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It is Good to Have a Supportive Spouse

My home had been a battle ground until granny was transferred to an old folks home and I was caught in between 2 warring parties. So, when I bought my own condo and stayed with my spouse, things improved a lot for at least 2 years until recently when the new tenants started moving in. The home stay programme caused some vandalism recently but thank goodness, it had stopped. Now it is more peaceful again and with a supportive spouse, life away from home is much more bearable. He pays for majority of the stuffs like new lighting in my computer room to replace a dimmed light that always need replacement every few months. Hence, I decided to change the whole ceiling light to a brighter one with twirling bulb that is electricity eco-save.

Finland Online Casino Games

My second sister used to have a boyfriend from Finland and they met while working in Singapore. Then she stayed at his place for 3 months in Finland trying to learn Finnish and his father owns a small island with a hut there and occasionally goes to the island for fishing and boating. Well, that was all in the past and now she is getting married to a Brit in October this year in Southampton, UK.

I have positive thoughts of Finland, they are the founders of Nokia the hand phone that is used worldwide and sold to Microsoft. If I were to play any online casino games, I would certainly choose netticasino Suomi. You can click the link given to find out more information.

What’s more, you don’t have to travel to Finland to play casino games if they have any at all, but by being online, you can do it right at the comfort of home and the tap of the keyboard.

Renewed The Star for Another Year

Just last week, I renewed The Star subscription for another year including the digital format on my iPhone 6 app. Then I reset my iPhone to get the email signature ‘from my iPhone’ but it was not so on the new iPhone. Lo and behold, everything was reset including my wiFi passwords and The Star app password. So, now I cannot read anything on my iPhone as far as The Star digital newspaper is concerned. I need to wait till tomorrow on Monday to call up the circulation department of The Star to reset my details so that I can read online again. Sheesh!

Booked Mercure Dolphine Southampton Hotel

Yesterday, I booked 4-star Mercure Dolphine Southampton Hotel in UK for 7 nights and 2 rooms for 4 adults – my parents, myself and youngest sister. The total cost without breakfast with VAT or GST here comes to around Great Britain pounds of 973 or almost 70 per night per room. My second sister is getting married there and her friend will cook for us. Plus the fact that there are several restaurants nearby including Chinese and Western food. I booked through booking.com and will only pay upon checking out on the last day. It will be sometime in October, during autumn. I shall miss my spouse and he will be all alone here.

Car Broke Down

Just the other day at Gurney Plaza car park, our old Mercedes broke down after we reached the 5th floor parking bay and pushed the car to an area where there is no obstruction to the traffic. My spouse called his brother and his own mechanic but to no avail, because it was way past working hours at night and no one picks up the call. In the end, I called dad and he wanted to come over to fetch me and told me to call up AAM, a 24-hour service for car breakdowns. We paid $130 on the spot with a receipt for 2 cars when the AAM people reached Gurney Plaza. They drove up to the car park on the 5th floor and amazingly, our car could start on its own after that. Hence, they accompanied our car our trailing behind just in case it stops midway again and it was smooth going back to the condo after that.

Celebrated my Birthday Yesterday

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday that was brought forward to the 10th July as I was in KL on the actual birthday date. Went to Chinese Recreation Club at Victoria Green, Penang and pre-ordered 6 dishes of faux sharks’ fin soup with lots of crab meat, half roasted chicken with prawn crackers, fishball soup with Japanese seaweed, lettuce wrapped egg omelette with crab meat, and ee-fu noodles with crab meat. We had pu-er tea with ice and my spouse bought each of us a lottery ticket for $3 each. Hopefully, we can win something on this auspicious day. We also tar-pau back some of the noodles as we could not finish them in one go.

Back on Tuesday

I am now in KL since Thursday night and stay over the weekend in my apartment before meeting a client on Tuesday and then depart back to Penang. On Wednesday, will go for a cruise to the high seas for 1 night 2 days on SuperStar Libra for $447 per couple. There will be buffet dinner on board and entertainment show as well. On Friday, will celebrate my birthday with family members at a Chinese restaurant with 6 dishes comprising of fake sharks’ fin soup with crab meat, half roasted chicken with prawn crackers, green vegetable in soup, crab and scallops omelette wrapped in lettuce, ‘ee-fu’ noodles with crab meat, and seaweed with fish ball soup – all for $240 excluding peanuts, drinks, GST and service charge.