factory (Site-Wide)