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Blue Ocean Strategy

In blue ocean, there are plenty of fishes and there is no competition, unlike red ocean where competition is very fierce. So, when we do business, we have to pick a niche where there is plenty for everyone and hardly any competition around as in the blue ocean. However, in any prospering business, competition may come from your own workers who have learnt the tricks of the trade, come out and compete directly with you, sometimes even taking along your former clients and contacts. It happens everywhere.

However, this can be prevented with discerning boss who knows how to take precaution and keep secrets away from workers. You cannot trust them completely! Sooner or later, they will still come out and join venture with other workers to compete with your business. To maintain the blue ocean strategy, it would be wise to hire a separate worker to handle all the imports and contacts from suppliers and keep this a top secret from your installers who are the biggest threat.

If you are in the supplier material business, it would be advisable to remove the source contacts and emails of the labels on the products. At times, competitors may pose as a potential client to check out your products and ask for samples. This is where a wise boss will try to remove all information of the source of material from the samples so that your competitor or whoever contacted you will not be able to contact your source directly and compete fiercely with you. It happens every where, and you cannot presume that the email origin is from a genuine client, but could potentially be from your competitor, out to check and try to benchmark you.