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Flying to JB Tomorrow

Early tomorrow morning, I shall be flying to Johor Bahru via Air Asia from Penang, boarding time at 6:30am and taking off at 7:15am. In the evening, after dinner, I shall board at 8:00pm and take off at 8:25pm after meeting up with a potential client. The cost for 2 adults travelling with my business colleague is RM 1,735 including airport tax, gst, etc. It is not cheap for a one day trip but it saves us lots of time, energy and gasoline driving down from Penang. I have already web checkin and printed out the boarding passes for both of us. Just wish me luck that we can secure the project and win the heart of the client.

New Network to Join

There is a new publishing company like Google Adsense and is a good alternative with many adverts on its banners placed at your sites. To join this network, click on where you can join immediately but never click on your own ads. It is good to leverage on your various blogs via this network should you be banned permanently from Adsense. I don’t know how good the conversion rates are but you can withdraw via Paypal when you hit USD 10, unlike USD 100 for Adsense. Though it is lower income, but nevertheless, something is better than nothing at all, don’t you agree? Don’t be greedy and don’t cheat. Honesty is the best policy!

Now in KL

I went to 3 places yesterday in KL having set out at 6:30am for the project interview in the morning and then headed to 2 other places before calling it home. Had dinner at Da Men which is managed by Pavilion for its shopping mall. Later on, after lunch, will head to Ipoh to see a project and then go back to Penang. So effectively, I stayed for 1 night in KL in my small condo. A depressed young businessman recently committed suicide on the 5th level carpark of the condo, probably due to family relationship problems. I can only pray that may perpetual light shine upon his departed soul. Such a young man at his prime age of 34 passed on prematurely due to stress and pressure!

Came Back from KL

I came back from KL a few days ago, having spent almost a week there. At our small condo, there were two short-term exhibitions and displays for sale on the first floor of Rhythm Avenue which is beginning to buzz with activity, from a sleepy condo with tenant after tenant moving out due to rampant corruption by the previous management headed by ‘ah boy’. Now things have improved a lot but they are still having legal tussle with the previous management for claims. I just hope the new management will win the case and they are I guess, more transparent with things.

House for Rent in Sri Lanka

I have heard about nice natural beauty in Sri Lanka like the green rice fields, landscapes, etc. I have seen posts of some bloggers traveling to this amazing place to promote it for tourism. And if you happened to be in Sri Lanka, you can check out House for rent in Sri Lanka before hand to arrange your accommodation prior to flying there. Who knows, maybe in my retirement years, I might just visit this place for the experience and do some sight seeing.

One can never be too old to travel and if time permits with some extra finances, you can check out the link above for more information before making any further decision. Homestay business is now all the rage the world over. People get to choose their type of accommodation, number of room and locality with shopping amenities on the go via the internet.

I am now in Kuala Lumpur

I was in Kuala Lumpur since 2 days ago and will return to Penang tomorrow after a project interview with my colleague and having visited another place in KL. I am staying in Rhythm Avenue Condominium in USJ 19 where there is the new Indonesian HQ supermarket called Matahari on the ground floor that is always packed with people for its affordable goods. Rhythm Avenue is now buzzing with lots of activities with a ‘nasi kandar’ cafe and PapaRich Restaurant plus 2 other Chinese restaurants. Being a business partner, I travel frequently to KL from Penang for business and work. It is enjoyable mostly as we get to chill out at Starbucks nearby in Taipan and read newspapers and magazines on Entrepreneurship, etc.