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e-Commerce SEO for Beginners by Oberlo Dropshipping Application

SEO is a huge topic for beginners. But don’t worry. Oberlo will summarize up the key points here in this video for beginners like you and me. If you want to get started in SEO, then this video will help from Oberlo. This is to help e-commerce store owners get more sales using SEO. For the uninitiated, Oberlo helps automate Your Dropshipping Store with awesome features just like Shopzie. Oberlo has Free 14-Day Trial. No Credit Card is required with up to 10% Cashback. It Automates Dropship Stores with Auto Order and Tracking plus 1-Click Migration Tool.

You might wonder, ‘What is Oberlo?’

Oberlo is an application, which allows you to easily import dropshipped products into a Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. You can import and sell items that can be found on Oberlo Supply Marketplace or at

Jesus is Your Restorer and Nourisher

And may he be to you a restorer of life and a nourisher of your old age…
Ruth 4:15


Famine impoverished the life of Naomi, an Israelite. But it was the deaths of her husband and two sons that left her completely destitute (see Ruth 1:1–5). Or so she thought, until Boaz, who was a wealthy and close relative, entered her life.

As her kinsman-redeemer, Boaz married Ruth, Naomi’s widowed daughter-in-law. And through that union, Naomi had a grandson. The birth of her grandson gave her a new lease of life, causing the womenfolk in her village to declare that the restorer of life and the nourisher of her old age had come into her life (see Ruth 4:14–16).

Boaz is a picture of Jesus, our kinsman-redeemer. Jesus became our kinsman when He was born into this world as one like us. And He became our Redeemer when He paid with His life and blood at the cross to redeem us.

Jesus gave Himself to us as our restorer of life and nourisher of our old age. When the restorer of life is in our lives, what we have lost can be restored (see Joel 2:25−26). And with the nourisher of our old age in us, our bodies can be gloriously renewed even though we advance in our years.

That is why when Moses died at the age of 120, his eyes were not dim and his natural vigor was not diminished (see Deuteronomy 34:7). Caleb, at 85 years old, could still drive out the giants from the land. God had literally nourished his body and made it strong for war (see Joshua 14:11). Sarah was certainly rejuvenated in her old age by God for she was still desirable to a king at the age of 90 (see Genesis 20:1–2). God even renewed her womb. She received strength to conceive seed (see Hebrews 11:11), giving birth to Isaac in her old age.

Beloved, God is outside of time and your faith in Him brings you into this timeless zone. There, what the years have stolen will be restored. And even as your years increase, you will not grow weak and weary because the restorer of life and nourisher of your old age is in you!

– Joseph Prince

Media StoreHouse – Pixel-Perfect Framed Art, Prints and Photo Gifts

Lady in Red

I confirm that this is a sponsored post that adheres to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION 16 CFR Part 255 of the USA.

For the uninitiated, you might like to know that Media StoreHouse is the one-stop website for your Pixel Perfect Framed Art, Prints and Photo Gifts. To safeguard their works, watermarks are added to the pictures. But should you purchase the digital artwork, the watermarks will be removed. In the meantime, you can check out the tracking link on HERE and use my referral code PHILIN – this will ensure my referrals to Media Storehouse are tracked and credited to my account.

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Don’t you find the Border Collie Adult Pups above just adorable? The black and white colours remind me of the Panda, China’s mascot. I have a Pomeranian puppy named Leia and she’s growing fast. Out of 656 reviews, Media StoreHouse has almost a full 5 stars, 4.71 to be exact! This shows that they have discerning, happy customers and are well established.

With the click of the keyboard or computer mouse, you can easily order your photo gifts or photo pictures in the comfort of home and have them delivered right to your doorsteps. There are so many categories to choose from: Abstract, Animals, Aerial, Architecture, Arts, Historic, Humour, People, Popular Themes like a Portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II, Posters, Religion, Science, Services, Sport, Transportation, Travel, and Collections.

I love all things Art and did take Art tuition as a student. So, this is a pixel perfect framed art that I might wish to explore and also for you readers who are into all things related to Art.

hamster santa cap

Since Christmas is less than a month away, I have chosen a cute hamster with Santa’s Cap; and this reminds me of Hammy, my pet hamster, given by the second sister during my stressful undergraduate days. The furry ball will curl up to sleep at night and it is so cathartic to hold it and stroke its fur pelt. Christmas is a season of giving and receiving and is more popular than New Year celebrations.

So, check out the links above and the website is an e-commerce with a robust payment gateway that accepts credit card details for instant payments in a jiffy. And you can also do your Christmas shopping here via the links to hang up the framed pixel-perfect artwork for posterity.

