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Contemplating of Getting an iPhone 6

Currently I own an iPhone 5 and it has worked well with me. But the tech wizard in my tells me to upgrade to an iPhone 6 with fingerprint scanning for approval before it works. This is a very good security feature no found in the older models. In the meantime, you can check out Speck or get a new iPhone 6 Case or even iPhone 6 Plus Case.

Since it will take some time before I save enough to upgrade, I will still continue to use my iPhone 5 of which I have already bought the iPhone 5S Case. My boss is using a Samsung Galaxy S6 and he certainly needs Samsung Galaxy S6 Case or even Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Case.

Most of us tend to upgrade to the latest technology gadget as soon as it comes out and you will find long queues for those wanting to be the first to get their hands at the newest gadgets and gizmos.

Long Stretch of Holidays

Yesterday was Labour Day on May 1 which is a public holiday that is celebrated worldwide and it continues with the weekend right up to Monday, since Sunday is Wesak Day for the Buddhists. I just came back from a one night stay at Equatorial Hotel, Penang and enjoyed the buffet breakfast with a wide repertoire of selections to choose from. I think I might just skip dinner or have a very light dinner since I am still full now, with time approaching for dinner in just a few minutes.

The stay at the hotel including breakfast for two set us back by a whopping $400 plus, almost $500 with 10% service charge and 6% GST included. But the view of Penang Golf Course, formerly known as Bukit Jambul Golf Course was serene, dotted by lakes with water fountain right smack in the middle. The lawn is well tended and some golfers could be seen putting away with their caddy and buggy to move from one fairway to the other.

However, there was a long queue to check into the hotel yesterday and the service was rather slow, as observed. Apparently there was a new staff who knows next to nothing manning one queue and she had to ask for directions on the booking system. Otherwise, my short holiday was almost immaculate and enjoyable.

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