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In a Holiday Mood

Christmas 2016 may be over, but I am still in a holiday mood. Did some light typing of quotations this morning and that was it. Then went down to pay the condo maintenance fees with quit rent in advance for 3 months next year. Thereafter, went to Hong Leong bank below to change to a new debit contactless card but was told that mine is a new card that was changed some time back. So, there is no necessity to change to a new debit card. My partner had his 2 cars repaired and they are now in the car service centres. I booked a Grab taxi for him to come back to Penang Times Square for RM 5 per trip and it was deducted from my credit card, payment via internet.

Lacci delle scarpe


Ricordo con lacci per le scarpe come uno studente molti anni fa. Ho dovuto allacciarsi le scarpe tutti i giorni dal lunedì al venerdì poco prima di uscire di casa per andare a scuola, mentre trascinato lungo una borsa pesante dei libri di testo della scuola. lacci per le scarpe ora sono dotati di una miriade di colori e modelli. Se si guarda le scarpe di marca come Nike, si noterà i lacci delle scarpe colorati che corrispondono il design delle scarpe. Certamente agghindare il look and feel sulle scarpe.

Basta controllare il link qui sopra e selezionare i lacci delle scarpe preferite questo Natale. Viene fornito con un carrello della spesa con gateway di pagamento mercantile sicuro per il pagamento con carta di credito digitando i dettagli alla convenienza della tastiera a casa.

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas 2016

It is now 5 days to Christmas and I am excited for this day as I have booked SuperStar Libra Cruise to high seas for 1 night, departing from Swettenhem Pier, Penang Port with my partner. It is extra costly compare to the usual price because of peak season together with the year end school holidays. I have attended a Quayside Condo buffet dinner recently and was satisfied of the event. Christmas is a time to reflect on the grace of God through Jesus Christ who redeemed mankind from sin and eternal damnation in hell. Jesus has reconciled man with God again and therefore all Children of God and Christians have a hope and place in heaven when they are called home to be with the Maker, God Himself.

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Came Back from KL on Saturday

I went to KL for business on Friday morning, visited 3 places on that day and another place on Saturday before my partner drove back to Penang. We collected a cheque for work done, banked in and continued with our usual business in KL. Just got a Whatsapp chat message that Block B in my apartment/condo has water cut, most probably due to unpaid bills. Mine is Block C and so far there is no problem after we have been paying our dues promptly. It has a tennis court, 2 squash courts, a swimming pool – so it is more of a condominium than an apartment. The location at USJ 19 is also good as it is near to an MRT with 3 minutes walk to the station.