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Changed to a New Christmas Theme

Do you like this Christmas theme? Even if you don’t, I do. Just found it online, and unzipped to my computer, before FTP to my server and simply activate the theme. I have also customised the look by adding widgets and other stuffs. Christmas is just around the corner, less than a month away and I shall be having a buffet Christmas dinner at Quayside with mum, sister and partner at RM 40 per person on 17th December 2016. I have also activated the let it snow plugin to reflect on winter time in the upper hemisphere of the earth, namely Europe, UK, etc. It must be chilly cold up there with strong winds.

Usain Bolt is a Catholic

I was reading the old copies of the Herald magazines produced by Catholic churches and it was stated that the Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is a Catholic. It is enlightening to note that he is a Christian and in this faith, it encourages believers to give their best with passion in whatever endeavors they are in – a job, sports, family, etc. Usain is also being sponsored by Celcom, our local telco here in Malaysia. Reading Christian material is certainly uplifting and inspiring. It helps to beat mental stress at work, in relationships with in-laws, etc. Forgiveness is key to a healthy life.

Flew Back from KL Last Night

My Firefly flight was delayed by 40 minutes last night, departing at 8:50pm instead of 8:10pm. It was raining heavily and the traffic was terrible. Took us 45 minutes to arrive at the airport, but luckily we set off 2 hours earlier. I have missed 3 flights before, so now I cannot take any chances and be prepared for any unforeseen like the bad weather or accidents along the road that slows down the traffic. In the morning, we went to Nilai, Seremban which took us 40 minutes along the highway to visit a site. Tomorrow, will treat my family to a steamboat buffet at the newly opened restaurant in Times Square.

Going for BBQ Buffet Dinner Tonight

Tonight, I shall be going for a BBQ buffet dinner with my spouse and family for 5 persons at Paradise Hotel’s restaurant. We will use the Club Membership card for 30% discount and there is no ala carte today since there is a BBQ buffet tonight from 7:00pm – 10:00pm. I specially requested for non-smoking area with a nice view. There is a discount for senior citizens at RM 53 net and RM 55 for adults after the discount. Otherwise, it is RM 79 per adult, which I think is a bit pricey. Currently I am also busy with sending out 2017 calendars for next year and printing out the address labels.