Right at the top of the e-commerce site, there is a Search function to quickly list out your favourite pictures from the keywords entered. Only the pictures related to the keywords will be shown for your easy picking and purchasing should you be interested. Do check out their homepage on Media StoreHouse Main Site

Furthermore, the points in bulleted form are shown below:

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4) Carefully packed to aid safe arrival
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Best Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

It is crucial to deep clean your carpet professionally at least one time each year to maintain it clean which last longer. Based on the Carpet and Rug Institute, this process should be carried out every 6 to 8 several weeks for those who have small kids or pets at home. There are lots of benefits that exist from the carpet cleaning process. Let’s check out the three most significant reasons why you have to keep the rugs and carpets clean. To know more about best carpet cleaning Melbourne, visit us today for more information.

Among the first advantages that you will get from carpet cleaning is it extends the existence of the fabric beyond years. The good thing about any rug, costly or affordable, is incorporated in the care it receives. A high-quality carpet, if maintained properly, can indeed last for approximately 15 years. And also the more costly ones such as the Persian rugs should be priceless heirlooms that may be passed onto generation x. Hence it is crucial that you just keep the carpet clean and well-maintained whatsoever occasions. Dirt is an abrasive material and tends to stick to the carpet fibers any time you walk onto it or spill something onto it. Vacuum cleaning is just a temporary fix which could take away the loose dirt in the upper layer from the fabric and never what’s embedded deep within. For this reason, an expert deep cleaning carpet service needs to be done each year approximately to make sure that the rug stays in good shape.

Another essential advantage of getting regular carpet cleaning services is for your health. A dusty and dirty carpet is among the primary reasons for many allergic conditions like bronchial asthma and eczema. This is irritated particularly if you have pets at home the hair and fleas left out from your pet results in the accrued dirt and results in many health risks, especially to young children. If you prefer a cleaner and healthier home, then your first factor would be to dust your rug or carpet regularly and bear out deep cleaning every six several weeks to 1 year. Remember a proper home is a that is clean and neat whatsoever occasions.

Regular upkeep of your carpet may also come handy when you’re selling off your home. The appearance and décor of the home are exactly what attracts a purchaser in the first instance along with a clean and well-maintained carpet can undoubtedly result in the buyer thinking about your home. The health of your carpet also provides the potential buyer with a concept of how well maintained the house is. Carpeting is a costly job along with a dirty one means additional expense for that buyer, and therefore there’s all of the chance he may leave behind the purchase. Odours emanating in the carpet like pet, cigarette and cooking odours are indeed a put-off which are only able to be removed with a professional carpet cleaning service. Hence if you’re planning to place your home available on the market, then having your carpet thoroughly cleaned is essential. Want more information on carpet steam cleaning near me Melbourne? Visit our website today to know more.

Drum Sets for Kids

When you’re searching for guitars for beginners you need to know if you’re through an electric or perhaps an acoustic guitar, generally, if you’re playing rock, metal or electro pop you will need an electrical guitar. For an additional singer, songwriter, folk or contemporary ballads you may want an acoustic. Want to know more about gift ideas? Visit our website for more information.

I provide you with a couple of tips about picking an electric guitar for beginners. You have to try to possess a budget which is between 300 and 600 dollars. Any guitar over 300 is going to be of reasonable quality and really should be okay. Less and you will acquire one that does not remain in tune or eventually breaks. A guitar over 600 dollars quite a bit of money to invest when starting to take part in the guitar if you stop playing it’s a bigger waste of cash. You could purchase a more expensive guitar whenever you improve, but you will find guitarists who’ve never owned a guitar over $ 500 and also have been pleased with it.

Style matters not in music theory but most likely essential in the selection of guitar. Obtain a guitar you want the feel of, obtain the colour you would like. Many people desire a guitar similar to their favourite guitarist has utilized on stage. Don’t stress an excessive amount of over selecting a guitar for the first, acquire one and begin playing.

What to go into a guitar and what to prevent.

I’d say obtain a guitar with a minimum of two pickups (around the bridge and neck). This gives different sounds to experience with. Playing punk rock is the only person that exists away one just one pickup. So avoid guitars with simply one pickup, they’ll really limit your seem later on. A guitar with three pickups is ok too; the 3rd one comes in between your bridge and neck.

For additional rock or metal obtain a guitar with Humbucker pickups. Think before in regards to a tremolo or whammy bar for the first guitar. It will likely be a couple of years before you decide to will really have the ability to utilize it also it only helps make the guitar harder to tune and in sync in the beginning. If you have a whammy bar, have it fixed in position before you will begin utilizing it. For more information on drum sets for kids, visit our website today!

You will find familiar brands with cheaper options. Gibson has Epiphone; Fender has got the Squier brand. There are more well-known rock brands, for example, Jackson and Charvel. You could get some cheaper copy regardless of the sort of guitar to repeat your guitar hero. Just keep to the guidelines above, and it’ll constitute adequate quality to provide you with a guitar sufficiently good to play for over a couple of years.

Like I stated, buy and go your guitar, get playing the electric guitars for beginners and exercise. Playing is the only method to learn and progress not to spend some time making your decision.

Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl


“Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl.”
Deuteronomy 28:5


In Bible times, reapers carried baskets on their backs to collect the harvest from the fields. They had to ensure that their baskets were strong and sturdy so that what they gathered would not fall out. The women of that day used kneading bowls to knead dough for making bread. If they used poor-quality pots which broke easily, they would not be able to make bread.

So baskets and kneading bowls in those days represented the means by which one got his material blessings. Beloved, your Father in heaven does not want you to worry about the methods by which you get your blessings. Because of the sacrifice of Christ, He says to you, “Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl.”

This means that if you are a cab driver, your cab will not break down on your rounds because God says to you, “Blessed shall be your cab.” If you are a businessman, your capital investment will not fail you because God says to you, “Blessed shall be your capital investment.” And if you are a salesman, your products will be looked upon favourably because God says to you, “Blessed shall be your products.”

These blessings are yours because Jesus paid for them with His death and He enforced them with His resurrection.

On one occasion, Jesus told Peter to throw his nets into the water. When Peter threw one net down, he caught so much fish that the net “was breaking.” To save the bumper haul, the other disciples quickly filled their boats with the fish, lest the net gave way completely (see Luke 5:4–7).

After Jesus rose from the dead, a similar incident took place. Once again, Jesus asked His disciples to cast their net out. They caught a multitude of fish. But “although there were so many, the net was not broken” (John 21:11). Notice that in the first case, the net was breaking. In the second case, it was not! Something supernatural happened to their nets after Jesus rose from the dead!

Beloved, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, not only are you blessed (see Ephesians 1:3), but your nets, baskets and kneading bowls—the means by which you obtain your blessings—are also blessed!

Mansion for Sale in Los Angeles

Imagine purchasing a bit of Luxury Property in Los Angeles and getting into a location in which the climate is 63ºF yearly. That would be considered a fantastic spot to move your loved ones?

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in any U.S. States. It’s geographically bigger than New York City in addition to Chicago. There are lots of free ways to obtain both to and from location to location plus a Worldwide Airport terminal for from condition and country travel. There’s something for everybody in Los Angeles. There’s an opportunity you could encounter your preferred superstar in addition to consume a ball game. Los Angeles Property is prospering and also the economy is terrific. For more information on a mansion for sale in Los Angeles, visit our website today!

Trying to find Property

Once you have visited and also have made the decision, this is when you need to move your loved ones you have to make your mind up which community or neighborhood in Los Angeles that is ideal for your loved ones. Browse around at numerous houses to provide yourself better options inside your decision. Try to talk with a lawyer, sizeable financial company, or realtor you know has your interest in mind and permit them to assist you in making an informed decision.

Questions for the Home Loan Officer

When you’re sitting lower together with your loan officer, you have to discuss the qualifications freely. That’s something you require to discover before going any more. Once you discover out that you’re qualified for that loan, after which discuss the mortgage and should there be any payoff penalties. If there’s a problem, you have to discover what it’s upfront. Even though you think you realize everything, the smart factor would be to keep these things guide you through the procedure step-by-step to be sure there is nothing hidden.

Understand the lower payment, charges, and shutting costs too upfront. You should also ask the borrowed funds officer when the interest goes toward the key or if it’s just a pursuit-only loan. You need to inquire if you be eligible for a set rate mortgage. Should you choose, things will always be simpler for you. Ask about the length of time will elapse between you filling out the documents and also the actual closing around the house.

This gives you advisable of the length of time you need to handle all your business that could slow the procedure lower. The final factor will be sure you’ve all of your proper documentation even before you visit the placed you are loaning the cash from. If you possess the documentation, your process for that home is going to be even faster.

Once you have been through all of the steps, you can move your loved ones to Los Angeles. The populace is roughly 2,356,208 people, and also the average home of Los Angeles Property is approximately $328,239.

Things you can do in Los Angeles

There are lots of activities and attractions that might be great particularly if you possess a family or are searching to have an active city.

1. Disneyland – for kids of every age group, even individuals youthful in mind

2.Universal Studios – for movie buffs of every age group

3. Hollywood Boulevard – Walk of Fame is situated here as well as other movie products

4. Rodeo Drive – for individuals who wish to shop

5. Venice Beach – if you want to spend some time outdoors

6. Knott’s Berry Farm – another awesome spot for families

7. Los Angeles Zoo – situated in Griffith Park and the other significant factor for families

8. Catalina Island – flyfishing, golf carts, along with a beautiful getaway

9. Van’s Skateboard Park – indoor skate park which will keep any skateboarder busy for hrs.

10. The Rock Gym – a location to sort out under the sun

Los Angeles is an excellent spot to visit. However, it appears it’s much more perfect to become a resident. Should you be thinking about residing in California, buying Los Angeles Property will be a significant investment. Looking for the best mansion for sale? Visit our website for the best property deals available.