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About Me


I am a busy business woman who travels frequently all over town for work and loves it. When not working, I love to chill out with a glass of wine or two while watching cable television at home. After picking some typing skills, I love to blog during my free time and this helps to keep my brain active in my advance age. It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease which afflicted one of my relatives, who had passed on. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

So, I get transformed each day by the renewal of my mind by reading the scriptures often. My Christian faith has helped me tide over during good and bad times. As in business, there is a cycle of profitability and some loss too. Hopefully the profits outweigh the losses and this is the whole idea of working hard and working smart.

I think that’s it for now. Do come back often for updates! Now going for my cuppa and take a break here.

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