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Happy Mothers’ Day

I am neither here nor there, but I would like to wish pregnant women and all mothers out there a “Happy Mother’s Day.” As they say, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” As an aside, I am pleased that I voted for Pakatan Harapan which won the election, initially by a simple majority. Now with Sabah and Sarawak joining the new coalition, it could be 2/3 majority and Najib’s camp being trounced sorely. Goodbye to a oppressive regime, with the ex-PM and wife living like a King and Queen while the people are taxed heavily like the 6% GST to make up for their lavish lifestyles. They have been called the Marcoses of Malaysia. Prices of gasoline skyrocket “every seconds”, as Dr Mahathir aptly calls it.

And Penang will have a new Chief Minister >> Chow Kon Yeow, while Lim Guan Eng has been declared the Finance Minister since he has accounting background. I bet his job will be tough, getting back the stolen monies in 1MDB. I hope Jho Low will be brought back to Malaysia with his billions of dollars of super luxury yacht and overly-priced paintings. He even lost millions of Malaysian dollars in gambling in US casinos and had a private room. It is going to be a tough but takes collective work to bring back these crooks and put them behind bars. There is also the mystery of the murder of Altantuya, private investigator Bala, etc. The people have won. Kudos to Malaysia and our 92 year-old Prime Minister, the oldest in the world that sets a new record!