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Avoid Neha Nursing Home

My dad stayed in New England Home Agency (NEHA) near Adventist Hospital for 9 days and before 2 weeks are up, we decided to bring him out immediately to another home that I shall not reveal, but is better run by a Chinese couple with 3 branches. Neha’s nursing aide claimed to be a qualified nurse when we interviewed her. Suvi is the name and in her Whatsapp group message, it says, “Stay away, I’m Dangerous (plus a sign of a syringe)”. She got dad’s medication all mixed up and no wonder, Dr Goh, who has Parkinson’s disease, died after 4 months of stay there. The Indian helpers are also very dirty, using their wet hands to handle food after clearing their nose. It is run by an Indian Doctor who is well known for giving out MCs (medical certificates) at patient’s whims and fancies.

Also the RM 5,200 for 1 month’s deposit and less than 2 weeks of stay month’s of stay, the doctor promised to give back 1 month’s deposit of RM 2,600. Now he is going to deduct another 10 days of stay from the date of notice (eg 12th March) where dad shifted out to 1 month in April, say 12th April. So instead of getting back RM 2,600, we will receive only RM 1,760.00 for 9 days of stay!

There is also a female patient with Alzheimer’s disease, who yells out at random, making the place more ‘lifely’.

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