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Car Broke Down

Just the other day at Gurney Plaza car park, our old Mercedes broke down after we reached the 5th floor parking bay and pushed the car to an area where there is no obstruction to the traffic. My spouse called his brother and his own mechanic but to no avail, because it was way past working hours at night and no one picks up the call. In the end, I called dad and he wanted to come over to fetch me and told me to call up AAM, a 24-hour service for car breakdowns. We paid $130 on the spot with a receipt for 2 cars when the AAM people reached Gurney Plaza. They drove up to the car park on the 5th floor and amazingly, our car could start on its own after that. Hence, they accompanied our car our trailing behind just in case it stops midway again and it was smooth going back to the condo after that.