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Just Came Back from KL

I just came back from Kuala Lumpur last night after spending 2 days there for business. For the record, I just paid the first installment to Trafford for my book to be published sometime between January and February next year where I will be given 10 complimentary copies. Trafford is a print on demand service and they don’t print your books to be stocked up in bookshelves of the stores. My book will be listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Today is a weekend, I would love to slumber for long hours under my pure silk duvet. Life is good and abundant for everyone. Too tired to go to Langkawi, so we decided to skip this trip and stay at home lazing around.


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Blogging is Profitable

There are some perks to constant blogging and if your blog ranks high on the PR, then you can also earn some revenue and monitize it. This is just like milking the internet, all from the comfort of a home office in your bedroom. You can also do sponsored posts or earn some advertisement space on your blogs. But nothing is more worthwhile than penning your thoughts down in an online journal where anyone can come visit and read. In the good old days of PPP, blogging was very lucrative, but then it had slowed down a lot more later on. And don’t boast online, for there will always be tricksters scanning websites and blogs to email the owners for some easy money.

Women’s Gemstone Jewelry


Women’s jewelry is often saturated with insipid and unsophistically designed forms that are paraded as glamorous and stylish pieces. Some of the most unrefined designs in many jewelers’ selections are women’s diamond bracelets. While several jewelers fill their showcases with gaudy and brazen pieces, the master craftsmen at Avianne & Co. have over the past twenty years developed an exquisite gallery of elegant and refined women’s jewelry whose designs are based on traditional principles and an extensive design process that pushes those principles to their boundaries.

The New York City-based Avianne Jewelers have used their decades of experience to come out with an extensive array of fine diamond jewelry. The newest addition to their constantly expanding collection is the women’s diamond bracelet, made from 14k white gold and brilliantly cut diamonds with the 4 ‘C’s taken into careful consideration: carat, colour, cut and clarity. You can check out their blog at Avianne & Co. Blog for more information.

Unlike their competitors, the jewelers at Avianne & Co. aim to design and produce the most exciting and original pieces in the industry. They also offer custom-made pieces with designs shown for your approval before casting into actual tangible jewelry. Their clients include celebrities with the likes of the flamboyant Nikki Minaj, amongst others. Coming from a humble background, Nikki has certainly made good and made a name for herself as one of the most well-dressed personalities in Hollywood. She has a matching women’s gemstone jewelry for any special occasion like being a former judge at the eponymous American Idol 2012 season.

I love her fashion style, what more with matching wigs of various colors for different settings that brings out her beauty. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for sure, and matching some sophisticated genuine diamonds with your clothes will bring out the elegance and haute couture in any person.